090315 SUNDAY


Diablo CrossFit Royal Rumble II.

Workout: 1/2 “Fight Gone Murph”

For time:

800m Row

25 walll ball (20lb/10ft or 14lb/8ft)

50 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75lb / 55lb)

75 Push Press (75lb / 55lb)

100 Box Jumps (20″)

(Partition reps as needed)

800m row

Post time to comments.


Elites can scale up to the full “Fight Gone Murph”

1600m Row

50 walll ball (20lb/10ft or 14lb/8ft)

100 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (75lb / 55lb)

150 Push Press (75lb / 55lb)

200 Box Jumps (20″)

(Partition reps as needed)

1600m row

Post time to comments.


Royal Rumble Round up.

Diablo CrossFit’s Darren, Stavros, Carry and JJ placed 1st.

D-Roe completed the “Qualifier” in 4:34. Which left 20:26 for the team to complete as many rounds as possible for team workout. The team completed 5 rounds plus10 overhead anyhow, and 10 power cleans.

CrossFit Oakland Placed Second.

Nabil completed the “Qualifier” in 5:26. Which left 19:34 for the the team to complete as many rounds as possible for the team workout. The team completed 5 rounds plus 10 overhead anyhow.

Team “Comfort” (CrossFit East Bay) and Team “Los Banditos” (another DCF team) tied for 3rd with 4 rounds, plus 10 overhead anyhow, 10 power cleans, 10 deadlifts, 5 med ball bulls-eyes, and one 100m slosh pipe trip.

Please post thoughts, criticisms, and general comments to ‘comments’.

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  • Mark L.

    I see you’ve been talking to Mountain, JJ.
    Metric of the day:
    CFO place SECOND! Who doesn’t love that? I see we have a serious East Side rivalry in the making.
    Let me be the first to say that this trend WILL CONTINUE!!!
    Oh, and I didn’t compete (other than driving my Jeep on the lawn and doing a single bar muscle up after most people went home), but thanks for the beer, JJ.

  • Damen

    Why am I in tahoe during all of these events?

  • Bryan S.

    Congrats to D-Roe, Stav, JJ and Carry. Way to rep DCF.

    Knee is sore, bruised, but ok. Not sure why it got so swollen so fast along with the immediate bruising, tighness and so on that set in. Eh, oh well.

    Nice work team “Los Banditos” with the 3rd palce finish.

  • Andrew

    That’s good to hear Bryan, cause when I saw that, I thought you tore something

  • FilthyBrit

    Just wanted to say a big thank you from Team Millwall. The event was incredible. I had an amazing time. Can’t wait to see you all at San Francisco CF!

    Congrats to all the fire breathers, too!


  • Ronnielo

    I want to say thanks to Los Bandito’s for letting me on their team. Sorry that I held you guys back. I am more determined now to get my cardio up to speed so I don’t let my team mates down again. Again thanks..Now what are we going to do about Crossfit Redding?

  • Jeremy

    Eh. I never liked that duck anyway. He couldn’t hold his liquor. . . and he always seemed to be laughing at me when I was sweating on the floor looking up at him.


  • Maximus @ CF East Bay

    Oh, sure, I like seeing CFO 2nd, but not as much as I would like seeing CFEB 1st. Maybe in ’10.

  • Clay@Unlimited

    Thanks Diablo Crew for the fun WOD! The best part of the day…..my new shirt from Crossfit Redding! hahaha.