090317 TUESDAY “Happy St Patrick’s Day!” and the “Filthy Fifty”


The infamous “Flag Carry”. (A photo from Andrew Lau’s pictures of the Royal Rumble on our Flickr site – Click Here to see more).

Workout: “Filthy Fifty”

For time:

50 Box jump, 24 inch box

50 Jumping pull-ups

50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood

Walking Lunge, 50 steps

50 Knees to elbows

50 Push press, 45 pounds

50 Back extensions

50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball

50 Burpees

50 Double unders

Post time to comments.

(Scaling option: The “Dirty Thirty” is another option for scaling – instead of just using reduced weights for the different exercises. If you don’t think you can finish the full “Fifty” workout in 40 minutes or less, you should think about using this option).



The first person who can name all the DCFers that went to Aromas this weekend will get a free DCF sticker.

Congratulations to everyone who completed the cert!



Not enough Vitamin D could mean too much fat on adolescents.

“A Medical College of Georgia study of more than 650 teens age 14-19 has found that those who reported higher vitamin D intakes had lower overall body fat and lower amounts of the fat in the abdomen, a type of fat known as visceral fat, which has been associated with health risks such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and hypertension. . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.


The “California Climb” event is coming up on Sunday the 28th. Please sign up for the DCF team, or help sponsor a Diablo CrossFitter “Rise to the Challenge”. (NTM we have go to show all the other gyms out there competing how badass we are).

Go to our “Events Page” for more details.

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  • Yvonne

    Our wave time for the BofA stair climb for lung cancer is 10:30AM on Sat, 3/28. We are going off with all the other CrossFit teams. Have you signed up? Check out upcoming events.

  • Davie

    I dont know any of the DCFers that went to te cert…but I want a DCF sticker!

  • Andrew

    Dave, Donna, Jaz, Meg, Jamie, Yvonne, Sara!

  • Alex R

    Nice job 6 am class! I think everyone got a PR. Adam beat his old time by almost 8 min! I had only burpees left just past the 16 min mark then hit the wall like a crash test dummy. Finished 22:06. Really wanted that sub 20. Maybe next time

  • Yvonne

    Andrew, missing one person.

  • Andrew

    Hmmm….I know Craig was there, but was he going for the cert or was he training?

  • stacey@unlimited

    Looks like the challenge was a fun one. Oscar and Regan look like STUDS! …good picture Andrew!

  • Adam

    Yvonne, Super Excited for the “Rise to the Challenge” Event. Just got an e-mail confirmation considering I have met my fundraising goal and to let me know I am scheduled to go with the team at 10:30. Not to mention, I called to ask a question and was informed that all Crossfits are starting at the same time so clearly it will be a race for bragging rights at the top.

    P.S. Great job with the fundraising.

  • Yvonne

    Andrew great pics on flickr! Craig was not attending cert but watching Alana. One more person???

    Adam, great job on your goal. I am half way there. Some friends have handed me cash so I am at $500, my goal is $1000. Our team Diablo’s goal is $10,000 but we are at $1000, need more donations. Later today I will check the goals of all the other CrossFit teams to see if we are beating them on goals.

  • Andrew

    Thanks Yvonne. I’m stumped =( I don’t recognize anyone else in the pic

  • Big Dave


    You might let folks know this is TAX deductable to any amount they donate.


  • Carry

    I was signed up with ‘yall to run the B of A building but then I decided to start my own team with my co-workers at Pacific National Bank. They kicked me off of the DCF team beacuse you can only be on one team…..

    I hope to see you guys at the top. Our wave time is 11:15 and I plan on leaving my co-workers in the dust.

  • Jeremy Jones

    That’s okay Carry. Nice job taking the initiative for your coworkers.


  • Rodil

    Dave, Donna, Jaz, Meg, Jamie, Yvonne, Sara and Margret at the CF Level 1 cert. I miss anyone?

  • Carry

    Yvonne…the filthy 50 was taylor made for you….you’re gonna kill it.

  • Julie DeJarlais

    DAMN?! Somebody needs to let me in on the info for certs??? Looks like a Rockstar crew went?! I want in next time!!! DCF…..woo woooo!!! HOLLAH!!

  • Julie DeJarlais

    DAMN?! Somebody needs to let me in on the info for certs??? Looks like a Rockstar crew went?! I want in next time!!! DCF…..woo woooo!!! HOLLAH!!

  • Julie DeJarlais

    DAMN?! Somebody needs to let me in on the info for certs??? Looks like a Rockstar crew went?! I want in next time!!! DCF…..woo woooo!!! HOLLAH!!

