090325 WEDNESDAY “Helen”


Holly’s dog Odin visits Diablo CrossFit.

Workout: “Helen”

3 rounds for time.

400m run

21 Kettlebell swings (54lbs, 44lbs)

12 pull ups

Post time to comments.


New Event: DCF Ladies’ Night! (and no it doesn’t involve any of the CrossFit ‘Girls’)

Saturday, March 28th all DCF women are invited to come out to San Fran for a night of dinner, dancing and figurative debauchery at the “Holy Cow”.

8:00 pm at a Thai restaurant located across the street from the Holy Cow, then over to the ‘Cow’ for drinks and dancing. Post to comments if you plan on going, or contact Vickie by clicking here.



Robb Wolf nails all the points at once regarding the “Red meat causes cancer” rubbish and “Fish oil fad hurts the environment” B.S. (as well as many others).

Click here for the complete awesome complete article.

(After reading these articles separately over the last few weeks, and seeing Robb’s response. . .as always. . .Robb is SO my hero. -jj)

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  • JimmyG

    6am….18 people ran through “Helen” this morning….she must be tired!!
    Incredible effort by everyone!! Vikki set up a nice personal wod (broken foot and all)
    That must be Holly’s influence on the 6am class…. 🙂
    PR’s by Carry and Myself….

  • carry

    The 0600 class was banging this morning….I’m not sure how many people were there but we had to go in 2 heats! Viki was even there with her foot in a brace because of her ankle.

    My Helen PR 9:58…Jimmy also had a PR by over 3 min I think. There were other PRs as well…Judy’s Kettle Bells are flawless & the two new guys were giving it their all. Adam really kicked but on this one too.

    Pretty much everyone was on the floor after this one.

  • luca z.

    CARRY= perfect example of hard work, consistency and humbleness
    and the true proof that CrossFit works

  • luca z.

    CARRY= perfect example of hard work, consistency and humbleness
    and the true proof that CrossFit works

  • luca z.

    CARRY= perfect example of hard work, consistency and humbleness
    and the true proof that CrossFit works

  • luca z.

    I had the pleasure of working with Vikkie a couple of times and she is a force of nature, she will stop at nothing to get her job done, nice work lady!!!!!

  • luca z.

    I had the pleasure of working with Vikkie a couple of times and she is a force of nature, she will stop at nothing to get her job done, nice work lady!!!!!

  • luca z.

    I had the pleasure of working with Vikkie a couple of times and she is a force of nature, she will stop at nothing to get her job done, nice work lady!!!!!

  • Holly

    Oh Man!!! The one weekend I am out of town- ONE WEEKEND- and you guys set up a ladies night of dancing. I think that hurts way more than my broken wrist ;(
    NEXT TIME I’m soooooo there!!!!!

    I miss my 6 am family but have been trying to consistently hit the open 4 pm to do modified WODs. Do not worry 6Er’s cause I’ll BE BACK!

    Okay Carry my muscle up friend, I am sooooo on those rings the day the x ray comes back clear.

    Great way to heal the injury Vicki, I call it DCF therapy! Just keep showing up for the good stuff and the rest just fades away.

  • Shannon S.

    I’m so bummed I won’t be able to make it to the DCF ladies night… I have to work the night shift at my per diem job… I’ll definitely be there next time!

  • jordan k

    Awesome workout even though I hate all three exercises. i hate helen more than my ex girlfriend. however at the crack of dawn we ran a 18 person train through Helen. CHOO CHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam

    Thismorning was AWESOME! I believe I counted 19 people with Vikkie. The encouragement from the group was priceless and without that, there is no way I would have pushed myself as hard as I did.

    Carry and Alex owned those kettleball swings!

    Yvonne, need a little more info on where your home is in Laffayette? 8:30 is perfect, although, what are we going to do until we take off at 12:30?

  • Alex R

    What the Helen?
    8:36 for my first Helen. I like this one. Think I have a better time in me though.

    6am class was crazy this morning! It pumps me up to see people working this hard. The new people are starting to look like veteran CrossFitters. Kevin went so hard to finish his pull-ups he spent the next five minutes of the floor… Awesome effort, everyone!

    PS watch out for Cabby, a fire-breather in the making.

    Jeremy, next WOD for Jimmy should be typing a comment for time. Today was about 15 minutes. He uses 2 fingers and looks at the keyboard haha. Wear it Jimmy!

  • Craig

    18 at 06:00h? Who are these nuts? I’m nursing crappy cold today. No Helen 4 me.

    Funny stuff picturing Jimmy type a comment. No texting while driving for him!

    Congrats on the PRs Jimmy & Carry. Alex – very fast first Helen. I think there’s a couple of our firebreathers trying to shoot for a sub 7(?!!).

  • Darren

    Thats is a great looking shirt.

    Get yours in the lobby at DCF.

