090406 TUESDAY “Gymnastics Workshop May 9th”

team dumbbell relay races are fun

Mike P. doing his part for the team farmer carry sprints.


Back Squat.

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Post loads to comments.

Bonus mini metcon to follow.



Difference In Fat Storage May Explain Lower Rate Of Liver Disease In African-Americans

“Where different ethnic groups store fat in their bodies may account for differences in the likelihood they’ll develop insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center have found. . .”

Click here for complete article.



-Oakland PD Memorial WOD at CrossFit Solano Saturday. Heats start at 8am, so you will still have plenty of time to get stuff done the rest of the day. Post to comments if you plan on going

-Introduction to Elite Nutrition Workshop NEXT Tuesday night from 7pm – 9pm (NOT tonight!). . . If we get enough people, Stavros said he would wear his mullet and new shorts.

-Norcal CrossFit Qualifier is May 2nd and 3rd! Mark your calendar, start getting good sleep now. Post to comments if you have already signed up. If you haven’t yet – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?

NEW EVENT! Gymnastics Workshop/Seminar Saturday May 9th from 2 – 6pm!

The very skilled Roger Harrel and Andres De La Rosa from CrossFit Marin (these are the guys who pioneered the ‘CrossFit Gymnastics Certs’) will be coming to DCF to do a Basic Gymnastics and Parkour Workshop. This seminar will be for all skill levels and abilities, so don’t be afraid to come down and get some stellar instruction from the specialists!

For more information go to our Events Page. And sign up by emailing jeremy@diablocrossfit.com Space is limited, so you should probably sign up right away to reserve your spot!

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  • Jeremy Jones

    I plan on going to CF Solano on Saturday. I can’t carpool though. Anyone else going to make it?


  • Big Dave


    2 WOD’s in one day…. Never done that… I kind of like it….

    Visit 1
    Crossfit Richardson – Neat BOX located in a shopping center and John the owner allowed me to workout with his gang. I told John I was from DCF and he said “Yeah I have heard of DCF through one of my members. She went to visit her fiancés who already is a member of DCF 3 weeks ago on a Sat (sorry I could not remember the persons name other than hey are from India). Great place to visit if you are in Dallas area near Richardson.

    Visit 2
    Crossfit Strong – When I walked in to this BOX man all I could say was WWWOOOWWW!!! This BOX is 12,000sq (3x DCF size) and enough room to place at least 3 diablotrons, run 400m and still have room to work in the middle. Gale the owner was just getting off the ground as they are only 6 weeks old at this location. Got some pics to share for those interested in seeing (the BIGGEST) CF location to date. Gale plans to visit DCF during the CF games in July.

  • JimmyG

    JJ, Jamie…..back to the DNA thing….
    How does the supplement formula makers (GeneWize) know what your current diet consists of? What if you are already getting enough (or even too much) of a particular vit/mineral?

    Genewize does not know what your current diet is – The specific formula that you receive is tailored to your gene deficiencies – regardless of your lifestyle/diet. It’s like you start deficient and your formula gets you neutral or balanced. Once you have your formula, you may need additional supplementation (vitamins/minerals) depending on what else may be going on with you. The average person probably doesn’t need any additional ingredients and likely can stop taking all of their other multi vitamins, minerals etc. Caution though – if they have any concern, they should bring their list of ingredients to their doctor for review. Almost all of the feedback on this is their doctor is very impressed and typically will advise them to stop their other vitamin regimes.

    In order to help those varieties in our lifestyles, Genewize has been working on specific “boosts” for the variances. There’s a weight loss, extreme athlete, women’s and men’s, immune, boosts as well as several more that will be coming out soon, including a pediatric version.

  • Jasmine

    Jimmy…. no baby yet????? I am thinking of you guys a bunch and your sweet wife waiting for your miracle to come. Please give us the update when your little one decides to join us in this world!

    Blessings to you on this birthing journey and all that is to come:)

  • jordan k

    fight fit was awesome! marnie is an awesome workout partner. we were pushing each other to the max. also donna got a new PR on back squats after class. She got up to 135×5. pretty damn impressive. no med ball either. nice work.

  • jordan k

    fight fit was awesome! marnie is an awesome workout partner. we were pushing each other to the max. also donna got a new PR on back squats after class. She got up to 135×5. pretty damn impressive. no med ball either. nice work.

  • Donna D.

    Feeling awesome today!! I’m REALLY sore in my upper body today from ‘Running Angie” yesterday….With JORDAN’S HELP, I was able to knock out a 135lb back squat for 5 reps….my PR! WOOHOO!! He encouraged me NOT to use the med. ball and to get used to that feeling of dropping the hips BELOW paralell (sp?) and standing to a FULL extention…that little tweking in my form made all the difference!! THANK YOU JORDAN! MAN, I LOVE MY DCF FAMILY!!!!
    Shanda- I look forward to meeting you at 4pm open gym to do some rowing…..goal for today: 500m / 1:50……… PR to date: 500m / 1:53

  • Shannon

    Jimmy- thanks for another butt-kicking class… first time doing Fight Fit and now I can see why your regular 0600 peeps are getting PR’s on a daily basis! And if I thought I was sore getting out of bed this morning (following a weekend of Mt. Diablo, a running race, Nancy, heavy thrusters, rowing, and Running Angie)… I know I have a whole other thing coming to me tomorrow thanks to the punching bags and SDHPs!