  • Yvonne

    Hey Carry bummed you are not on DCF team. We’ll wait for you at the top while getting massages, eating and drinking. By the way Taylor Made are my brand of golf clubs! How did you know?

    Julie, next local cert 1 is June 20 & 21 in Aromas. I know there will be peeps from DCF going because there was some of us on the waiting list this last time. Sign up on the main CrossFit site.

    Yes donations for the climb are tax deductable, thanks Dave. My donations have been either $100 or $20.

    Rodil gets a sticker!!!

  • Carry

    I think I’m going to sign up for the next cert.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Wait. Meg vs Margaret. . . They are the same person! Andrew got all the people who went to the cert, plus Craig. But there is still one more person from DCF who was at Aromas.

    (Re-read my original statement under the pic).


  • Moises G.

    What up DCF!!! I get my sling off tomorrow and I will begin physical therapy next week, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Five weeks in a sling is not fun, especially when you have to sleep with it on too. You guys all seem to be improving and breaking old records CONGRATS to you all. I miss you guys a lot, I cannot wait to train again. Peace!!!


  • Yvonne

    Sorry Andrew I missed up! Margaret goes by Meg, too, learned that this weekend.

    JJ, you got me and I was there! Is this person in the pic?

  • Yvonne

    Is this person 5?

  • Carry

    We miss you Mo….You know….Holly trains with one arm…..

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Brutal F50 today at 4pm. During the 50 burpees, I thought I was going to pass out, literally. I would do one at a time, and stumble around, fall to the ground, stand up…that was “my burpee”. UGLY.

    22:52 as RX’d

    Bryan S. smoked me at just over 20mins. His Double-Unders have shown great improvement and were the difference between us. Great job.

    Mo, can’t wait to have you back.

  • Andrew

    For anyone who might me interested:

    Megan (my gf) and I signed up for a mountain biking/running race called Muddy Buddy. Basically you need a team of 2 and you and your partner switch off each mile. There is an obstacle at each mile and you must pass that too. It’s only a 5 mile race, but is supposed to be really fun. Read the website and sign up if you think you’ll have fun!


  • Alex R

    Knees to elbows should now be called “7 Minute Abs!” You can’t do abs in 6 minutes

  • Craig

    Great Filthy 50 efforts tonight! My classes inspire me. No quitters – I love the grinders – no matter what, they’re getting it done. That takes something special folks.

  • JimmyG

    Yes Great job 6am!! It was suppose to be Fight Fit class until we saw Filthy 50 as the WOD. We all decided that F-50 is a fight and we didn’t want to back down. Everyone who had done F-50 before got a PR!! Great effort everyone.

    Mo—We miss you buddy, hurry back and don’t be a stranger to 6am.

    Ultra Sarah…Congrats on the Cert doll !!! Olive is going to have a little buddy to play with in the next week or two we think………lol

  • Jeremy Jones

    F50 at 5pm: 24:32 with the 53lb kb.

    A minute PR. Not bad since I still feel like I am making a comeback after the big move.

    I was heading into burpees at 18:30. Fracking burpees. I was also able to do 49 consecutive Double unders at the end. That was pretty cool.


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I was heading into the DU’s at around 17 minutes. Took me until 22:62 to do 50 double-unders. Once again JJ, f-u and your DU’s.

    please teach me oh master.

  • Sarah

    Jimmy G.- Olive and I are so excited!!! Can’t wait to have another crossfit baby! Our future Olympians. Please call me when everything starts to happen! Been on pins and needles for almost 10 months! Love to you three! Xoxo!

  • Damen

    28:20 with 53lb kb

    first full fifty. Burpees= miserable. I swear there’s still something wrong with my ankle from Michael on the 5th of this month. Almost 2 weeks and the damn thing still swells up like a balloon after I do a WOD and then I have to hobble around all night. It does however make my double unders go quicker because they hurt and I just want to get them over with.

  • smita -crossfit unlimited

    Awesome throwdon on Saturday! Thanks for being a great camera guy Andrew!!

  • ronnielo

    wasn’t pretty but I got it done…48:53. Burpee’s looked like a drunk looking for his keys and the double unders, just don’t exist for me at the moment. kind of like my lungs 🙂

  • smita -crossfit unlimited

    Awesome throwdon on Saturday! Thanks for being a great camera guy Andrew!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Andrew is a great camera guy. He better be careful, I might have to designate him ‘official DCF camera guy’, and make him come to every event.


  • Craig

    Great lines!!

    Ronielo: “Burpee’s looked like a drunk looking for his keys”

    Ann: “That hurt worse than having a baby”

  • HotWomen

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