Travis always has great shirts.


Strict Press

3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Bonus Mini Metcon to follow.

Post loads to comments.



“The Hoops Whisperer” – Lawyer becomes NBA’s most sought after trainer

“. . .Mr. Ravin’s goal is to create so much chaos and stress on a player during workouts that the physical game becomes less cerebral and more automatic. He uses a combination of humbling psychological tactics and exhausting, unorthodox and sometimes spontaneous drills. He’s been known to fire tennis balls at players while they’re dribbling or make them stare straight ahead while dribbling two balls in each hand in uneven rhythms and walking from side to side.

In one particularly exhausting drill, Mr. Ravin throws 25 balls, one at a time, in different directions. The player’s job is to catch them after only one bounce and then shoot. . .”

Click here for complete article.

(Sounds a lot like CrossFit to me. . . now where did I put that tennis ball trainer. . . -jj)

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Affiliate Throwdown at CrossFit Santa Clara this Saturday!

Post to comments if you are interested in going (it is time the rest of the CF world gets to see some DCFers outside of their habitat).

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  • Mountain

    I’ll do the 30 MU workout today if Craig & Nick will get me a case of beer, and I’ve never done more than one consecutive MU.

    For two cases of beer, I’ll do 30 MU and “Grace.”

    For three cases of beer, I’ll mix the two into a “Fran”-like concoction of 21-15-9 of:

    135# clean & jerks

    I think we all can agree it’s a workout that needs to be done.

  • Craig

    Very funny, Mountain. Actually, thats an interesting wod combination. I guess no one is immune to a firebreather’s sarcasm.

    Jordan asked for sample Paleo meals. Let’s put some up here today – what are your favorites?

    I had one of my favorites last night: Yvonne’s Batyaki – thin sliced beef, stir fried with bok choy, with a sauce of lemon juice and soy sauce.

  • Miles

    Craig, that meal sounds amazing, give it to me immediately. How awesome was Russell messing around during warm ups yesterday and nailing his first muscle up?! “Was that a muscle up?” Sand baggin’ son of a …

  • JimmyG

    6am did “Annie” after doing strict press…..What are the rest of you guys going to do????

    Jordan topped the “Annie” list with a 6:45 rx (no hooking feet) Super Shannon had a 6:49 rx…I saw Judy busting out some consecutive dlb-unders too.

    Laci was throwing up some real weight on Strict press…most impressive.

    It was great seeing Doug back at 6am…great job buddy.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Musle Up? WTF! How awesome…wow, congrats brotha!

  • Shannon S.

    Great class, Jimmy. My abs are thanking you for Annie following yesterday’s gut-buster… I’m seriously thinking about permanently changing my schedule at work so I can keep coming to the 6am class- such a fun group! Allen and I realized that we’ve done some spinning and cycling together in a pre-DCF life.

    Ps- Travis…. where do you get those shirts??

    Pss- Bonecrusher (aka Holly C)… what’s up with that fun-run on Sunday? We never did talk about that yesterday….

  • luca z.

    I just found this article it’s long but if you got the time well worth reading


  • Prashant

    I saw that shirt on shirt.woot.com, they have a lot of funny t-shirts. My gf has one that says “I’m not a rocket surgeon.”

  • Prashant
  • Mark L.

    Travis is always representing with the WOOT shirts. Jeremy, any chance you could add WOOT shirts to the DCF trainer dress code?
    I’m glad I got to see that muscle up, Russell! That’s a major feat for anyone! Carry ripped one off, again, too. Gotta keep those motor pathways open through daily practice.
    I’ve been doing bar muscle ups in part of my daily challenge (working towards ring muscle ups), and I was able to rip off a bunch during warm ups, yesterday, too.
    I’ve been doing jumping bar muscle ups followed by a super slow negative.
    MOUNTAIN, I’m going to try for 30 bar muscle ups for time on Sunday (and bring the video camera). Care to join me at 2pm just for fun? I think we’re both close to the same place right now, so hopefully we’ll finish before the 3pm class starts. =)
    Free beer for the winner (to be shared with the loser in a decent public establishment). Ride home included, if needed.

  • Craig

    Russel’s m-up was hilarious and amazing at same time. But his, ‘whats so hard about that?’ attitude was really annoying. And, Mike P. nailed one his first try a week ago!

    Prashant, that is the best line ever!

    Mark, you were a novelist in another life.

  • Travis

    I get most of them at shirt.woot.com but you have to be fast to get them most of the time as they are there for only one day. For all the wine peeps out there you should check out wine.woot.com. My favorite shirt (gluten for punishment) actually came from tshirthell.com be careful though most of these shirts are NSFW.

  • Mark L.

    I am what I am.
    Mountain: are we on?

