Why is D-Roe so sad? Because he won’t have the gym all to himself during the middle of the day anymore. . .Starting Monday April 6th,

Diablo CrossFIt will be open from 6am until 8pm EVERY WEEKDAY!

That’s right folks, the gym will be officially OPEN all the times of the day (even when there isn’t any classes going on). That means if you want to come down to get a workout in, practice some pull ups, hang out, surf the net (we do have free Wi Fi), read from our free library, use our microwave, take nap. . . or whatever – now you can!

Does that mean you can come and workout whenever you want? Technically it does, but this type of training is more for intermediate to advanced athletes who don’t mind working out by themselves. We still prefer that everyone “gets some” at our stellar classes whenever possible!



5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Bonus mini metcon to follow.

Post loads to comments.


Other BIG NEWS. . .

Monday, April 6th we are also launching the “Diablo CrossFit Elite Scholastic Athletics Program”

Diablo CrossFit E.S.A.

Professional Conditioning and Fitness Training for Amateur Athletes.

Alex Rollins, DCF Trainer, Pitching for CalAlex doing the most important weightlifting exercise for sport, , , the back squat. Jordan coaches

Every CrossFitter who played sports in their youth regularly makes the observation “If I only had CrossFit when I was young!” Now, Diablo CrossFit has developed a special program for highschool and collegiate athletes to “Get the CrossFit edge”, like we all wish we had.

Click here for more details.


And there is even more BIG NEWS to come. So make sure you back with us over the next few days and we’ll make sure to keep you posted.


Weekend Events:

‘Throwdown’ at CrossFit Santa Clara this Saturday. Be there before 11am. Free to enter. Spectators welcome! Even if you don’t have a team just show up.

Google Map to CF Santa Clara Click Here.

(it’s not even an hour away!)

Bike Ride with Jan. Meet outside the gym at 7:45am. It is a ‘no drop’ ride, so come out and have fun!

Bring your friends to CrossFit on Sunday! As usual, our 10am class is free for all new people, so bring them down and change their lives! If you don’t know anyone yet, just come down anyway. Our dedicated coaches will take good care of you.

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  • russell

    Nice pictures today.

    Darren – Great Pic. Absolutely classic.

    Jordan – You make the same O face at bat and during the deadlift. But I noticed it looks like that swing was a strike 😉

  • Mark L.

    My coworkers will be greatly annoyed with our new schedule (especially if I leave the door to my office open after mid-day). Maybe I can burn some incense without causing a building evacuation…

  • Shannon S.

    Great workout this am- it’s been a long time since Carry and I have done heavy lifting together. That girl is strong! I maxed out at 5, 95# thrusters and I think she was up to 105#! Also… nice hat, Darren. I seem to remember it being in our custody until “someone” won it at a family white-elephant Christmas present exchange (although- you wear it so well 😉

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Heavy DL’s….thanks JJ.

    For the record, I’ve done give or take 100 x 275lb. DL’s in the past 5 days. I’m really looking forward to more, honestly I am.

    Did “Linda” yesterday at open gym, I did it at 180#, although I’m not sure I weigh that much now. So, 270# DL’s, 180# BP, 135# Cleans. My previous PR was 29min @200#

    26:34 as RX’d, new PR.

    I was trashed, the bench press wrecked me way more than I thought. Most of the DL sets were unbroken. Cleans were solid until last few sets. Looking forward to my Sub20 goal by the end of the year.

  • joRDAN K

    DL’s at 0600:

    225×5, 315×5, 365×5, 385×5, 405×5

    Metcon after: 2 PR’s
    1:28 500m row
    :15.3 sec 100 m row

    feel free to beat that last one!!!!

  • Craig

    Great Linda time Stav. I dread that wod. Weighed myself yesterday: 221. Brutal Linda for me.

  • Miles

    This is probably my favorite picture so far.

  • Carry

    I just read yesterday’s comments…..BOOBS? Dave? You’re gonna pay for that one.

    “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life”

    OK…what movie is that from?

  • Mark L.

    It doesn’t take much to see that the problems of three little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.

