090313 FRIDAY “Griff”



Are “partner double unders” as stupid as they sound?


Yes they are. (don’t forget to wear a helmet . . .and a mouth piece).

And No, they will not be included at the Royal Rumble this weekend.

Workout: “Griff”

In honor of USAF SSgt Travis L. Griffin, 28, who was killed April 3, 2008 in the Rasheed district of Baghdad by an IED strike to his vehicle. Travis is survived by his son Elijah.

First posted 9 June 2008.

For time.

Run 800m

Run 400m backwards

Run 800m

Run 400m backwards

Post time to comments.


Royal Rumble Tomorrow at DCF! 11am SHARP.

Have you secured your place by emailing your team roster support@diablocrossfit.com? You can still come if you haven’t, but it will make things run a lot more smoothly (and we’d really appreciate it).

Frequently asked Royal Rumble Questions:

“Do I have to be an advanced CrossFitter to participate?”

-No. We like to structure our Rumbles just like our classes: ‘Broad, general, and inclusive‘. We will have scaled versions for most levels of fitness, as well as ways for the rest of your team to help “carry the load” so to speak.

“Do we have to have a full team of 4 with at least one female and/or one male?”

-No. We will figure out a way to let you participate (probably by matching you up with CFers from other gyms).

“What is the workout?”

-The workout is the “unknown and the unknowable.” It is not any CF workout you have done, it will have movements you have never completed, and it will be posted Friday night before midnight.

“Is there any charge to participate?”

-No charge for participants. The only requirement is that you have to be from a CrossFit affiliate (or email us otherwise). There will be a nominal fee for beer, and if we wrangle up some grub, there might be a charge for that.

“Are there any prizes?”

-Shirts for the winning team. And all the beer you can drink until the keg is gone (hey, ‘to the winners go the spoils’). And there are hotels nearby if you can’t produce a designated driver (i.e. no sleeping at the gym, without written permission from me, unless I am already asleep there. . .then you can wake me up and ask).

Any more questions can be sent to support@diablocrossfit.com.


Post your ideal Rumble WOD requests to comments. . . not that it matters, but it might be interesting. (For example, “Captains of Crush” gripper #2, muscle ups, and handstand walking, and I’d OWN IT -jj)


“Jan’s Bike Ride” will start at DCF at 7:45, and “Jan’s Trail Run” at 2:45 as usual this Saturday.

Click here for the post with more details.

Our regularly scheduled 3pm class will also be happening as planned.

Unfortunately “Olympic Lifting” is Canceled.

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  • jordan K

    that picture is great. who are those two idiots? looks like jorgy and….? awesome looking wod. ill be kneeling in the bushes shortly after its completed.

  • Big Dave


    If so I want to try them on. I wear a SIZE 15… You think they will fit me like everyone else? I promse they will not S T R E A C H O U T when I’m done!!!

    JK Craig… I dont wear 15 but 13 to be exact and will buy my own shoes one day.

  • Craig

    Those are the Shed’s shoes…a big size 12. May fit you Dave. No foot fungus allowed!

    Going to the L1 Cert. Am bummed I will be missing the Rumble.

  • luca z.

    Last Sunday Tami, Dustin, Anthony, D.J. and I went to DOc’ Muay-Thai seminar in Antioch this is a link with some action from that seminar, you can see Dustin and D.J. representing DCF, aee Tami in the far right corner.


  • Mark L.

    I’m going to do the decimal version of this WOD at my house. 1000m/500m Hopefully, this will blast that soreness out of my legs and nether regions created by that 400m walking lunges WOD.
    Jorgie and Jordan look real cute together. Like little boys playing together on the playground… only they’re not so “little”.

  • luca z.

    Did any of you got a chance to see Gillian Mounsey ‘s video at LaLanne Crossfit, she did Linda as RX in 11:57, that’s SICK!!!!!

  • JimmyG

    Jordan…..You are sooooo un-invited to 6am for a while……next thing, you’ll want to hold my hand while I hit the bags….lol

  • grace

    Hi Jeremy,

    I can’t find Jan’s email….sorry!

    Could you let him know that Sonya and I will be there 7:45am? (Laci too!)


  • Jeremy Jones

    No one has a better workout than my ” “Captains of Crush” gripper #2, muscle ups, and handstand walking”?

    Well then maybe that WILL be the workout for tomorrow!


  • Andrew

    rowing…i like rowing….and that’s about it….sprints? I think I’m faster than average….jumping? BTW I don’t even know what a gripper 2 is

  • jordan K

    Mark- that’s right mini mr. clean, i am not “little”. I am a grown man. this is what we look like. hahahahahahhahahah
    jimmy-thats cool dude. ill just go to big dave’s sweet ass class at 3 am!!!!! hahhaha no!!!
    jeremy-that workout is garbage. how about:

    100m-human wheelbarrow sprint
    100m-fastest row (from the team)
    100m-lunges sprint
    100m-tire flip race
    and then a pullup contest.

    now THATS a rumble

  • jordan K

    by the way run today was a calf-quad fire burner. enjoy. i hate running. 14:07

  • Carry

    How do you ‘lunge sprint’? Tire flipping would be good….running sprints sound good….but I’m imagining a wheelbarrow/face plow into the blacktop bloody fiasco….but what the heck. I’m in.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    WOD today at SRFD St.5
    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time:
    KB Swings, 53# (24kg)

    6:19 as RX’d