  • jordan k

    strict press at 6 am:

    135×3, 155×3, 165×3, 175×3, 185×2

  • Suzie

    Sorry to have missed this morning! I have a 50 mile race Saturday so decided to do a “mini-taper” this week so I have some energy. I feel like I have been fighting a cold off for a few days.
    I will be back Wed as we are taking the kids to Tahoe after the race till tuesday.
    Jimmy: what was that stuff (drink) you said to try from Whole Foods when you start feeling a little under the weather?

  • Mike Erickson

    One of my favorite things to do is making my wife Karen laugh. She cracked up over that “I’m not a Rocket Surgeon” T-shirt line. Thanks!

  • Mike Erickson

    One of my favorite things to do is making my wife Karen laugh. She cracked up over that “I’m not a Rocket Surgeon” T-shirt line. Thanks!

  • Andrew

    I will be at the Santa Clara challenge. However, I will be up in the area Friday, so I will have to meet whoever is going to compete.

  • russell

    I have to give all credit to my muscle up to Brian. He coached me through it, I seriously doubt I could do it again…sort of like a 1 wood drive to the green. The body just went without thought.

    Craig: don’t mistake my deer-in-the-headlights shock for flippancy. I was just dumbfounded that i ended up on the high end of a MU.

    Brook and I made a Paleo quiche last night.

    2 Sweet italian sausage (cut the caseing off)
    2 Hot Italian sausage (cut the caseing off)
    2 Handfuls of whatever greens you like (we used Kale and one other bunch of tall prehistoric looking grass)

    10 eggs
    1 can of coconut milk (keeps it paleo)
    Whatever spices you like

    1. Pre-heat oven to 375
    2. Cook the meat in a skillet.
    3. Mix the eggs and coconut milk in a large bowl
    4. Combine meat, veggies and eggs in a pie dish or baking tin (We added cheese too)
    5. Bake for 45 min or so.
    6. Grub on some cave-tastic grinds!

    Props to this guys for this recipie…he’s got more. http://www.sonofgrok.com/category/recipes/

  • russell

    Miles: No sandbagging here…just awe at your 14:and change WOD yesterday.

  • Jeremy Jones

    What Andrew really means is that he will be whoooring himself out to another CF gym over the weekend.

    Damn CrossVestites.


    Say hi to Megan and Austin and Grace (who didn’t come to our last rumble I believe) and . . . everyone else out there.


  • Andrew

    Ha…are you not going JJ? Don’t worry, I’m will always be a DCFer. I will say hi if you don’t go.

  • Miles

    Yesterday’s workout was the only one which I gotten worse at, so I’d been doing a hundred push ups every other day just waiting for that one to come around again so I could kick it in the ass like an obsessed stalker.

  • Tamara

    Thanks again to everyone who participated in the OPD wod. Here is a video clip of the first two groups, more to come later for the rest.

  • russell

    obsessed stalker huh??? weird

  • Bryan S.

    Thanks for kickin my butt this morning Sarah. Got my strict press up to 145 for 2 reps. I was happy even though it is considered a failed set.

    I do have this to say to Jeremy….Why, why, why???? After that WOD yesterday killed all of us you throw in strict press. Oh and then Jimmy’s genius idea for Annie after the press. WTF guys. (haha I loved it all!)

  • Mark L.

    I was commenting to Jordan about how Annie, while it used to be a full WOD for us, is turning into a mini-metcon as our double unders are improving… suitable for use on strength days!

  • Jeremy Jones

    The same can be said for the 30 m/u workout. Not really a workout for those who can kill muscle ups.

    Why Bryan? Because I want everyone to realize how much you use your abs when you strict press. If you don’t, you are doing them wrong, and arching your back into a bad position.

    And because I am a “mean-sum-bitch”.


  • Laci

    The 6am class today was awesome. It reminded me that I need to get to that class more often, great people and a lot of extra work. Love it!

  • Mountain

    Craig, no joke. I really want to do 30 MU for time, and I really want you & Nick to buy me a case of beer. I haven’t done 30 MU in my life (I think about 20 total), but I know I could do it. It might be a little slow, but I could do it.

    As for the C&J/MU version of Fran, the first rep of every set of thrusters is a full squat clean & jerk. The muscle-up is the pullup taken to its logical/functional extreme. And for those who can do Fran unbroken, or at least under 5 minutes, the C&J/MU version would feel the way Fran feels the first time most people do it: 10-15 minutes, every rep a struggle, and doubts about whether you can actually finish the thing.

  • Sarah

    930 class- it’s always so cool to watch Julie throw around weight! She is my SHE-ro! Kaela, blame Jimmy for Annie!!

    1030 class- It was great to have Lynn in class, as usual! You did Annie beautifully(thanks Jimmy!)! Bryan lost his drawers doing double unders. Now you know what most of us chickies to thru except the bladder issues …… Oh, is that only me?!?!

