Diablotron in Pennsylvania: CrossFit Berks aka ‘Corpsfit’.

Workout (originally posted on CrossFit.com 050811)

Three rounds for time of:

55 pound Dumbbell (Kettlebell) Snatch, 20 reps, alternating arms

20 Pull-ups

Run 400 meters

Full squat snatches (no power snatches).

Post time to comments.



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Post thoughts to comments.


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  • Mountain

    Okay, so I ended up doing “One Arm JT” on Wednesday night at 7:

    21-15-9 of:

    45# DB push press (instead of HSPU)
    1 arm box dips w/ 32″ box (instead of ring dips)
    1 arm pushups with the black band tied to the lowest pullup bar

    11:09 and my right arm was twice the size of my left arm by the end.

  • Matt F

    Can anyone give me info on the saturday bike rides?
    mountain bikes ok? how long of a ride?
    Matt (6am)

  • Craig

    That pic is wierd and awesome at the same time. Quite a complement to you, JJ.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Sat bike rides are meet at the gym at 7:45.

    Rides are long, but set up so that nobody gets dropped.

    I can’t answer about the mountain bikes (I have absolutely no bike experience what-so-ever).

    Hopefully Jan will chime in on this.


  • Miles

    I’m with Craig, that picture is giving me a headache because it is mind bottling. Did they use your specs to build the diablotron?

  • Mike Erickson

    I google’d their site and their blog for “Diablo”. Nothing. Seems they might have a least credited JJ for the really cool design. They call theirs “The Smokehouse”.

  • Darren

    mind bottling. Brilliant

  • Mark L.

    For my wife and me, it was mind BOGGLING, too.
    Mountain, if you want to see some stuff that will make you (and Holly) into a fiddler crab in no time, here’s one way (this is 1 pood–watch the digital counter in the background… you may want to fast forward):

  • Craig

    JJ provided the specs and worked with them to help build the Diablotron. They sent him a nice thank you email.

    The bike rides are organized and led by Forward Motion’s Jan Maynard (a DCF’r). They meet in our parking lot at 7:45 on Saturdays.

    You can contact Jan for more details at jenjanjayden@sbcglobal.net

  • Carry

    I will be there for the Rumble on Sat but My Holly Hero won’t be able to partner with me 🙁

    What shall I do?

    Hopefully there will be room for me on someone’s team?

  • Jeremy Jones

    Carry you can be on my team.

    (I also have an inside scoop on what the workout is going to be, so I might be a good partner).


  • Carry

    Sweet! Thanks JJ See you then

  • jamie

    I just dropped off a huge stack of Friends & Family Day Coupons @ DCF for Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic (also valid at the Factory Outlets)- coupons are good now thru Sunday. Grab as many as you like for yourself and friends (coupons can be re-used thus no need for more than one per family!)

  • Miles

    No one saw blades of glory? Obscure movie line going, going gone!

  • Miles

    No one saw Blades of Glory, huh? Obscure movie line, going, going, gone!

  • Mark L.

    Jamie, Debbie is planning a Saturday shopping spree right after my library study spree. Thanks for including us in your “friends and family”! =)

  • jordan K

    movie lines are my life. you know when you get your thoughts all trapped in your head like a bottle. mind bottling. hah and jeremy u cant keep the workout a secret or im going to hold the little duck on the diablotron hostage. if i can get up there. hes dead meat.

  • Andrew

    I was told today, that there might be a slosh pipe involved

  • Nick

    Jeremy holding the workout back is totally mind bottling

  • Stavros

    Push Press today at E7


    Felt pretty good, still getting back into the swing after this nagging sickness. Hacking/coughing a bit. The hair will be gone tomorrow night though!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Today’s WOD with 53lb KB:


    I though I was going to beat Darren and Bryan S, but I guess my brain got confused. DRoe beat me by 9 sec. Bryan by 39.

    At least I was able to do it with the KB. My wrists got bashed to sh!t the first round, but then I got the hang of them again. The first time I did this WOD was back in 2005 and I subbed 20 burpees for the runs (stupid sub, but I had no access to run). I did in just over 20 min.

    Free hand touching the floor each squat to make sure I was going low enough.