  • Prashant

    Dave, that would be me. I know, its tough to differentiate between me and all the other Indians at DCF (jk).

    In a couple weeks my fiancee is moving up here so I think she’ll be a DCF regular as well.

  • Big Dave

    Thank you Prashant for clearing the naming up for me.

  • luca z.

    Nice work today and many PRs each class has at least two, from the 8 o’clock with Ron and Chris, Ron has some lower back problem so he did Presses and went from 105 to 130, Chris back squat form is not there yet so he did deadlifts and went from 275 to 335, poor Margaret came in after work with no sleep and she did great still, in the 9:30 class Vickie went from 55 to 105 for two nice work I think Andrew hit a PR I’m not sure but hi did 225 for 2 at 160 bodyweight that’s awesome, good work to Terry too, Tami hit a personal best in the 10:30 from 95 to 105, Tristin did great on her first BS so did Jamie a and Jenny P. Kaela is strong but she needs to work on her form so she kept it light, nice bunch of athletes, good times!!!!

  • Bryan S.

    Not very many comments today. Hard to get excited about doing squats but remember this movement is one of the corner stones of Crossfit. Master it and reap the benefits. I had to re-tool my squat motion after my cert class and I have since seen increases in depth, balance and flexibility. My weight is lower than before, but I was also only doing what would be an above parallel squat. Can’t wait to get in there today and continue the progress.

  • Andrew

    I said I liked squats last week, but man, I’m rethinking that. 150 squats on Thursday, 100 on Sat, another 100 last night and then back squats today. I’m about squatted out.

    Today’s sets

    185 x 5
    205 x 5
    225 x 2
    215 x 5
    215 x 5

    Not a PR, since I have done 235 when we did 5 sets of 3

  • JimmyG

    Jaz…thank you for your kind words. We’ve tried everything and it just doesn’t want to come out. Who could blame it with this crazy world we’re bringing it into!!
    I’m now convinced it won’t come out until Housing prices go back up, gas goes down and we have world peace.
    It really should come out and join us at 6am though!!

    Shannon…glad you like hitting the bags and FightFit..We always have a blast and I hope to see more of your incredible work ethic in there more often. Hubby too!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    WOD today at SRFD St.

    Warm Up: 500m Row 1:33.5

    Shoulder press

    Push press

    Push Jerk
    155(5)-165(5)-got a call, DNF

    Still feeling fatigued since the 50# DB’s at the OPD WOD. Really wanting to work on upper body/shoulder strength and get my SP and Bench Press numbers better.

  • joRDAN K

    some rowing fun during open gym.

    100 m row sprint- 15.3 sec, 14.9, 14.4 (All PR’s!)

    DONNA and CHANDA!!! where were u? i rowed all by my lonesome self! haha next time for sure.

  • Bryan S.

    Great showing at the 5, 6 and 7pm classes. Lots of PR’s tonight. Make sure you all post your weight and reps in the logs. If you have no idea what logs I am referring to just ask JJ at the gym. I also wanted to compliment all the athletes from tonight that were able to take a step down on the weight and help build the proper form. Once the form is solid the weight gains will be awesome. Great Job Everyone!! Lets hope JJ is kind for the WOD tomorrow.

  • Mountain

    I’m thinking of a workout:

    1x clean & jerk (overhead anyhow)
    1x overhead squat

    30 rounds for time.

    Same weight for both exercises. The RX would be 135#men/95#women, but I’d probably have to do 115# at this point. I think “Nancy Grace” would be a good name. Mark, any interest in doing this at Open Gym?

    I think Jeremy, Stavros, and Craig would kill this one.

  • Mark L.

    Maybe, Mountain… Heavy OHS not so good for my repaired shoulder, though. Back squat instead of OHS might be fun, though (coming straight from the C&J into the BS).
    Had fun tonight at the 6pm with Bryan S. Nick and I have been working on my garage the past couple days. I have a whole new appreciation for people who work with their hands all day THEN coming to the gym!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Mountain – The workout could be called “isabel on top of Grace” or something like that.


  • jordan k

    i have a suggestion for tomorow….GRACE. or maybe grace. or grace could be cool. either way its all good.

  • Mountain

    Hey Mark, the back squat sub is a reasonable suggestion, but I’m already planning a different workout w/ back squats: 21-15-9 of bodyweight back squats & muscle ups.

    And I love Jordan’s suggestion for tomorrow’s workout..

  • Andrew

    Is Grace…30 135# clean and jerks? And Mountain, stop with your crazy WODs!

  • Prashant

    “isabel on top of Grace” – I think I saw that on the internet once.