090319 THURSDAY “Happy Birthday Judy”


The ladies enjoy some “Push’O’War” in the 6am class – and today is Judy’s birthday! She is on the far right of the picture making it look easy. I am not sure what age she started CrossFit at, but after 5 months I will say that she now performs better than many 30 somethings I have seen outside of our gym (so I am going to say, late 30s).


6 rounds for time

Sprint 200m

Rest 1 minute

Post round times and total time to comments. Compare to 400m run times.



Mark Sisson and his ‘Daily Apple’ come out with a great article with regards to Microwaves and the “Primal Blueprint”.

What is your favorite ‘Paleo’ or ‘Primal’ microwaved dish? – Post to comments.



The next time you wonder where you are supposed to workout while on a tropical vacation, just refer to this video:

The April 2009 issue of Men’s Health includes a fascinating story about Frenchman Erwan LeCorre and his “natural Movement” approach to fitness. Read the story here. Above is a YouTube video that explains LeCorre’s ideas and methods.

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  • Yvonne

    Happy Birthday Judy!!!!!! You look fantastic!!!!

  • Big Dave

    Happy B-day Judy….

    Dave and Donna

  • luca z.

    Many wishes Judy for a Happy Birthday!!!

  • Ruiner @ KoreaSmellsFunny

    Great video. Not much time to talk, just wanted to say howdy and hope you all are doing well.

  • Yvonne

    Last practice for stair climbing held by Lalanne Fitness-powered by CrossFit
    Saturday, 3/21, 1PM, Sansome/Greenwich stairs to Coit Tower, rain or shine

    CrossFit Climb Challenge, Sat 3/28, wave 10:30AM (check upcoming events page)

    7 CrossFits:

    CF OneWorld
    CF Sierra
    CF Solano
    Diablo CF
    LaLanne Fitness/CF
    M&M CF

    CrossFitters total 49
    Money raised so far $7181

    Sign up!

  • Nick

    I was going to bring that story in for you to read. It sounds like fun.

  • Suzie

    Hope you have a great Birthday Judy!!
    In the Ultra Community…we run a mile for every year to celebrate our friends Bdays! 🙂
    Maybe we can try that on Monday at the 6am class. HA!

  • Mark L.

    Happy Birthday Judy! I sure miss you and George in the mornings.
    On another note, I think I did more power cleans in 19 minutes, yesterday, than I’ve done in any other WEEK! My traps and the bottoms of my feet are sore, already.

  • Craig

    Thats a great sign you did them correctly, Mark!

    I love the MovNat video and story. That’s what fitness is and should be. How great is that trainer’s job?

  • matt brennan

    The LeCorre video looks like the jungle version of Parkour. Check this out

    for comparison.

  • Adam

    Ok, wherever that guy in the video is, I want to be there. Not that I would be able to do half of what he does simply due to inability and fear. But wow, what a place.

    Yvonne, did you do the stair climb race last year? If so, any tips?

    I am not worried so much as to endurance, but more so technique and people getting in the way. I figure, when appropriate, using the rail to boost yourself up the stairs is great for saving the legs huh?

  • Mark L.

    I know what you mean, Adam. Mankind’s ill attempt at creation doesn’t stand up to the one God put out there for us to have dominion over. On his website, he talks about how we’re suffering from a syndrome not unlike what wild animals experience in a ZOO! …interestingly, it’s a zoo we built for ourselves and moved into (and now we’re born into it).
    Interesting perspective. I wonder, which environment is really safer after you factor in ALL the things that people die of because they live in a zoo?

  • luca z.

    My feet hurts just looking at that video!!!

  • luca z.

    Following a conversation I had with Kevin, Jaime and Jenny P. this morning ,one more time people”EATING FAT WON’T MAKE YOU FAT!!! “

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Thank you Luca…this point needs to be hammered home. The stupid food pyramid screwed us all up. It took me 32 years to figure it out. Turn that damn thing upside down, and you’re closer to the truth. Fat (good fats), are GOOD FOR YOU. They help your body process carbs and achieve overall well being. Eat oils, avocados, nuts, seeds, etc. Take for example, gummi bears. They are “fat free”…does it make ANY sense that they are better for you than an avocado, or some cashews? The wool has been pulled over our eyes for too long. It’s time for each of us to take our nutrition serious, do some reading. Books, articles, etc. It is worth it. If anyone would like my help, let me know. I’m no expert, but I’ll share what I know.

    (okay, off soapbox)

  • Jeremy Jones

    Time for a nutrition workshop?


  • Matt F

    -jj & Stav…

    you guys should do a nutrition class at the shed??


  • Adam

    I would attend a nutrition class for sure as I have already ran out of recipe ideas and just started the crazy “no simple carb” diet yesterday. Is it even possible to eat lunch every day without bread or rice?

  • luca z.

    Adam I’m italian and I’ve been eating lunch and dinner every day for the last year and a half with out bread, pasta or rice, there’s life after refined carbs, you can do it

  • Craig

    Well, you don’t smile as much as you used to, Luca. ; )

    Happy Birthday, Judy!

    Rest day for me: easy 4k run.

  • jordan k

    craig- best comment of all time. can someone explain why carbs are so hard to live without? nutrition cert would be awesome.

  • Jasmine

    ok…. I’ve been thinking about this and Craig’s post reminded me. Is a rest day a “non-workout day” or just a “do something other than crossfit day”? What does the 3/1 rule apply to? Yesterday I went for a run and today I did not workout at all (trying to give my body a break after the cert and a couple tough workouts after) …. are both considered rest days? I imagine it is good to rest our body completely from time to time. How often do you all have a “non workout day” in a one week period of time?


  • Sarah

    I’m going to the nutrition cert on 3/28. I’d be happy to pass on what I get from there!

  • Yvonne

    Adam this is my first time doing this climb. I have heard of different techniques to doing it. Yes, one of them being holding on to the railing or both railings to help your quads. Also, putting your hands behind your neck so you keep your upper body up. I figure it will be something like the 400 meter walking lunges equal amount of hamstrings and quads.

  • Judy

    Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. Oh, and Jeremy, just for the record, I am 59 years old today, but thank you for the 30 year old comment. I liked that, alot! I will see everyone in my 6 am class tomorrow morning. Have a great evening!

  • Yvonne

    Money raised for American Lung Association stair climb between 7 affiliates:

    CF KMSF $4041
    CF OneWorld $50
    CF Sierra $2186
    CF Solano $325
    Diablo CF $1155
    CF M&M $20

    Third place!