+++Regular Schedule this weekend (Good Friday and Easter Sunday). Come workout. God would want you to.+++

Ron and Kaela give the universal post workout X-Fit symbol

Ron and Kaela, two more of Diablo CrossFit’s satisfied customers.

Workout: For time.

21 – 15 – 9

Burpees (chest to floor every rep)

135lb Hang Power Cleans (scale down if necessary)

GHD sit ups (touch the floor every rep, scale to abmat sit ups if necessary)

Post time to comments.



“The whipping cream, butter, vegetable oil diet helps reduce seizures”

“. . .Their approach has been effective, as seen in an as yet unpublished study of 43 patients at Children’s Hospital, between the ages of twelve months and 15 years. Of these children who started on the ketogenic diet between 2002 and 2006, half had a greater than 90 percent reduction in seizure frequency. . .

“The carbohydrate-restricted ketogenic diet also requires strong parental support, according to Zupec-Kania. “Fat comprises between 80 and 90 percent of the diet’s calories and is provided by foods such as whipping cream, butter and vegetable oils. The remaining calories are allocated to essential protein requirements from meat and fish, and secondarily to low-carbohydrate vegetables and fruit,” she says. “The elimination of carbohydrate-rich foods such as simple sugars, bread, pasta, cereals grains and milk makes this diet difficult for many patients to follow.”. . . “

Click here for complete article.

(I find it interesting that they make such a big deal out of how hard the diet was, and how detrimental it can be to you health when there are entire societies -see Inuit, etc- that have lived on animals alone for thousands of years. . . In fact, I know people who have lived on this diet personally, and they have had no “side effects” -jj).

Post thoughts to comments.



Oakland Police Memorial Workout at CrossFit Solano this Saturday (CrossFit Vallejo is also helping host)! It should be a great time, and an easy way to show your support to those who serve behind the shield every day. Try not to miss it!

The Nutrition Workshop roster is filling up fast, you better email jeremy@diablocrossfit.com or stavros@diablocrossfit.com to reserve your spot right away.

The CrossFit NorCal Qualifiers are May 2nd and 3rd, and we expect EVERYONE from the gym to come cheer on our competitors. At last year’s CF Games, we had one of the largest groups from any gym (and we only had 1/3rd of the number of people). You can see pictures from last year’s event by clicking here (as well as pictures of myself 20lbs fatter).

This year, I want at least 3 times as many people from The Shed.

Post to comments if you are going to the NorCal Qualifiers as either a competitor or as an athlete.

Also – Don’t forget to reserve a spot for our Gymnastics Workshop on May 9th!

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  • luca z.

    That’s their way to say” WE LOVE YOU LUCA!!!” that’s how the 8 o’clock class roll

  • Miles

    I miss the mustaches. That is all.

  • JimmyG

    Sooooo…cramping has started. I think we’ll have a new DCF-er tonight or tomorrow!!
    So glad little babyG didn’t make me miss 6am class!

    Marnie , Michelle, Suzie, and Shannon were beating the heck out of the bags today.
    It’s crazy to see how Marnie and Michelle started w/ a pitty pat, patty cake on the bags and now they hit it hard! Really hard!…We all split a beer after, tea party style….

    If the baby is a girl I wanted to name her Fran or Helen….Kelly wasn’t going for it…lol

  • Shannon S

    Apparently Jimmy is an evil crossfit genius. He neglected to post his fight fit combo: bag punches, bag combo, ring rows, jump rope, row, box jumps (in that order)… did I forget anything?

    Ps- what about Annie or Angie if it’s a girl…? Boy: I think you should go with Murph (as the first name)

  • One Gun

    If we are sticking with WOD names Jimmy, I see Kelly going for something a little more elegant such as Grace or Joshua myself.

    Carry and I had a blast with the team WOD yesterday, 61/3 rounds thanks to her amazing DUs which rival Jordan’s. We feel we work even harder during the team workouts because we don’t want to let the other down. Sooooo sweaty afterwards.

    Are we doing a DCF dinner this month?

  • Mark L.

    I vote for “Jimmy”! You should be thinking about a WOD with bag combos in his name. Jax needs someone to rival his WOD:

  • Andrew

    I will be at the qualifiers taking pics and being a Crossvestite, cheering on both DCF and CFU! Have fun this weekend all, I will be in Tahoe and will be trying to WOD in the thin air! See you all on Monday

  • Jeremy Jones

    New jump rope rule at the gym:

    You are allowed to break one jump rope accidentally per workout. We ask that you please donate $5 to replace it.

    If you break two, you WILL pay $10 for the two you broke, and then sub burpees for the rest of the workout.

    (i.e. you better learn to do D.U. better)

    And I better not see any more people “shortening” the long black handled jump ropes. by tying knots in them. Of the 5 broken ropes I found yesterday, 4 had knots in them.

    BTW – tying two knots in the jump rope only makes it a couple inches longer than the green handled ones. Just change your grip, and learn to use the green ones.


  • luca z.