  • Jeremy Jones

    The 6am class is KILLING IT.

    Nice job everyone. I love to see a huge class nail a workout. I wonder which class will have the most “Helen First Timers” and PRs.


  • Suzie

    UUUGGGHHH I am so sorry I missed the 6am class today! I got pushed into an early morning, dark trail run with a couple guys who pushed me hard this morning! I will be there for tomorrow’s 6am class Jimmy!!
    I am trying to figure out the perfect balance of Crossfit and trail running as I get ready for the 100 miler in June.
    Sounds like you had a great group this morning.

  • Yvonne

    You 6AMERS!!! I don’t know how you do it that early in the morning!!! Must have an awesome warm up!

    Adam, we are leaving from our house in Walnut Creek for the climb at 8:30AM. Our wave time is 10:30AM with all the other CrossFitters. We need to check in at 9:30AM to get our chips. Click my orange name at the bottom and email me for our home address. Tami already has and waiting on Lauren. Tell Lauren if you see her. We are going to wear the new DCF shirts so buy one. I have all our t-shirts for the event which I will give to you in the morning. We still need donations for our team everyone, please!

    Doing the Helen today 5PM.

    We have some bad ass women at DCF who come in with injuries, setting the bar very high.

  • Matt ..6am

    6am kicks ass….
    good times ,


  • JimmyG

    Ha ha you soooo funny. I use 4 fingers to type and 2 thumbs to text.
    JJ, Please don’t create a typing WOD…I’d be like Stav doing dbl unders….ohhhhh
    I’ll be here all week!!

  • sarah

    930 and 1030 classes….Great effort from everyone!! Its such a pleasure to be around all you crazy people!

    Nicole rocked her first Helen in 10:19 and Tyren did it in 12:47! Awesome work you two! Welcome to the club!!

    Dan- i loved watching your last set of pullups! Beautiful!

  • Big Dave

    Donna and I did a 9 am Helen and did 13:13 time, Donna did 18:01.

    Not so happy with the time like everyone else was sub 10 mins but I am feeling some body changes to occur into CrossFit WOD’s and out of BodyBuilding (20 plus years) With that said my times are considerably down but will continue to do 3/1 workouts. Craig promised me if I just stick to this I will see progress. Like all of us say “I don’t want to wait, I W A N T it N O W!!!

    I know somewhere inside me is a transformation in progress but I must not let those ROUNDS and TIMES get to my head. I am all about counting every rep and form to be correct. Once these kick in, strength and time will come upon me and will start to do some ass kicking.


  • Alex R

    Dave, you are doing awesome buddy. When you are doing your WOD, you have to push yourself to the point where you can’t go anymore. Then, keep going! Your mind wants to give up but your body won’t. That is the intensity you need to get those results. Ask Craig, JJ, Stav, Darren, Mark… They will tell you the same thing.

    Keep working at it. You will get there.

  • ronnielo

    I understand what your saying and feeling Big Dave. I improved my Helen time by 1:28 prescribed . Last time I did it I used a lighter Kettle ball and I walked a little on my last 400M. This time I used 53 lbs and didn’t walk at all. Like you said I feel changes occurring to and I know its not just gas :).

  • Adam

    Alex hit it right on the head. You have to push yourself until you can’t go anymore, and then go some more. I ran my first 400 thismorning for Helen in 1:04 and by my 3rd round I almost hurled all over the gym (it took me 4 sets to do 12 pull-ups). Kinda sad, that I like Crossfit for feeling that way after I worked out cause I know I will be better for it the next time.

  • Meg H

    yay! Ladies night 🙂 the restaurant is called Manora’s and it is located on the corner of 12th and Folsom. Street parking should be pretty easy to find before 8pm.

    For those of you who have never been to the “Holy Cow!” Yes, it is as cheesy as it sounds but really fun! Be prepared for remixed top 40, red vinyl booths and 15 girls all dancing on the same 3 foot stage illuminated by yes…a disco ball!
    …so fun!

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit

    Count me in for the girls DCF night.

    ; )

  • Darren

    Trained new Contra Costa Fire recruits this AM in Crossfit at the training ground. They did tabata. Was fun most are new to Crossfit.

    I did Helen at 10:30 class

    7:29 Rx

    17 second Pr. Woo hoo

  • Prashant

    1:04 for the 400, SICK!

  • Mark L.

    I can’t make it to the gym today, but I’m going to do “Long Helen” in my neighborhood, after I pick up the kids while wifey is cooking dinner.
    Luckily, my wife bought me a 54lb Kettlebell for Christmas, and I have the Shed’s old squat rack (perfect height for me for pullups). I will sub 1,000m for the 400m, since that’s what my measuring wheel says my block is. I’m all set!
    Last time I did Helen on 12/30/08 at the Shed, I had a cold and got 8:22. I expect with the ~3X longer runs, I’ll probably end up around 17:00. We’ll see.

