Stretching before a workout, or new dance class?

Workout: Team Workout!

2 partners working as a team. 1 person works out at a time, the other provides encouragement and counts reps. You’ll want to trade off as soon as the person who is working out gets tired. Each athlete needs to get at least 5 repetitions in for each exercise each round (no “hogging the movements”)

60 double unders (share the rope if you have to)

40 push presses with 95lb or 65lb barbell

100m walking lunges with 25lb dbs or 15lb dbs

As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes.

(If doing it by yourself, do half the reps/distance as many rounds as possible in 20 min).

Post number of rounds completed to comments.

(first posted on diablocrossfit November 22nd, 2008)


Pizza vending machines?!

(I am distressed and yet vaguely hungry at the same time when I see this video -jj)



20% of preschoolers are obese, study says

“A striking new study says almost 1 in 5 American 4-year-olds is obese, and the rate is alarmingly higher among American Indian children, with nearly a third of them obese.

Researchers were surprised to see differences by race at so early an age. . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Big Dave

    5 am workout in Dallas TX

    Now that makes it 3 am PST…

    YEAH!!!! call me C R A Z Y but damn I am loosing weight with these early morning workouts.

    25lbs in 8 months with DCF… a thank you to all the trainers to help me accomplish my weight loss. More to come.

    OHHH I can’t forget the WIFE who feeds me the ZONE diets (A REALLY BIG PART OF THE LOSS) while I’m at home…

    Finished 6 2/3 rounds in 20 mins doing the single man workout.

  • Donna D.

    Taking a REST DAY! After the last three days of hittng it hard……Rest is a GOOD thing! Much needed!!! I’ll see my DCF friends tomorrow!!
    Oh, about the “Pizza Machine”……THAT”S DISGUSTING!!! EWWWWW!!

  • Ruiner @ KoreaSmellsFunny

    That’s like a diabetes vending machine…oh wait, I mean ANOTHER diabetes machine.

    Back to zoning hardcore for the first time since getting to Korea. Feeling great. Actually noticing a little more leanness in areas with less fat, chubby areas are still chubby. I have to be patient. Been continuing to make strength gains weekly. I haven’t done a dotcom WOD since I got here though. Just Tabata squats, Pistols, One armed pushups, and Handstand pushups. All my met con has been sprinting. Our track is really poorly designed. 400M is like 2.25 laps. I hate it. I hit that first lap and instinctively want to stop…have to tell myself to shut up and keep running though.

    It’s always encouraging to see all the hard work coming out of the Shed. It’s easier to gut it out through a set of 400’s with Craig screaming in the back of my mind “Run Mikey, you’re just a Pup, you shouldn’t be tired yet!!!”

    Be good, and if you can’t…name it after me,

  • Darren

    Nice Mike. I have been doing lots of sprints too. I love them, my long distance running has improved a ton. Good job keep it, brother.

  • JimmyG

    Great 6am class. Didn’t think we would have the time for the team WOD so we did individual. Then a 400m cool down. The 6am crew is so tight we damn near share a beer after a WOD…..Oh wait we already do that…lol.. Yes 6am is crazy!! and we love it.
    Good times at DCF!!!

  • matt..6am

    See all you crazy 6am peeps on Monday…
    Im going fishing for a few days.
    and need a rest.


  • Yvonne

    It is sad to see this article about obese 4 year olds!!!!!!!
    Kid’s portions are huge, kids are not playing outside as much (TV, computers, video games, parent’s afraid) and all this processed crap. It all needs to change before we see a difference. Starting with getting rid of commercials on kid’s shows and stop using SpongeBob type characters on processed foods!!!! They need stickers of SpongeBob SquarePants on fruits and veggies.

  • luca z.

    I know I know pizza is not paleo, but nothing beats a great italian pizza made to order, if you haven’t tried it there you don’t know what I mean, and you are missing out, I get my fill every time I go home, it’s just too good, the vending machine ,now it’s just wrong.