    Nice work everyone!!!

  • Mountain

    Mark: I’ll 30 MU for time with you on Sunday at 2pm if, and only if, you run Brickyard with me that morning. I’d be happy to do the workout on Friday instead, if you can’t run Brickyard on Sunday morning. Or today, if you show up at Open Gym.

    Now, how do we get Nick & Craig to buy us beer?

  • ronnielo

    Unable to get to the shed today for WOD. So I improvised and did Tabata D.P presses with 25Lb D.B’s. Stayed strict for the 4 cycles became push presses the last 4. Started with an easy count of 24 reps and ended with an ugly 10. I followed this with Tabata versa climber fast as I could go for each cycle, it was the longest 4 mins of my life! Short not so sweet but I got er done!

  • JimmyG

    Suzie…the drink is “Synergy Kampucha” at whole foods. It makes you feel all better..
    I really like it if I start to feel something coming on with all the active enzymes in it.

    Glad everyone liked Annie…lol…like Marky said it used to be a complete WOD, but no more….DCF-ers are evolving into something new!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    D Roe and I just did “Linda” at 200 bw.

    10, 9, 8, 7. . . 3, 2, 1

    150% bodyweight deadlift (300lbs)
    100% bodyweight bench press (200lbs)
    75% bodyweight squat clean (150lbs)

    I got 59:26. My first Rx’ed Linda. F-ing bench press. All else was easy.

    Darren got 38. . ? not sure but he said it was a 40 second PR.

    Bench presses are for Lame-Os and Obsessed Stalkers.


  • kaela

    Sarah, I agree…Julie is my SHEROOOOO too!!! I dont know Jimmy, but i sure as heck dont like his selection in MINI METCONS! 🙂 as painful as it was, as always, felt great afterwords!! thanks for pushing me!

  • Mountain

    At Open Gym today, 30 muscle-ups in 5:34. Mark, let me know when you want to have a go. Nick & Craig, I know you guys never agreed to the bet, but I welcome donations of beer– bottle or case.

    Jesse came through in a big way today. First he got his first bar muscle-up. Then, he got three in a row. Then, he got 30 muscle-ups in 8:45. Craig, ya shoulda seen it.

  • Mark L.

    Way to let all the air out of my balloon at once, Mountain. Time to go back to my secret workouts, and keep my big mouth shut! 😎

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Strict Press
    165 (failed)
    160 (failed)

    Felt weak on these today. Bummer.

    10:35 as RX’d

    Sadly, thats a PR for me. I had a sub 10, easy, but friggin lost it on the round of 30 DU’s. Threw the rope, yelled, etc. One day…

  • Alex R

    Great effort in the PM classes!!! Amy and Shar both got their first double unders! Amy threw a party in the corner of the gym haha. Nice work!

    Todays WOD

    125 x 3
    135 x 3
    145 x 3
    155x 2 (Failed)
    Annie: 6:26 (PR) I’m starting to feel thos DU’s!

  • Meg H

    good article about strict press. Check it out 🙂

  • jordan k

    7 pm was just shar and prashant and they are bad mo-fo’s. shar sandbaggin sayin she cant do double unders then- on her last set of annie she does 8 in a row! prashant worked harder than anyone today and he is my new hero. 7 pm is for pimps.

  • Craig

    Ok, very impressive Mountain you bastard. That goes for Jesse too. I’ll cop for a 6 pack cause you did it so damn fast.

    Congrats JJ! Rx Linda is something to be proud of no matter the time.

    Stav, your double under issues are hilarious.

  • Craig

    By the way, I hunted down and killed a Paleo chocolate dipped vanilla cone at Dairy Queen tonight.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Agreed. My DU issues are well documented. Funny thing is I PR every time I do “Annie”. Soon, it will all be over and the kryptonite that is double-unders, will be powerless against me. Haha, anyways.

    I feel left out of the “Linda” party…seeing how thats one of my favorite WOD’s and my 2009 goal of Sub 20. Anyone care to join me in a Linda make-up party tomorrow? (that sounds funny). Mountain, nice job on the 30 MU’s for time, sub 6 is flying!

  • Prashant

    DUs are the most frustrating thing in CF. The fact that I haven’t done DUs in a WOD in more than a month didn’t help anything. Jordan and Alex are awesome motivators, thanks a lot! It really helped.

    And 7pm is only for pimps, playas, and procrastinators (hence we catch the latest class)…

  • Darren

    47 comments I love it. Remember the days of 1 to no comments. I love DCF. We are going to multiply, kill, and eat all No fit people.

    Cannibalism is Paleo right?

  • Stavros@DiabloCrossfit

    You mean 48 comments
    ; )

  • Damen

    Stavros, when are you coming in tomorrow, 4? Linda is a wod I’ve never done but I have definately been wanting to.