    Nice classes today every one gave their best, I had my athletes do the newbie wod as a by in, Chris, Ron and Lynn did for time and they all improved, the most impressive was Lynn with over a minute better than last time, one more fire breather in the making and one more spouse kicking her significant other’s butt in the gym. Great work from all and I liked Jaime C and Grace l. faces after a they realized how easier it was, with better form, to clean the weight, jumping the bar up instead of curling it, technique it’s a beautiful thing, good work to all and I’ll see you on Saturday

  • JimmyG

    LOL…Shannon……, can’t name the baby Murphy, cause we already have a dog with that name…
    Marky……That Jax WOD has hard core..JJ made that WOD hard because of how Jax was treating his mommy from in the womb. Kelly’s prego has been really easy so in honor of babyG it might have to be a rest day…lol
    On the other habd a wod w/ a few of my favorite things would be really fun.

  • sarah

    A WOD with some of Jimmy’s favorite thing……..aaawwwww man! Would it include 50″ box jumps?!?! I better train a bit harder!

    Good luck Jimmy!! Give Kelly our love!! Olie and Jax are gonna have a new playmate soon!! BTW, next time we see you have Olie show you her Burpees! She started doing them 2 days ago! Too funny! I think she just likes licking the floor and saying YAY!!!

  • Carry

    I miss Luca’s classes….Someday I’ll make it to one again. Someday. 🙁

  • Carry

    When we do the DCF Girls calandar….Olive will have to be our cover girl. I’m thinking a picture of her hanging from the pull-up bar?

  • luca z.

    We sure did have some good times back then Carry, with Shannon, Brian,Holly, Doug and the others that dared to come to the 8 o’clock class at the old Shed.

  • Suzie

    Thanks for another great workout this morning Jimmy. (And the beer) I was afraid when I got my coffee they might smell my breath! HA!

    Also…my kids were beating the daylights out of each other with my new gloves.

    Keep us posted on the baby front…I sure hope for Kelly’s sake the baby has a small head and narrow shoulders. 🙂

  • Craig

    Best to you and Kelly, Jimmy.

    8:23 at 16:00h today with Stav and Bryan. Stav is just a machine – finished at 5:24 – two burpees to my one. Almost caught Bryan with the power cleans but couldn’t finish the job.

    Good wod JJ.

  • Mark L.

    What a great WOD! We did a fun runners vs. rowers race for a warm up, then some extended back support isometrics, some stretching, and skill demos on power cleans and GHD. The 7pm class conned me into joining them, and I posted a 9:56RX (#2 for the regular classes). Boy those power cleans felt heavy. At least the burpies were easy for me.
    I saw GREAT improvement in a lot of people in their power clean form as the WOD progressed. Funny how fatigue teaches you efficiency (due to necessity).
    Anyhow, of the 5, 6, 7pm classes, Nick Jones was the fastest RX at 8:54. Of course, Nick demoed and carried over 2,000 pounds of debris during a home remodel, today, so adjusted for that, it was actually a 5:23.

  • Nick

    Craig you got me by 30 seconds. I know that just made your day.
    good wad today
    The strawberry’s from A&E are amazing
    Good luck to Jimmy and Kelly

  • Amy

    I heard Jeff did a muscle-up or two today. What else is he doing while I’m not there to keep tabs????
    What kind of influence are you, Mark;>)?

  • kaela

    we were so angy at you after that work out luca!!! but its true, we do love you

  • Yvonne

    BTW, vitamins and whatever you plan on taking to make your hair grow faster will also grow hair everywhere else on your body, face, nose, ears, hands, feet, all the places you don’t want hair to grow. I have seen it in my old profession.

    DCF dinner will probably not happen until June, sorry.

    I miss everyone!!! My back is getting better a little bit everyday. The thought of doing GHD sit ups today made me cringe.

  • Craig

    That is one of my favorite pictures!! Awesome.

  • damen

    First WOD since last friday, been sick as a sick dog. Didn’t feel 100% but that was a fun one. 9:53 RX. I swear I was getting MalePMS from not being able to workout.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I agree, great WOD. Fun to workout with Craig again, and Bryan S. always pushes hard.

    Aslo, we’re a few weeks out from the qualifiers, for those who are competing. It’s time start thinking about tapering until the games. Maybe 4 WOD’s next week, 3 the following, and super light beforehand. You want to come in ready to bring 100%, don’t train and come in fatigued. Take care of yourself, sleep as much as you can, get a massage, eat some good food and some fat! Like I did tonight (yummy, Fentons!). Get ready to have a great time on May 2nd and 3rd.

  • luca z.

    Congratulations to Stephanie on completing 3 legit kipping pull-ups today, another of my ex 8 o’clockers at the old Shed, she was moving some good iron back then.

  • Mark L.

    Holy crap, Amy! How the hell did I forget that?! So, Jeff does one muscle up which I only saw out of the corner of my eye. Then, I went over and had him try again. He didn’t quite get that one, so he was about to give up. Then he got pissed off and MADE HIMSELF DO IT. He nailed it, again! This time I was standing 2 feet away and watching closely with his kid on my knee.
    It was all about keeping those elbows in close to the body, he said.
    Welcome to the muscle up club, Jeff!

  • Mountain

    I hate you guys. You got to work out today, and I didn’t.

    See you tomorrow.

  • Darren

    I also miss the MUSTACHE

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I heart Moustouche March

    Next year…we are all F’ing in…