  • Ruiner @ KoreaSmellsFunny

    Problem is there’s far too many apathetic parents. If they don’t give a crap about what they eat, why would they care what their kids eat. Diabetic parents in homes being taken care of by their diabetic children…Processed food takes away from the parents responsiblity to COOK food for their offspring therefore reducing personal responsibility. Anything that diminishes personal responsibility is definately a bad thing or at best, heading in the wrong direction.

    I think though with Crossfit taking the world by storm people will start noticing our quality of life (minus the time it takes to do Fran or Murph) is far higher than theirs. I would even argue that in light of the mental and/or spritual strengthening that occurs, even…no, ESPECIALLY during our WODS we are in a state of well-being that handilly surpasses the common man.

    Yes, Crossfitters are strong indeed.

  • Ruiner @ KoreaSmellsFunny

    It’s 0140 Thursday here, I don’t know why I’m still awake.

    Goodnight/Morning everyone.

  • Ruiner @ KoreaSmellsFunny

    HAHAHAHA, sorry, i lied. One more post.


    This is hilarious. I love the IF Life…and Modern Forager…man, they got a good thing goin over there.

  • joRDAN K

    this WOD is badASS. jimmy decided to go with 45lb dumbbells for lunges. worst idea of all time. thanks man. my legs are screaming at you. 6am is the best class ever. all you kitty cats are missin out on some good times. yeah we chug beers afterwards. no big deal. by the way if you’ve never drank a beer after a WOD- itis the most refreshing thing in this world! give it a shot. you’ve earned it.

  • sarah

    930 peeps rocked the workout today! Beth and Jenny did 4 rounds with beautiful form!Tami and Nicole did 5 1/2 rounds!! Julie and Terry both did 4 rounds with tough mods!! Nice work, crew!! Kaela- your not allowed to be at the gym for a couple of days!! Get well! Your body deserves a bit of rest!

    1030 class- Mel and Hector are an amazing team as are Mountain and Dan! Dan you are savage! BTW, watch out for Mel…..she’s STRONG! …and you know what we say here about that!

  • jamie

    Anyone want to hold Jax so that I can do the workout at 6pm today? Looks like a great workout!

  • Mountain

    After the WOD, did the thruster portion of Jackie. 50x 45lb thrusters in 1:48.

  • Shannon

    Bummed I missed my new 0600 crew and the crazy WOD. It would have been day-6 in a row and I thought I needed a little rest (especially after my first Fight Fit yesterday!). I’ll be back tomorrow, though! Ps- Big Dave- you’re right… diet is so crutial. I just feel greasy and irritable when I get too much refined crap in my system.

    Ps- does anyone know of any supplements (besides prenatal vitamins… I’ve tried those with no luck) to get hair to grow out faster? Last week too much of my hair was cut off when I went in for a trim!!

  • grace

    I love DCF/Xfit — it’s like an island of sanity against the diabetogenic world out there!!!!

    Hi Shannon,

    Hair does great with (should notice diffs in 2-4wks):
    –Biotin (a B-vitamin)
    –Magnesium, Zinc
    –Vitamin D !!! (you can obtain a blood test from your doc later in 1-2mos — aim for [25-hydroxy-D]=75 ng/ml for optimal hair…and MUSCLES)
    –Sleep, recovery, low carbing

    Beer before 12pm? Is that your secret *haa*? Beer has too much gluten for me… I’m switching to sake and patrone’s only. 🙂

    -Grace (like Holly, a pharmacist, can u tell?)

  • Damen

    I’ve never had a beer after a WOD, what about a beer after a night of heavy drinking when you wake up? Same thing? And damn Dave, you’ve dropped a lot, and I bet your a hell of a lot more fit than most people your age, probably more fit than most people my age as well.

  • Adam

    Due to the lovely City of Oakland spending way outside their means, I will be at the 10:30 classes Thursday and Friday this week because we have furlough days (unpaid holidays) at work. Looking forward to working out with some new peeps.
    I’ll be at the 6pm class tonight.

  • Craig

    Dave, Damen just called you “old.”

    We miss you Mikey and love your comments. Sprints are the next best thing to CF. Strength gains weekly? You are a pup.

    Shannon: 6AM CrossFit followed by a beer will make you grow hair.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Hair on your chest maybe. . .