  • Damen

    I’m excited about the new schedule, now I possibly won’t be alone for “damen’s 2pm class” . oh, and 250 squats yesterday= using the handicap rail in the bathroom to sit down today

  • Damen

    I’m excited about the new schedule, now I possibly won’t be alone for “damen’s 2pm class” . oh, and 250 squats yesterday= using the handicap rail in the bathroom to sit down today

  • Andrew

    i love squats! bring on more squats!

  • Alex Rollin

    Darren, you have a dead squirrel on your upper lip!

  • Alex Rollin

    Darren, you have a dead squirrel on your upper lip!

  • Rodil

    Who else is hitting CF Santa Clara tomorrow? So far we have Andrew, me, and….uh….?

  • ronnielo

    D-Roe picture makes me think he could double for Cheech Marin of Cheech and Chong! ” Dave’s Not here”

  • joRDAN K

    carpool to santa clara from dcf tomoro morning? anyone? hello? bueller?

  • Sarah

    I LOVE that picture! I agree with Russell and Miles! The best one so far!

    930 class- Beth and Jaz both PR’d today with #190 deadlifts! Strong is beautiful!
    Vicki and Shar worked together today and pushed eachother to the limit today. Great teamwork, girls! Thanks for the push Stav and Bryan!

    1030 class- both Meg and Tami PR’d as well! I believe Matthew followed the trend with a PR! It is so great to see everyone reaching for the sky!

    Missed Miss Julie….heal already! Hahaha!

  • Second best guy at CSC

    You guys best bring your best game to santa clara! CROSSFIT SANTA CLARA!!! NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex R

    Haha they sent their 2nd best guy to tell us to bring our best

  • Rick

    dude you dont want none of there first best… i hope dcf represents though…

  • Andrew

    Rick….are you talking to yourself? =P

    Come on people! You only need to drive to Rodil’s! He’ll drive from there

  • Alex R

    I know, his butt hole* is in our wall. He’s a freak

  • Rick

    you caught on…

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    First of all. I’m one proud husband, for many reasons, one of them is seeing Jasmine pull a 190lb. DL today at the 0930 class. Awesome job babe!

    I did a double-WOD at 0930

    12:30 as RX’d (I did 21 OHS the 1st RD, oops!)

    Then I visited my old friend…

    7:34 as RX’d

    I did 45 DU’s in a row to start, amazing. So stoked!

    Oh, then I stopped by DCF at 4pm while on a bike ride with the kids for some DL action.

    5x 365#, failed on 405#. Good times.

  • Damen

    Is there an award for worst deadlift form?

  • Damen

    Is there an award for worst deadlift form?

  • Nick

    What are you trying to say? I didn’t work out today

  • Jordan

    Rodil post ur adress. I’m on board! Don’t worry I’m not gonna use it later to stalk you….I swear…..

  • Rodil

    Hi Jordan – here’s my address:

    8627 Shamrock Place in Dublin. My house is at the end of the court.

    I plan to leave about 9:45 am. See you then.

  • Mountain

    225×5, 245×5,245×5, and 265×5. I only did four sets because I’m a wuss. And because Jeremy showed me video of my form on the fourth set, and it was ugly. Not Darren/Damen ugly, but ugly.

    Sorry, Jordan, but you only did four sets. If you can do 405×5, then 225 is a warmup set. It is not your first set of five. I didn’t count the 135 or 185 sets I did, and you shouldn;t count 225.

    Finally, did Jackie this evening with Jeremy. He got 6:42 (1 second PR), and I got 7:09 (15 second PR). She may be your girlfriend, Craig, but she keeps ending up with me.

  • Damen

    Nick, ask JJ, I think I’ve got you beat

  • Nick

    I dropped my weight 100 plus to work on form…. I don’t think this is a good contest

  • Nick

    Nice Stav keep up those DLs

  • sakura @ crossfit solano

    Just wanted to invite everyone to our Tribute/Fundraiser WOD on Saturday, 11 April 2009. It will be for the four fallen OPD officers lost on March 21, 2009.

    Heats will be at 8am, 9am and 10am. We are asking for a $10 donation from the participants. Donation info is on our site if you would still like to donate but can’t attend.

    For more info, please visit our site. I’ve also sent out FB invites for those on my FB. If you would like to attend and participate in the WOD, please post to our comments to help with the head count.