090320 FRIDAY “Fran”


Mark counts Tami’s medicine ball cleans while Jamie and Jax (wearing the cool hat) provide encouragement.

Workout: “Fran”

For time.

21 – 15 – 9

Thrusters (95, 65lb)

Pull Ups

Post time to comments.



Saturday’s 8am ride and 3pm run with Jan are happening as usual this Saturday. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes early (minimum to both events).

Click “continue reading” below to see Jan’s comments about last Saturday’s treks, as well as the plan for this Saturday.

Saturday,March 28th is the Climb California American Lung Association Event. We still have not reached our fund raising goal so please sign up now if you plan on doing the climb, and if you don’t please sponsor one of our athletes.



I have been hearing a lot about goal setting lately and I feel it is time to bring back our old tradition officially. . .

Every one of our members will be required to come up with three performance goals to achieve by the end of 2009. Some of us have already done this, others have never heard of it. Allow me to explain.

Without clearly defined goals we may be putting out a lot of effort, and making some serious headway. . . but not necessarily in the direction we wish to head. It is like driving at night with a zippo lighter instead of you headlights. You’ll get somewhere, but you won’t know where it is until you get there, it may not be where you wanted to go, and chances are you’ll run off the road a few times and most likely run over more than a few undesirable objects along the way.

It is a good idea to choose some clearly defined, measurable goals that we hold ourselves to. “Getting in better shape,” “drop a few pounds,” and my favorite “eat healthier” are total B.S. when it comes to clearly defined, measurable results. “Get a sub 5 minute ‘Fran’,” “Loose 15lbs of body fat,” and “stop eating refined carbohydrates 6 days a week” are much better goals.

For our requirements, the minimum will be three performance benchmarks. One gymnastics (such as X number of pull ups, muscle ups, etc). One metabolic conditioning aka ‘Metcon’ (sub 30 minute ‘Filthy Fifty”, Sub 4 minute “Newbie”, etc). And one strength/power (back squat 350lbs, clean and Jerk bodyweight, etc). Other goals regarding your health and well being are completely encouraged and should be included (they are just not required).

Your goals should be ‘lofty’ but not too far fetched. If you choose a goal that is unobtainable, it will actually act as a de-motivator, and make you avoid thinking about it.

Why am I mentioning it here? Because the only thing better than writing down your goals is to write them down publicly. Once you have written them down for all to see, not only will you hold yourself accountable, you peers will also hold you accountable as well.

For those of you who remember this drill from last year (and for those of you looking for some ideas), Click Here to see the post from last year. (it is actually kind of funny to read people’s goals from then – Stavros worried about doing ONE muscle up!)

And here is a post from the end of 2008 asking people to start thinking about their 2009 goals right then.

Post your goals for 2009 to comments, as well as where you are at currently (i.e. 20 kipping pull ups. Currently at 0).


We need your ‘Yelp’!

Do you use “Yelp” the online review website? If so, and you feel so inclined, please leave us a review. We’d love to have the feedback, and I am sure that there are plenty of people out there that would love to hear about your experiences at Diablo CrossFit directly from you.

Even if you are just a fan of our website. Make a note of it on Yelp (or any other review website that you might use). If you are like most DCFers, all your friends are already sick of hearing about how great CrossFit is – now it is time to tell the world! Thanks -jj

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  • Yvonne

    I love the wall ball targets they have on the affiliate blog! We could have ours like that with devil horns on the men, women and kitty cats. I am assuming kitty cats are for the kids.

  • Ruiner @ KoreaSmellsFunny

    It’ll be Saturday here but I’ll do Fran for you guys tomorrow. It’ll be tough after drinking for 2 months straight but what the hell, I think break time is over and it’s time to get back to training.

  • Yvonne

    Thank you, James B Poland for the huge donation you made yesterday!!!

    THRUSTERS!!! Does any one out there have clavicle bruises? But I am getting some Fran today! One of my goals to do Fran less than 10 minutes.

  • Yvonne

    Did Rob’s WOD yesterday! I love bench pressing!!! Have not done them since starting CrossFit. Could not sprint yesterday, did cardio Wednesday.
    1 min bench press 95#
    1 min UD
    1 min sit ups
    3X, no rest

    got 311

  • Yvonne

    Does anyone know where I can get a timer that will beep while I am listening to my IPOD?

  • Miles

    I’ll yelp it up today, I’m on it all day every day. Out of town for a few days, see you all next week!

  • Yvonne

    pussy cats not children

  • Yvonne

    pussy cats not kids!!!

