Diablo CrossFit’s Rhodes visits CrossFit Coronado. And apparently their equipment can’t handle the ‘work capacity’ of DCFers.


4 rounds for time.

40 Double Unders

30 Sit ups

20 Ring dips

1 Rope Climb (15′ one ascent)

Post time to comments.



Watch CrossFit Virtuosity’s Keith Wittenstein at on Good Morning America.

“The Yoga Fight Club”

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Yvonne

    Rhodes we miss the black socks!!!

  • Darren <3 Rhodes

    I miss your face.

  • Craig

    Rhodsie, you animal. Did you get your chin over the bar before it broke?

    My 2009 DCF Goals along with some reasoning:

    Sub 3:30 Fran (ugh! I don’t know why I even want this)
    30 Muscle Up wod sub 15mins (because Nick has to buy me a case of beer)
    15 BW Thrusters (dumbass goal offered up by JJ and I said, “cool!”)
    1 BW Snatch (cause I like Oly lifting and it’d be cool to say I could do it)

  • luca z.

    One more thing about nutrition, we were talking about I>F> last Thursday and the main question was ” Why do you fast? ” here a good list of many whys :

    * Liver glycogen levels are depleted within 8-10 hours. Muscle glycogen falls by 50% over 24-hours, even without exercise.
    * After depleting glycogen, amino acids are recycled to be broken down for glycogen through gluconeogenesis.
    * We see increases in three of the four hormones driving lipolysis, indicating a propensity towards fat burning. Somewhere around 12-18 hours, lipolysis becomes a major energy pathway, producing energy from body fat.
    * T3 levels fall slightly, indicating a slightly lower metabolic rate. Urinary nitrogen excretion falls, indicating less catabolism of muscle proteins.
    * Beta-hydroxy butyrate, hGH, and IGF all increase. Proteins that protect cells from stress also increase.
    * Inflammatory markers decrease. Insulin sensitivity improves. AGEs likely decrease.
    * Cancer protection increases, healthy cells are better protected from chemotherapy, and markers of heart disease decrease. General immunity seems to improve.
    * Brain neurons are protected from stressors, BDNF increases (helps grow brain neurons), and the brain is better protected from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. Fasting after a brain injury lessens the damage of the injury.
    * Exercise during a fast shows a higher rate of fat burning for fuel.
    * Learning is enhanced and jet lag may be reduced.
    To find more look for Mike O’Donnell’s blog

  • Rhodes

    My chin did get over the bar thank you very much! Then it broke and I came crashing down. Thank you jeremy for posting that picture do you want the one of the resulting bruise that’s on my butt? Darren I miss you too!

  • Rhodes

    PS Yvonne, I was where my awesome black socks when this catastrophe happened!

  • Rhodes

    PS Yvonne, I was where my awesome black socks when this catastrophe happened!

  • Moises G.

    Hey you guys, today is a sad day for all law enforcement officers. Two Oakland Police Officers were shot and killed today in the line of duty. Lets all pray for the families of these fallen HERO’S. Thank you and I really miss you guys!!!


  • Stavros @ DiabloCrossfit

    We’re all in front of the TV at the firehouse watching the news…this is horrible. They are still reporting that the officers are in critical condition. Praying for them now. Tragic.

  • Moises G.

    Stav this shit sucks!!! Four officers involved, it’s not good. Really horrible news is about to come out later tonite. All of us at home are with our families shedding tears. I told my wife I only wanted to wear my Class A uniform once and that was at my Graduation from the academy.


  • Ronnie L

    Will keep them in my prayers!

  • Craig

    Sorry, Mo. This is terrible. Condolences to the families.