+++ROYAL RUMBLE Starts at 11am. Heats will be chosen by the order at which the teams show up, fill out waivers, and turn them in!+++


Is Mark leading the class through a stretching exercise, or is it a group torture session?

Workout (for our standard classes – not the Rumble):

“Rumble of One”

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20 minutes:

10 reps “overhead anyhow” (135 or scaled down as needed)

10 reps Power Clean (use same weight as above)

10 reps deadlift (use same weight as above)

5 “Medicine Ball Bull’s-Eyes”, run out and retrieve ball each time. Misses don’t count

100m slosh pipe cradle carry (sub 32lb slosh pipe or 33lb barbell as needed)

100m 45lb dumbbell “Suitcase Carry” (one handed) or “Partner Keg Carry” (if a partner and a keg is available).

Post number of rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.



Prior to working out, each team will be required to:

1. Show up. In its entirety.

2. Sign waivers.

3. Staple them together.

4. Write the name of your team at the top.

5. Turn the stack into one of our staff.

6. At that point they will be able to choose which heat their “Qualifier” goes through as well as which heat their team goes through.

This means that the earlier and more organized your team is, the bigger the advantage you will have.

If you do not have a complete team. Still come as early as possible and sign a waiver. We will assign teams to the best of our ability.

There will be two workouts. A “Qualifier” and the “Team Workout”.

Each team will choose one person to go through the “Qualifier” workout listed below. Their time will then be deducted from the team’s “As Many Rounds As Possible in 25 minutes” time. The athlete chosen is expected to compete with the team as well as do the “Qualifier”.

“Qualifier” Workout (For time):

1. Pull Up Plyo ladder, over and back, no feet. Must start and end with both hands on the lowest bar.

—– a. Feet touch ground or part of ‘Diablotron’ for support: 1 minute penalty

—– b. DNF: 3 minute penalty

2. 500m row

3. Olympic Bar ‘Flag Carry’ 100m (pick up and take off rack each time)

—– a. 1 minute penalty first drop or touching the handle at all

—– b. 2 drops = DNF and 3 minute penalty

4. Step over hurdles, run around cone, step over hurtles

5. Crawl under hurdles, run around cone, crawl under hurdles

6. Strict press 95lbs 10 reps

—– a. Scaled down: 65lbs 10 reps: 1 minute penalty

7. Sprint 200m

After the teams have had their chosen athlete complete the qualifier, they will complete the “Team Workout”:

As Many Rounds As Possible In 25 minutes minus their “Qualifier” time.

Team Workout: “Royal Rumble Part Deux”

1. 10 reps “Overhead Anyhow” 95lbs, change weights

2. 10 reps Power Clean 135lbs, change weights

3. 10 reps Deadlift 205, change weights

4. 5 “Medicine Ball Bull’s-eyes (Rx – 14lb ball, Scaled – 10lb)

—– a. Only shots that make it in the ‘bulls-eye’ count

—– b. Run out and retrieve ball each time

5. 100m “Cradle Carry” slosh pipe (Rx – 50lb, 10’, 4” diameter, Scaled – 32lb)

—– a. Pipe touches the ground during carry = 5 burpees

6. 100m “Partner Keg Carry” (two person carry, one hand each)

—– a. Rx: 95lbs

—– b. Scaled: 65lbs

Rounds and fractions of rounds will be counted rounding down to the nearest exercise completed.


1. One person works out at a time.

2. Each athlete must complete the movement once they have started (no changing out during a set).

3. The exercises must be completed in order (no jumping around).

4. The entire team must stay together (no setting up equipment separate from the team, or leaving a team member lying down somewhere, etc). Basically the team must stay within 10′ of the event they are working on.

5. If a judge says a rep doesn’t count. It doesn’t, try again. If you do two more failed reps, you have to DO THE ENTIRE SET OVER AGAIN. Or have one of your teammates step in and do it for you. (aka the “3 strikes” rule).

6. No scaling is allowed for team to take ‘Overall Winner’.

7. Equipment will be on a ‘first come first serve basis’ so if there is not enough equipment, get in line.

8. Breaking any equipment, fixtures, walls, cars, etc. may be grounds for disqualification.

9. Rules subject to change at the event (don’t get bent about it, this is a free, ‘for fun’ event).

Water will be available for free, but PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN CUP/BOTTLE!

Beer will be available for a small fee.

Shirts and free beer (the best kind) will be awarded to the winning team.

Rise To the Challenge, and lets have a good time!

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  • Jeremy Jones

    I tested the “Qualifier” myself today. . . I have mat burn on both my knees.


  • ronnielo

    OK , I was nice to Mountain about not commenting on the his different arm sizes. But mat burns on the knees HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

  • Dan G.

    That’s cool that the Rumble winners get free beer, but I don’t know if I’d be too excited about the “shits” part of that prize.

    LOL, nice typo.

  • ronnielo

    That’s to funny!

  • Jeremy Jones

    I don’t know what is funnier, the typo, or that the spell check didn’t catch it!