090327 FRIDAY “Elizabeth”

+++Oly and Muay Thai Canceled Tomorrow! (10am and 3pm class as usual)+++


Jan (center, in red) leads a group of cyclists back from one of his Saturday rides. The riders leave every Saturday at 7:45am from the DCF parking lot.

Workout: “Elizabeth”

For time.

21 – 15 – 9 reps

135lb squat cleans (sub 95, 65 or even a medicine ball if form work is needed)

Ring dips

Post time to comments.



Another nail in the coffin for high fructose corn syrup: “Fructose metabolism in the brain increases food intake and obesity”

“. . .M. Daniel Lane and co-workers at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore have now pulled together work, largely in their laboratory (many papers beginning in 2000), dealing with the role of malonyl-CoA in the signaling system in the brain (specifically the hypothalamus) that has inputs into the higher brain centers that determine feeding behavior, most notably appetite. Two papers in the journal PNAS in 2007 and 2008 showed that glucose and fructose act quite differently in the brain (hypothalamus) – glucose decreasing food intake and fructose increasing food intake. Both of these sugars signal in the brain through the malonyl-CoA signaling pathway and have inverse effects on food intake. . .”

Click here for the complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.


Events This Saturday!:

– Diablo CrossFit Ladies Night starts at Manora’s, then moves over to the Holy Cow across the street. Email Yvonne if you’d like to attend.

– Don’t forget to sponsor one of our ‘Stair Climbers’ climbing the Bank of America Building Tomorrow to raise money for Lung Cancer research.

– Also (for those of you not going to the San Francisco climb), CrossFit Oakland is hosting a fund raising event for the 4 Oakland Police Officers killed last weekend (Sgt Mark Dunakin, Officer John Hege, Sgt Daniel Sakai, and Sgt Ervin Romans), The event will go from 9a.m. to 11a.m at CrossFit Oakland.

Please post to comments if you wish to go (so we can arrange a carpool).

If you can’t make it and would just like to donate some money. We are collecting at the gym. Just give a check or cash to any trainer and we’ll make sure it gets to the families of the fallen officers.

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  • Miles

    My neighbor is OPD and new the four fallen officers, I’d love to go if a group is heading over. I can take 3 or 4 in the pimp mobile.

  • Miles

    New = knew. Sometimes I don’t talk so good.

  • Craig

    We’ll stop by on the way back from the climb if not too late! Bummed about missing OPD benefit. I’ll be climbing with the OPD men in my heart and mind!

    Elizabeth this morning 11:21 – I didn’t set a very high bar for later classes, sorry. Recovering from my cold.

  • luca z.

    Holly, pertaining to our conversation yesterday, Herm had a question about the fact that he won’t be able to participate at the games do to a shoulder surgery this was the answer he got:

    Good luck with the surgery this Friday.

    Yes, if you feel like you won’t be able to do the workouts, we can refund you your entry fee and you can take part in the NorCal Qualifiers as a judge.

    But let’s wait ’til we get closer to game time before any decisions are made. We’ll be posting the workouts a week prior to the Qualifiers, so you should get a sense of what it will take to do the workouts and be able to make a sound decision at that point.

    So just go ahead and talk to them.

  • Bryan S.

    This one is going to be awesome and I am not planning on being able to move after this. Can we start getting courtesy shuttles to drive us home after these WODs?

  • Adam

    Mark, thanks for the donation for Saturday’s race. I’ll do my best to make you proud… lol.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I also wanted to say that Jan’s smile is a little scary in that pic


  • Mark L.

    Any time, bro. Good luck!

    I actually think Craig might “win” this thing. I heard he plans to ROW the stairwell using the handrails (and with that wingspan, that’s probably a good choice!) =)

  • Darren

    Purchased “Paleo for Athletes” by Loren Cordain, last night

    Elizabeth RX’ed at 9:30 class

    7:47 PR by 45 seconds.

  • Darren

    Purchased “Paleo for Athletes” by Loren Cordain, last night

    Elizabeth RX’ed at 9:30 class

    7:47 PR by 45 seconds.

  • Adam

    Yeah Mark, that was my strategy as well but we our wave time is 10:30 making it hard to implement that strategy due to all the people we will be passing. This lady named Lindsey who is working the event called me to confirm my time and I asked how long it typically takes and she said the winner last year was around 10 minutes. Now I have never climbed 1,200 steps for time, but that seems a little outlandish. The site compares it to a 5K race, but if you find someone that runs 3.1 miles is 10 minutes, please give them my business card and have them give me a call.

  • Laci

    The Saturday morning bike rides have been amazing! Hopefully more people join us each week. I will not be riding with the group this weekend but not to worry I will be back with the group next weekend. If anyone has questions about the rides let me know.

  • sarah

    930 class was a beautiful thing to watch! Dan”s squats are looking so awesome! I’m proud of you! Kaela….no more stank-eye! JJ posted the workout. ; )

    1030 class it was fun to workout with the boys! Brian and David… It was super swell to meet ya!! You two rocked it!!

  • Mark L.

