Holly finishing her 400m of lunges with the 20lb weight vest. . . 2 days after breaking her wrist. What is your excuse for not training?

Workout: “JT”

For time:

21 – 15 – 9

Handstand push ups (scale to assisted, or dumbbell shoulder press as needed)

Ring Dips

Push ups

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Teenagers who eat fish at least once a week achieve higher intelligence scores.

“Fifteen-year-old males who ate fish at least once a week displayed higher cognitive skills at the age of 18 than those who it ate it less frequently, according to a study of nearly 4,000 teenagers published in the March issue of Acta Paediatrica.

Eating fish once a week was enough to increase combined, verbal and visuospatial intelligence scores by an average of six per cent, while eating fish more than once a week increased them by just under 11 per cent.. . .”

Click for complete article.

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Don’t forget about our Ride/Runs Every Saturday

Saturday Morning Ride Map (Meet at the gym at 7:45)

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Link to Trail run (meet up Saturday at 2:45):


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Zoning Commission Update.

The city has granted a continuance (as we had requested). April 14th is the scheduled date for the next meeting. We will keep you posted regarding any help that we might need.

Thanks again for your continued support!


Royal Rumble this Saturday at Diablo CrossFit!

Click here for details.

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  • Yvonne

    Holly, you are an amazing woman. We are so thrilled you are back. QUALIFIERS WATCH OUT FOR HOLLY, NOTHING STANDS IN HER WAY!!!

  • Hylie

    Holly, what an inspiration you are to all. You take perseverance to a whole new level!!

  • carry

    What’d I tell you guys….Holly is a STUD. Never felt sorry for herself….just kept on going. I think I’m going to cry. 😉

  • luca z.

    Nicely done Holly , DCF women are a breed of their own!!!

  • Shannon Stornetta

    Yah Holly! So you know how many of us have DCF nicknames…. yours should be Bone Crusher!

  • Laci

    Great job Holly, wow what an inspiration! I am really looking forward to the ride on Saturday. Last week was so fun, hopefully more people will join us especially since the weather is so beautiful lately! Thanks again Jan for taking the time to lead us on these rides!

  • luca z.

    Travis the link for the Do-Win is this http://www.pendlaybarbell.com/sudowesh.html
    Check this other link for VS shoes good shoes at a great price too http://www.werksanusa.com/products-shoe-shirts.asp

  • Meg Rosten

    Holly, you are so awesome! I admire your drive! I hope you heal quickly!!! 🙂

  • Mark L.

    While I was splinting her and getting her settled in car, the only thing she was concerned about was the upcoming Rumble. I was trying to tell her she shouldn’t be thinking about that or the games qualifier, and she should just focus on getting better… she was having none of that talk.
    She probably would have smacked me or taken me to ground and pound, but she was too busy holding up her broken arm so her hand didn’t fall off.

  • Big Dave

    Holly – Glad to see your not letting anything hold you back and you keep movin with those legs.

    Now today’s challange is can you do today’s workout with one arm !!!!


  • Stavros@DiabloCrossfit

    12:43 as RX’d

  • Yvonne

    Hey we need team shirts for the BofA stair climb on 3/28???

  • Holly

    WOW guys thank you!
    Here I am at work feeling bad about getting my kids to school a half hour late again for the second day in a row. Now after reading everyone’s posts, I’m feeling much better.
    Thanks again!

  • Mark L.

    My best for this WOD was 9:38 on 9/11 with JJ in the morning.
    I think tonight, I’m going to use the paralettes for the HSPU. Last time, I had a heck of a time locking out at the top of my ring dips. I wish I could kip.

  • Bryan Stornetta

    Nice job Holly!

    “JT” last night at open gym: 9:05. I had to break up the ring dips to singles on the last round. Brutal arm WOD.

  • jordan K

    JT is baaaaaad man.


    1st round of HSPU at Rx
    Last two rounds- mod (feet on the barbell)
    I can’t bend my arms. awesome upper body wod.

  • Mountain

    Holly, you are a sick woman. I’ve known this for a long time, but I am more and more impressed by it with each passing day.

    So, HSPU scales to one arm DB push presses, pushups scale to one arm DB bench press, but I’m struggling with how to scale the ring dips. Is it possible to do one arm dips on one of the jump boxes? That seems ridiculously hard, but if anyone can do it, it’d be Holly.

  • Julie DeJarlais

    DAAAAAAAMN HOLLY…..YOU A BAD WOMAN!!!! Say, Mark, how did you break her anyway??? Good thing she broke it otherwise we might be taking you to the hospital eh??? hahaha….

  • Julie DeJarlais

    DAAAAAAAMN HOLLY…..YOU A BAD WOMAN!!!! Say, Mark, how did you break her anyway??? Good thing she broke it otherwise we might be taking you to the hospital eh??? hahaha….

  • Julie DeJarlais

    DAAAAAAAMN HOLLY…..YOU A BAD WOMAN!!!! Say, Mark, how did you break her anyway??? Good thing she broke it otherwise we might be taking you to the hospital eh??? hahaha….

  • Mountain

    This afternoon:

    1x clean & jerk (95 lbs)
    1x pullup

    50 rounds for time–> 11:45

    This evening, I’ll try “Holly Does JT”:

    21-15-9 of:

    one-arm DB push press (45 lbs?)
    one-arm dips
    one-arm DB bench press (45 lbs, unless I can figure out a way to do one-arm pushups)

  • Yvonne

    Mountain, jumping rings dips. Saw a woman do them this weekend and she did not have a hand.

  • damen

    JT is now officially my least favorite WOD

  • Jeremy Jones

    From now on, I am considering naming this WOD: “JT aka Everyone’s least favorite WOD”

    DB shoulder presses are good for HSPUs.

    Ring dips can be jumping, or ‘box dips’ with one arm.

    One armed push ups can be done standing and pushing on a 31″ box.


  • Dean

    Holly, My short 2 months at DCF has been very eye opening, Everyone is so positive.. You have stood out as one of the fiercest competitors. The fire in your eyes is so passionate . Keep up the good fight.

  • Stavros@DiabloCrossfit.com

    Awesome work in tonights classes, even though nobody showed for the 7pm class? Anyways, I have to say Meg R. had the best HSPU’s the whole night. Head to Ab Mat (only 1 mat, btw), arms fully extended. Very solid. Great job to everyone who had to scale the WOD but pushed through. Great to see.

  • Mark L.

    Jeremy, It isn’t EVERYONE’s least favorite WOD. It’s in my top 3 (Cindy, JT and that 6X400m drill)! I did the first 12 reps of HSPU on parelettes (hands to shoulders) before I realized that was a bit much and went head to dirty floor.
    Julie, Holly made a low “almost catch” on squat clean in Luca’s Oly class, and she tried to fight it out. Gravity won the battle between it and her skeleton. I was flapping my gums with Carry right behind her.
    Holly is one tough woman.