Happy Birthday Hylie! (on Tanya’s back)


For time:

135 lb Thruster, 10 reps

50 Double-unders

135 lb Thruster, 8 reps

40 Double-unders

135 lb Thruster, 6 reps

30 Double-unders

135 lb Thruster, 4 reps

20 Double-unders

135 lb Thruster, 2 reps

10 Double-unders

Post time to comments.

Reduce thruster weights as necessary (95lb intermediate, 65lb beginner). Count double under attempts if you cannot do double unders (if you can. . . ONLY count the ones that you make).

(originally posted on the CrossFit Mothership Saturday 080531)



“A meal to die for”

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Post thoughts to comments (thanks Tami for sending me this).


Testimonial from daytime regular Tami L:

“In the past two months of Crossfit I’ve added 6 lbs. of muscle and lost 6 lbs. of fat. Body fat went from 25% to 17.8%. My BMR went from 1266 to 1419. LDL decreased, HDL increased, and a long list of other measurables that have gone through the roof! (in a positive way)

Dr. Bergman at Chiro Kenetics (an endurance athlete and coach to professional Ironmen athletes) was really surprised.

I’ve been going to Chiro Kinetics for two years and have never had such great results.

He asked me what I’ve been doing, I said, Crossfit 🙂


Tami “

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  • Yvonne

    Happy Birthday Hylie!!! Hope you have a perfect day!!!

  • CraigH

    Finally, a wod that I think I can beat Stav at…maybe!

  • Bryan S

    Happy Birthday Hylie!

  • Mark L.

    Happy Birthday, Hylie!
    This WOD looks awesome!

    Darned posting delay! Sorry. Someone please clean up my mess. 😎

    Msg From DCF Web Police: Posts cleaned up. Decaf, Mark.

  • LucaZ

    Happy Birthday Hylie!!! And, way to go, Tami!!!

  • Hylie

    You guys are fantastic. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Happy 21st birthday Hylie!

  • Chris W.


    Just noticed the post from yesterday.

    FYI, 1 step approach. I cheated a bit:) I used to do a bit of jump specific training when I was younger. I used to jump a bit higher 10 years and 20lbs ago…hahaha!

    One of the thing that is nice about Crossfit is that it highlights your strengths and weaknesses, so you realize where you need improvement.

    If you really want to see some real HOPS check out these videos:

  • Darren@diablocrossfit.com

    Hylie it is your Birthday.

  • Darren

    I am ordering a Protein style Quadruple bypass. No bun and no cheeze. That’s Paleo Right?

  • Holly

    Happy Birthday Hylie!
    And by the way, NICE MURPH last friday!!! You smoked us all you beast! You are signed up for the qualifiers aren’t you?

  • Andrew

    Happy day of birth Hylie!

  • Miles

    Happy b-day Hylie, please tell me you didn’t pick this workout…

  • Ronnielo

    Happy Birthday Hylie.
    Enjoy your special day may it be filled with the blessings and memories that are never forgotten and only bring a smile to your heart. And you rocked at the MORPH !
    I worked up to a 40+ box jump yesterday with Luca, crashed at 42″ and have the wounds to prove it. Not to shabby considering that 32″ intimidated me last week.

  • Dean

    Happy Birthday Hylie !!!! Thanks for introducing me to Crossfit .

  • Jeremy Jones


    First round unbroken. Then a lot of sets of 2 thrusters. Wheezing hard after rnd 1.

    Awesome workout. I love/hate heavy thrusters.


  • Craig

    I forgot to say it: Happy Birthday, Hylie!!

  • jordan Karnofsky



    i love jump rope!

    please can i get this workout named after me? haha

  • Darren

    For now we can name it Jordan. But I am going to give it a go Tomorrow, then we can rename it.

  • sarah

    Happy birthday, Hylie!! Hope your day has been grand!

  • jordan

    go ahead and attempt it. and if indeed you break it, ill just break it again.
    this is MY workout.

  • Craig

    Jordan, hit the enter button and wait.. we’re getting tired of cleaning up your multiple posting messes.

  • JimmyG

    Chris….Thanks for clarifying the 1 step (Huge) box jump. I’d like to see how you do with no step. And…more importantly, how I do with a step….lol.. j/k