    Adam, the operating phrase “SEEMS a little outlandish”. The numbers are the screwey part. It’s not as monumental as it sounds when you do the math.
    If you assume a 12″ step height (estimate), that’s about 17″ per step along the diagonal, or 1,700 feet linear distance. That’s 0.32 miles up the 45 degree inclined plane. Doing it in that “stellar” 10 minutes is averaging about 1.92 mph.
    Again, the gravity part makes it way harder than linear distance, but comparing 0.32 miles at ~45 degree angle, is certainly not equivalent to a 5K.
    Back in my cross country days, we estimated that each 1% grade, additional, adds about 12 seconds to the mile pace. At 50%, that would turn a 6 minute mile, running, into a 16 minute mile, or 3.75 mph. That’s not a formula designed for huge inclines or that includes stairs, however.
    Let’s say someone is a superstar and can average 3 miles an hour up that diagonal. That’s 6:24. You being a crossfitter, I guarantee you’ve done more work in less time than you will tomorrow on many different days at DCF.
    Anyway, I hope that calms your fears. I’ll put my slide rule back in the holster, now.

  • David



    Got my time down by 5 mins today using

    115lbs Squat Cleans

    Rubber Banded the Ring Dips – Need to work on this without rubber bands soon.

    Thank you JJ for the PUSH where I was not breathing at all and you said just keep doing the squat cleans and you can inhale when you get on the ring dips.


  • Craig

    Nice Dave. You’re going to make huge gains as you step up your intensity.

    Cool analysis, Mark, but why did the butterflies in my stomach just double?

  • Jeremy Jones

    Just look at the starts as a few thousand mini lunges and you’ll be fine.


  • Mike Erickson

    Commercial stairs: one step typically 7 ” rise per 11″ run.

    x1200 steps = 700 ft rise / 1100 ft run. About 1/4 mile total linear distance at about 40 degree incline. Slightly less scary. : )

    I rooting for you Craig!

  • Mark L.

    Mike, I was actually going to calculate the total work in joules and watts for a 200 pound man, and contrast it with the same person doing Cindy, but I wasn’t sure if you were going to be reading today, so I scrapped it. =)

  • Craig

    Don’t be talkin’ about my joules.

  • Alex R

    4pm “Off Day” Elizabeth (Looked way to fun to pass this one up) with Nick and Jeremy:
    I killed the squat cleans, but the ring dips killed me! took me almost 1.5 min to do my last set of 9 ring dips. Wish I had Jeremy’s ring dips. Takes him like 30 seconds to do 21… Fun group to work out with. I think we were all sub 7:30. Nice work!

  • Stavros @ Diablo Crossfit

    Unfortunately, I didn’t take my rings with me to St.3 today. I decided to give Annie another go, since I need major work on Double-Unders.


    11:49 as RX’d

    Improved by over 4 minutes from yesterday. Nailed 15 DU’s in a row during warm up. Got frustrated during the WOD, pulled it together and finished strong. Last round of DU’s unbroken. The small victories are the best.

  • Jeremy Jones


    And my ring dips were waaaay better than Darren’s. That boy better learn to kip.


  • Alex R

    Does anyone know a good way to loosen up the hip joints? I have been struggling with this for years and it is borderline painful to get loose for me. After an extensive warmup or squaring with a heavy load I can get my depth. I know other people are struggling with this too. Anyone have any suggestions, stetches, etc?…

  • Mountain

    I’d recommend joining the Girl’s Night Out group at Holy Cow for loosening up the hip joints. It’ll do you at least as much good as stretching would.

    Due to a different joint issue, I did Randy while the rest of the 4 o’clock peeps did Elizabeth. First time ever. 75x 75lb power snatches in 7:16

    That’s the fourth 2009 goal I’ve hit so far (Randy, Chief, and Griff RX’d. Angie sub-20), but I’ve got more than 40 goals total, so I’ll need to pick up that pace as the year goes on.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Can we stop with who’s ROM is better or prettier? I think it’s a slippery slope we don’t want to go down.

    Nice job Mountain on the PR’s. Alex, look up Kelly Starrett on CF.com and the Crossfit Journal (I hope you subscribe already). He has a ton of info/videos on stretching, and specifically hip stretches. He has a clinic coming up somewhere also…

  • Jeremy Jones

    No worries Stav. Just giving Darren some heckling. I videoed D for the 15 and 9 sets. I was his comment that his dips could have been better.


  • Matt Brennan


    There is a fantastic video up on the crossfit journal where Kelly Starett of San Fran crossfit walks through a whole host of stretches. Really well done. Here is the link: http://journal.crossfit.com/2009/03/midline-stabilization-part-10-opening-up-the-hip.tpl


  • Mike Erickson

    Hi Mark,

    Catalyst has a power calculator page: http://www.cathletics.com/resources/powerOutput.php

    I entered the data for a 6′ tall, 200 lb athlete a 20 rounds Cindy. Total work came to about 240,000 foot-lbs.

    The same 200 lb guy climbing 700 ft would do about 140,000 foot-lbs of work. That’s vertical displacement only, I don’t know how to do the calculation for the horizontal work being done. Actually, I don’t know how to calculate work done while running. The force vector is complicated. Anyway, it seems that under 15 minutes for the stair climb competition should easily be doable for anyone with 20 plus rounds of Cindy.