090323 MONDAY “We Mourn”


We mourn the loss of four Oakland Police officers. (Clockwise from top left): John Hege, Sgt. Daniel Sakai, Sgt. Ervin Romans and Sgt. Mark Dunakin.

Get more details here.

Diablo CrossFit will be collecting donations for the families of the officers. We will also plan on having a fund raiser in the near future.



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Bonus mini metcon to follow.



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  • Prashant

    May God be with the families of these officers. Such a tragedy.

  • Julie

    When did our job of civil servants become so uncivil??? My heart goes out to my brothers & sisters from the Oakland Police Department & their families….rest in peace…we will carry on the struggle….

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    RIP Brothers.

    Stavros Kalogirou
    Santa Rosa Fire Department

  • Andrew

    RIP OPD, what a sad day

  • Darren

    Sorry for the loss. It made my stomach hurt when I heard the news. I lowered the Flag to half staff today and I hate doing that. Prayers and comfort for the famlies.

  • Ruiner @ KoreaSmellsFunny

    From the Defender’s Creed

    “I accept that I am a pariah among some of my countrymen, and a
    quaint anachronism to others. I will not hold their ignorance against them.
    I will win, or die trying.
    I swear this creed before God, my family and my fellow citizens.”

    I can only hope that should the choice come, that there would be no choice at all.

    God bless these men and all who run TOWARD the sound of the bullets and the heat of the fire.

  • Craig

    Thank you for your sacrifice, men. I mourn your loss.

  • Hylie

    God Bless the Family and Friends of the Oakland Police Officers who gave their life to PROTECT their Community!!!!

  • Mark L.

    Another dot on the radar that there is no such thing as a harmless recreational drug. God Bless these officers, and I pray that His hand is on the families of these men in the aftermath of this senseless act. I also pray that justice is served on earth in addition to the Judgment that is to come in eternity. God, do your thing!

  • Carry

    This is horrible…after all the news and all the outrage, these families will have to go on.

    The children will have to go on without their fathers and parents will have to go on without their sons. Wives will have to go on without their husbands. For the rest of their lives.

    All so we can live in safe communities. There can never be enough gratitude.

  • luca z.

    RIP to those fallen officers, and condolences to their families.
    The Zanet family

  • Alex R

    Wow. My thoughts are with the families of the fallen officers.

  • Alex R

    Wow. My thoughts are with the families of the fallen officers.

  • Alex R

    Wow. My thoughts are with the families of the fallen officers.

  • Mike Erickson

    So sad and angry. Our condolences and thanks to all who serve and their families.

    Mike and Karen