  • Andrew

    I thought the climb was March? And for goals, for my last time I posted

    30 straight pull ups
    20+ rounds of Cindy
    1.4XBW deadlift

    I have yet to see how many pull ups I can do now. I’m at 16 rounds of Cindy and deadlift is actually my weakest movement. So 1.4xBW is good for me. Since I’ve been doing crossfit for almost 4 months now, I have a few other things I want to accomplish

    3 muscle ups in a row / can’t do any now
    sub 1:40 500 row / fastest is 1:44.2
    2xBW back squat / I weight 160ish and I squat 235lb (with more room to spare I think)
    sub 35 min filthy 50 / i got 40:17 last time, with the back extensions killing me
    10 handstand push ups in a row / I can do 3 right now

    That’t it for now!

  • Andrew

    Wait…3 months…I’ve been doing this for 3 months…it seems so much longer!

  • Matt ..6am

    Great Job to Alex and Jordon for leading our class at 6:00am
    we also had Big Dave and Donna there for support…
    good times..


  • Carry

    Great group this morning! I love Fran….4:41 (one second off my PR) Alex & Jordan did a fantastic job this morning running things.

    I’m ready to do Jackie again….I can’t remember what my time was but I have it written in my log. I do remember it is one of my goals this year….rowing is ONE of my many downfalls ….we should do those rowing sprints again!

    Also…my request for next Mon (strength day) is the bear complex 🙂 love that one.

  • luca z.

    Did Murph this morning , I did the runs with the vest but not the rest, still took me 42:02, the big garage door didn’t open so I had to run trough the lobby, good times.

  • Mark L.

    Hey, everyone! It’s my 1 year anniversary on Sunday! I think I’m going to come in early and do Cindy with my video camera.
    Cindy was one of the first hardcore workouts I did at the shed (on May 1). I haven’t done it since. It will be an interesting progress check. I actually did more rounds of Cindy in the same amount of time in my recent 38:06 Murph (with the vest) than I did back on May 1.
    I distinctly remember doing my Cindy on the bar in the back next to Carry while she was kipping away (I was only dead hang for all my 18 rounds). I was thinking “where the heck did they get this silly blond college cheerleader who can do freaky pullups?!” Turns out she’s a bank manager. 😉
    Good times.

  • Moises G.

    Oh Fran, Good times! I love this WOD

  • Carry

    I think I remember that too Mark! I miss that pull up bar….

    You know…Chanda got a pull-up on Weds… Two in fact. She’s back on the program!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Here are my goals for 2009;

    Helen, sub 7min (currently 7:34)
    Linda, sub 20min (currently 29:36)
    Fran, sub 3 minute (currently 3:40)
    Crossfit Total, 1000lbs. (currently 940-950)
    30 Muscle Ups, sub 5min (currently 6:24)

    Thrusters 15x BWT
    Overhead Squats 15xBWT

    5k- Sub 19 (currently 21:30)
    1000m Row- 3:05 (currently 3:22)

    Complete Olympic Distance triathlon, top 10% of my age group.(currently done 1 sprint)

    This is all I can think of for now…so scary.

  • Holly

    Per Mountain’s recommendation I did One-Armed Chief yesterday using a 45# DB and came in 4 squats shy of 30 rounds! My legs were like jello for hours afterwards. Will skip One-armed Fran today and do sprints instead since I’m nowhere close to a one arm PU even on the thick band (JJ you’re a beast with the one arm PUs)!

  • Yvonne

    Carry you smoked Fran!!!! Congratulations!!!! You definitely need a nick name!

  • Yvonne

    Andrew got the garage door opened. Re-set button way on the top, ask JJ.

  • Mark L.

    2009 Goals:
    Metcons (Named)
    Angie 16:55
    Annie 10:55 (first to fall 8:01, 2/9/09)
    Diane 7:55 (I was on pace to crush this one, but my back went out)
    Filthy Fifty 22:55 (not there, yet)
    Fran 4:55
    Helen 7:55 (27 seconds away, currently)
    Nicole 130

    Metcons (Heros)
    JT 7:55
    Nate 17
    Murph 34:55 (about 3 minutes away)

    Strength Goals
    Deadlift 330 (once back is healthy)
    Back Squat 290 (once back is healthy)
    Press 175

    Gymnastic Goals
    Pull-ups (max, consec.) 42
    Muscle-ups (max, consec.) 10
    30 Muscle-ups 7:55
    Free Handstand (no wall) 30 seconds

    Sports Goals:
    5K run 19:45
    10K run 43:45
    400m run 1:07

  • Craig

    I call b.s. on JJ who posts Fran today and then leaves town!

    Sick goals, Stav. You get just a couple of those and you’ll be my hero.

    Mark, those are all reachable within 1 -3 months for you! (run times are frikkin’ fast)

    Nice way to set the bar for the afternoon classes, Carry. Ugh. Dread.

  • Julie DeJarlais

    4:41 FRAN?!?!? DAAAAAAMN CARRY?! Whew…that’s pretty damn fast!! I should put down as one of my 09′ goals…catching up with Carry?! SHHHEEEYAT!!!

  • Julie DeJarlais

    4:41 FRAN?!?!? DAAAAAAMN CARRY?! Whew…that’s pretty damn fast!! I should put down as one of my 09′ goals…catching up with Carry?! SHHHEEEYAT!!!