    And Grace – A sake and Petron cocktail sounds pretty damn good. Post workout. . . not so much. I usually roll with a nice hard cider.

    One thing that I have noticed in the past was when I eat more gelatin my hair and nails grow more quickly.

    The problem is that most of the ‘jell-o’s out there either have a ton of sugar or artificial sweeteners in them.

    Try “cutting” the sugar or art sweeteners with ‘unflavored’ gelatin. It will still taste good, and you’ll get more gelatin for your buck (besides – who eats jell-o for the taste? it is really the texture we all love).


  • Carry

    I think folic acid will also make your hair and nails grow faster.

  • luca z.

    So Grace are you telling me that if I take all those thing my hair will grow back?
    I’m on it, F.U. hair restoration, welcome gelatin, JJ do you think that if I eat it and spread it on my head it’ll work even better?

  • grace

    Ruiner — hang in there dude!! Miss your big grin around here… *ha*

    Jello… how did we get to… jello… Jeremy are you stealing Jax ‘s JELLO…??

    Luca — I like your warrior head!! Don’t change it! 🙂

  • grace

    Ruiner — hang in there dude!! Miss your big grin around here… *ha*

    Jello… how did we get to… jello… Jeremy are you stealing Jax ‘s JELLO…??

    Luca — I like your warrior head!! Don’t change it! 🙂

  • Mark L.

    So… the compromising shot of Yvonne completely escaped everyone’s comments. I’ll correct that, now. 😎
    Those “bird dog” exercises have really helped me stabilize my back. Last night, I subbed 30, 30, 30 for the 5, 5, 5, 5, 5 we did. My back didn’t even comment. I’m getting close to throwing some real weight on and hitting it hard, again, I think.
    Rest day for me, today, though. I’ll catch up with y’all tomorrow night!
    On the obese preschoolers thing, listening to talk radio (Nick’s handyman favorite 810), I heard an interesting comment. “It must be something in the way the food corporations manufactures our food, or maybe the public school food programs; maybe it’s the high fructose corn syrup! It just CAN’T be the parents! There can’t be THAT many bad parents out there!” Hmmm… are people feeding your kids without your knowledge or consent? How is THAT good parenting?

  • Katie W

    Shannon- Some of my clients have been taking biotin supplements and their hair is growing faster. Something to try. On average, hair grows half an inch a month.

  • Mountain

    I did the workout Darren wrote on the whiteboard, which I thought was the 2nd workout of the day at the Australasian Qualifiers:

    21 burpees
    21 pullups
    run 400m

    15 burpees
    15 pullups
    run 400m

    9 burpees
    9 pullups
    run 400m

    I managed a 9:20. Then, I checked the Australasian Qualifiers page (which I should have done beforehand), and saw that the 400m intervals were rows, not runs. So now I have to do the workout over again. But not tonight. Maybe Friday, maybe this weekend.

    Sorry about that interruption. Back to the beer & Jell-o.

  • sarah

    Sorry about the late post, everyone!

    5pm class- Wicked ,savage group! From watching Carry and Holly share push presses to watching Jasmine and Meg roll through double unders! Lindsey and Steph also an amazing team!! Nice work from all!

    6pm class-Andrew and Danny were right behind Scott and Adam with 3rnds +50+ double unders and Scott and Adam? 4+30 double unders!

    7pm class-Filip grinded through this one SOLO… Tough man! Then we had Prashant and Kurtis with 3 1/3 rnds and Josh F. and Kristine with 4 rnds…this was a fun one(not my idea!)!

    I gotta say one thing though…If i had a gold star it would have been to Kurtis! To see him gutting through walking lunges and know he could have stopped a lunge short BUT turned to the side to finish up and make sure he got all 50m of walking lunges in???? PRICELESS!!! Keep it up!!

  • grace

    Folic acid is great too!
    (as Jimmy might say — if his hands aren’t too busy now! some individuals don’t have a genetic capacity (MTHFR polymorphs) to activate B-vitamins incl folate. an activated folic acid (like TMG) might be more effective)