090406 MONDAY “Running Angie”

+++Diablo CrossFit Open Full Time Today!+++

This picture is for Dave

Holly, Shannon and Carry after the “Brickyard” race Sunday (not pictured, Mountain, Hylie and Tami). After some recent comments they decided to only wear their numbers.

Admit it. You enlarged the photo.

Workout: “Running Angie”

For time.

100 pull ups

Run 400m

100 push ups

Run 400m

100 sit ups

Run 400m

100 squats

Run 400m

Post time to comments.



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Make sure you sign up for “Introduction to Elite Nutrition Workshop” by emailing jeremy@diablocrossfit.com or stavros@diablocrossfit.com.

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  • Big Dave

    Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhh !!!!

    A great pic Shannon Holly and Cary

  • Big Dave

    Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhh !!!!

    A great pic Shannon Holly and Cary

  • JimmyG

    Running Angie huh………Grinder but no complaints from 6am!!
    My dear friend Rayegon from Hawaii joined us this morning..I think she loved it!!
    She just moved back to the Bay and I’m sure we’ll see more of her.
    Great job Marnie..your grin after every WOD makes me love this stuff!!

    Jamie and JJ… I have your GeneWize answer from Fri, at home..I’ll post it later..Had to do some research.

  • JimmyG

    Ohhhhh and Holly, Shannon and Carry….you ladies look great, but I had to put my sunglasses on to enjoy…Lets get some sun on those……for time!! lol

  • Donna D.

    You’re right Jimmy….this workout was a GRINDER!! Whose idea was this?? (To add the 400 m between each set?? ) JJ????
    Glad I had my sweet potatoe and scoop of protein powder ready to micro immediately after the workout….Thank you Stav! That was actually pretty yummy!
    Yvonne- thank you for the word on the organic veggies delivered to my door…love it! But what do I do with “parsley”???? Any suggestions out there? I thought parsley was a garnish…am I supposed to add it to a salad or what? HELP!!

  • Carry

    Thank you Hylie for hanging with my slowness on the run….just to so guys know, Hylie would have smoked that run if she hadn’t stopped to coach me on how to run and breath! Lots of work to do.

  • ronnielo

    OK whats the trick to running and breathing Hylie? I would really appreciate any suggestions you have!

  • luca z.

    Carry’s got guns!!!!!

  • HarveyS

    Old to CrossFit – New to the gym though. Awesome workout today. Gotta love it when 400 or 800m runs are intoduced into one of the girls.Running Fran had to be the worst I’ve done to date…but this was a grinder for sure. Thanks again.

  • HarveyS

    Old to CrossFit – New to the gym though. Awesome workout today. Gotta love it when 400 or 800m runs are intoduced into one of the girls.Running Fran had to be the worst I’ve done to date…but this was a grinder for sure. Thanks again.

  • ronnielo

    Damn I was to busy looking at the numbers to notice that those fine ladies have arms!:)

  • Bryan S.

    We have Sarah to thank for the lovely WOD today. Great group at 9:30 this morning. Darren nailed the WOD even though it was his second of the day and Julie was a true inspiration doing the pistol squats and rowing. What are they feeding to you fire fighters?

  • Craig

    Hilarious pic, girls. This thing may never end…as Carry alluded.

    Great news from our meeting today with the P.H. City Manager and Director of Public Works and Community Development and Pleasant Hill: Diablo CrossFit has been granted an extended “stay of execution” in lieu of a long, arduous and expensive battle to change zoning laws in our favor.

    We will be able to operate in our current space for 18 more months until the end of 2010 (approximately – based upon official notification).

    This period of time will allow us to thrive and out grow our current space.

    Thank you everyone for your help, support and contribution. DCF literally would have died without it.

  • Mountain

    Honestly, I was a little angry when I saw “Running Angie.” Of course, that’s because I thought the runs would be 1 mile instead of 400m. Once I realized the runs were only 400m, I felt a lot better.

    This makes two weekends in a row that Tami has done a race with no specific preparation, and won her age group. She just kills it with her general fitness.

  • sarah

    Bryan is right! Julie is an inspiration to all of us! 930 class rocked it! Full of fire breathers! To see Vicki grinding out her push ups and getting up to run with a smile?!?!? STUD!!

    Meg rook off 5 mins from her pull ups and still had beautiful form on her push ups!! Kaela is awesome! She PR’d with a puke break! 1030 class was running strong! Great work from Paula as well!

    Holly, Carry, and Shannon! Great job! Great pic! You all have lovely eyes!

  • Hylie

    Carry…thanks for the props. =} That was fun.

  • kaela

    ahhh this WOD is BRUTAL! still had an amazing time w/ the 1030 class! keep up the awesome work and inspiration everyone

  • Tami

    Now that Shannon, Carry, Hylie and Holly know the 2 mile turn around point I’ll be looking at their backsides as they cross the finish line in front of me next year. I’m sure they all had negative split times on the second half. Shannon was running like she was shoot out of a cannon on the way back. Next year…

  • Hylie

    There was NO catching you Tami! You blasted that race!

  • Andrew

    congrats on the race gals (and Mountain)!!

  • Shannon S.

    Thanks for the props, Tami… but I was just trying to pace with Holly. She’d speed up- so I assumed she wanted us to run faster, so I’d speed up- and she’d assume I wanted us to run faster… vicious circle! Ps- do you know of any websites that list all the local races? I’d love to get a few more fun-runs in… that was a blast!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    Check out Active.com for local race stuff…

  • Matt... 6am

    Thats Great News Craig…..Sweet…so glad
    Thanks for the grinder Sarah….Esp after fight gone bad on saturday.
    you guys are nails..
    good times @ DCF

    Matt F

  • jordan k

    running angie is a burning sesnsation. why is running so impossible after 100 pushups?? my arms were so pumped i felt like t-rex on a jog. haha. awesome workout with not so great time. 28:57

  • Tami

    Shannon, also check out theschedule.com and onyourmark.com, both have listings of local races.

  • Jeremy Jones


    I probably could have gone faster if I hadn’t eaten a huge bowl of broccoli and chicken an hour before the workout. I kept burping every time my right foot hit on the runs.

    Finished the pull ups in 4:35, push ups in 11:00, the rest was a blur.


  • sakura

    WHOA…..*picks up jaw*

    See you guys tomorrow. =]

  • Yvonne

    Thanks to everyone!!!!!! DCF is staying put!!!!!

    Great times on the race, Mountain, Holly, Shannon, Carry, Hylie and Tami!!!

    Nice guns she devils!!! Holly nice one gun (for now)!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    New nickname for Holly?

    “One gun”


  • grace

    Craig — that’s great news for us at DCF! You and all of DCF are such B-A-D-A-S-S-E-S ! I’m so proud to be here 😉
    Gals — you are such AWESOME runners!! Sweet… ahh.. NUMBERS 🙂