  • Julie DeJarlais

    4:41 FRAN?!?!? DAAAAAAMN CARRY?! Whew…that’s pretty damn fast!! I should put down as one of my 09′ goals…catching up with Carry?! SHHHEEEYAT!!!

  • Holly

    You and me both Julie, you and me both…

  • Prashant

    Here are my goals:

    21 Unbroken Kipping Pull Ups – Currently 2 (grip is the problem, i’m sure I could get more right now but my grip is bad and my hands hurt )
    FGB Score of 225 or more – You don’t even want to know how low it is right now.
    Push Press BW 5 reps.

    Dropping weight and getting my endurance up is also a goal. Also, if I can get my squat right that would just be super.

  • Carry

    If only every work out was Fran…

  • Matt... 6am


    We had a problem with the door today as well. (6am)
    There is a way you can open it with the chains thats pretty simple and
    I can show you if you want . If the door keeps tripping the circuit breaker I will
    check it out. I fix commercial equipment…


  • Mountain

    Muscle-ups weren’t one of my goals for 2009, but I got them today. I was doing:

    1x full handstand pushup
    1x 32″ box jump
    1x chest-to-bar pullup

    25 rounds for time. 19:37.

    The pullups were feeling really good, so around the 12th round or so, I started trying to turn the pullups into muscle-ups– assuming I wouldn’t get them, but it doesn’t hurt to try. On the 19th round, I found myself way above the bar, just straightened out the arms a little bit, and there I was. I then went for it on my last six rounds, and got muscle-ups on 4 of the 6.

    After the workout, I did two more while showing off for some hot chicks, who shall remain nameless. I think my ribcage is bruised now.

  • Craig

    Awesome on the BMUs, Mountain! And, solid Fran too!

    Old school hour at the Shed with Sarah, Jorgy, and Rick yelling at me at 4PM today.

    Fran 3:56. Tied a PR, but a few sloppy pull ups.

    I got a sub 3:30 in me.

  • Mark L.

    hahaha… Mountain!

  • Andrew

    damnit Mountain, I missed your muscle up! Who were these hot chicks you speak of?

  • Alex R

    Why is it so difficult to take a rest day? I was planning on taking the day off today because my legs are trashed, but you can’t not do a “Fran” WOD! 4:05 today, not my best effort, way too much rest between sets. Much thanks to Big Dave for getting in my face and pushing me.

    Craig, I’ll race you to a sub 3:30 time! Got one in me too…

    Nice job in the 6am class! Got a great group of fun people and hard workers.

  • Yvonne

    MOUNTAIN, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Now your next goal 30 in a row? You’ll be there before Craig!

  • Yvonne

    We are all resting after Fran today but check out CF Oakland’s Fran tomorrow.

  • Big Dave

    CRAIG you have better watch it Alex is coming up really close today.

    Alex – You REALLY had a 3:50 Fran today

    Only if you did not stand around for the last 4 reps and caused you to loose 15 seconds.

  • Julie

    WHATEVER Mountain…I soooo wasn’t at the gym today?? HAHAHAHA…NICE WORK DUDE!! You’ll be throwing around some big weight anyday now?! What r your weight goals bruddah…I know you KILL all the metcons and everything else?! You da man!!

  • Nick

    I know that I did well when my hands are shaking so bad it is hard to write in my log.
    Goals for me
    500 DL 450 now
    1000 CFT
    3:45 Fran 4:24 today
    sub 30 filthy 50 31:50 now
    sub 3 grace 3:12 now
    sub 40 murph 48 now
    30 muscle ups in less than 20 none now
    I will think of more later.
    It feels good to write it down.
    We all can do this………..lets go

  • Moises G.

    Very impressive goals peeps!!!
    Stav you have been crushing workouts, nice!

  • Darren Rosten

    My 2009 Goals. Beat Craig at everything except cleans and squats.
    See at least one of Jorgy’s amazing hero or Girl times.
    Lose 15 more puounds.
    Get my Pool clean.
    Keep the Stche for the rest of the year.
    And Grow more hair on my head.

  • Ronnie L

    Goals .. 10 hand stand Push ups
    Back squat 405 x 3 at 335 x3 now
    Filthy 50

  • Nick

    Darren those are some amazing goals.
    Together we can do this

  • Big Dave

    2009 Goals

    More Cardo exercises to reduce my times and weight below

    Fran – sub 7 (best 9:13)
    50-50 – sub 30
    Muscle up – 1
    HSPU – 1
    Rows – 5000m under 19 currently at 19:30
    FGB – 300 polus
    CFT – 1000lbs currently at 940lbs
    Murph – under 45

    Very long term goals
    Snatch – Clean and Jerk – body weight

  • Stavros @ DiabloCrossfit

    You forgot to add “learn to spell” to you 2009 goals.