  • Mountain

    Wasn’t feeling it on Helen today, came up 18 seconds shy of my PR, which I set a week ago. The rest of the class did great, though. Sarah mentioned Nicole’s 10:19 on her first Helen, and Jasmine PR’d in 10:35. They’re both knocking on the door of a sub-10.

    So… of course… I had to come back at Open Gym, and did Jackie, who always comforts me in times of trouble. Did it in 7:24, a new PR. Much better now.

  • Craig

    Now, Mountain, thats a firebreather comment. Too damn funny.

    But, Jackie is my girlfriend, buddy.

  • Damen

    9:12 RX with the weight vest on, PR of my last time of 9:54 with the vest on about a month ago. This new diet kicks ass. But what’s with the vest’s all being fawked up? I had to jerry rig the damn thing to stay on. Oh well, I think it was worth it, in a weird way.

  • Emily S

    The stars must be aligned, Katy and I also did Helen today, in Tacoma….in the rain. It’s great to see all those PR’s and such impressive times – you guys rock!

  • luca z.

    Hey Emily good to hear from you how are you guys, Jake’s getting bigger? His favorite duckie got kidnapped, by another affiliate, last week when they came for the rumble, he would have been so bummed eheheh
    Keep training and keep us posted on your progress

  • Jeremy Jones

    Great to hear from you Emily!

    (rain really!?)

    Helen – 8:11

    a 14 second PR. Sub 8 here I come.


  • Mark L.

    Did my long Helen in 18:38 (forgot to factor in the hills and the fasting).
    Boy that extra run sure makes those KB swings painful. The pullups are just a slap in the face. I passed a neighbor of mine on the run while he was walking his dog, twice. He passed me while I was doing KB swings in the driveway, in between, and smiled. He’s a mutual friend of Jimmy and I, so he already thinks I’m crazy. 😎

  • Nick

    Got a pr myself today 9:37. I feel a sub 9, I came in way to tired today.
    Nice job everyone.

  • Craig

    Damen, why the weight vest? The only thing the weight vest will do for you on Helen is teach you how to do it slower – even though your time was relatively fast.

    Take off the vest and rip it up!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Luca means “Drake” not “Jake” (been hanging out Jax too much lately).


  • Yvonne

    Maybe we should have a rumble against the AM peeps and the PM peeps on Memorial
    Day with a BQ with donations for the trust fund for the families of the fallen officers?????
    Maybe do Stav’s clothes exchange idea too???

  • Holly

    That’s a great idea Yvonne. I’m in!

  • jamie

    Does ladies nite mean JJ is taking care of the “Bun” and I get to go out? Are there any arrangements for carpooling?

  • D Roe

    4 pm to 7 pm classes ripped it up. Plus I went to the 9:30 and 10:30 classes. I felt like JJ today. BTW they ripped it up to. I counted 16 PR’s on Helen today. That is work being done. We had 15 people at the 5 pm. We are getting huge and work is being done. In case you were wondering.

  • jamie

    Does ladies nite mean JJ is taking care of the “Bun” and I get to go out? Are there any arrangements for carpooling?

  • Emily

    Yeah, Drake’s a little bigger…and walking! He started on Valentine’s Day and he hasn’t stopped since. I bet he really misses that devil duck, but I guess replacements can be found. He recently picked out a little cloth doll, which he kisses so nicely, we promptly named her Olive.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Can you say “ripped it up” and “work being done” a few more times?

    Nice work on Helen, BTW. You got me by a few seconds, for now.

  • Darren

    I had more in the tank too. Was a little tired but felt good
    Paleo/ Zone/ IF is paying off

  • jordan k

    darren hook me up with your paleo/zone meals. i wanna be like you. print it out and laminate it and bind it with a cool clasp. thanks man. have it ready by tomorrow.

  • Prashant

    This WOD killed me. Damn running. I also did the first round of pull ups without a band assist, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Second round I went to the shoe string band half way through, and last round all on the thin band. Also ripped callouses on both hand. Stings like hell! But first WOD with unassisted pull ups (partly). Can’t wait till I can do the whole WOD without any band assist.

  • Damen

    Good point Craig, next time no vest for me.

  • Jasmine

    Jamie… I will answer yes to your first question. Of course a ladies night means that your wonderful husband will be watching your bun! Thanks Jeremy… maybe you can come hang with Stav while he watches our buns. Then you guys would both be watching your buns together… how cute 😉

    And for the second question… I am sure we will carpool. Makes much sense


  • Jasmine

    Oh, and Mountain. Thanks for the shout out. You’re always so good to me 😉 Great to finally see you again!

    And Jordan. Just a fair warning. Ever since Darren has been following Paleo, he has grown a lot of hair in strange places. Beware!