090410 FRIDAY

+++Sprint Practice at DVC at 11:30am, see below for details.+++


Andrew demonstrates perfect form for bailing out of an overhead lift. Herm from CrossFit Los Altos judges his form intently.


With a continuously running clock, perform one thruster the first minute, two thrusters the second minute, etc. Continue until you cannot perform the allotted number of thrusters in one minute.

Men use 115lbs

Women use 75lbs

Scale up or down as necessary.

Post loads and number of round completed to comments.



For ADHD it is better to teach skills rather than prescribe pills.

“The results, published in the March issue of Clinical Psychology Review, found that teaching parents and teachers how to respond when children do things the right way — as well as when they display harmful or aggressive behavior — is effective, and in some cases more effective, than medication for ADHD. . . “

Click here for complete article.


Diablo CrossFit’s Elite Scholastic Althletics Program has it’s own class!

3:30pm Monday – Friday is our special ESA class for young athletes. Contact us by emailing info@diablocrossfit.com to reserve a slot for your student athlete or team today.

“It pays to finish first!”

The Gymnastics Seminar will be $75 for those who sign up after Sunday. Sign up now for $60!

Track training 11:30 at DVC track.

Jan Maynard will be leading a track workout. We’ll time everyone in the mile, and 400m, if they’re interested. Or just come out and run. If it’s rainy, we’ll scrap it. If not, we’ll see you there!

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  • Craig

    Stephanie got pullups!! Awesome – she works on those hard before EVERY class. Thats just cool.

    And, congrat’s Jeff on the Muscle-Ups!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Discussions of the jungle, getting eaten by tigers, workplace massacres and video games. Just another morning class at DCF.

    Cabby has drawn the line with 8 rounds plus 4 reps for Rx’ed men’s.

    Donna used 65 and did 10 rounds +1

    After the workout, Donna nailed 4 consecutive pull ups this morning (she used to only do one at a time till today)!

    No beer after today’s workout. Just scotch.


  • Carry

    Nice work guys….this will probably improve FRAN times…?

  • Mark L.

    Kelly was in labor for 45 minutes.
    Jace Anders Greninger born at 8:56am. He came in at 8.8 oz, 21 inches.
    Same birthday as my wife!


  • Craig

    CONGRATS Jimmy & Kelly!!

    Oh, and, happy birthday, Debbie.

  • Mountain

    Re-did the Australasian Qualifiers WOD #2, with rows this time. Got 9:33, which would have placed 14th of 58.

    Yesterday, Stav & Darren did the Qualifiers WOD #1:

    10x clean & jerk (135#)
    15x ring dips
    20x KB swing (53#)

    Stav’s time would have placed 2nd, and Darren’s would have been 3rd. Not that there’s any competition between those two.

  • Suzie

    Congratulations Jimmy and Kelly!!!

    Sounds like a quick delivery of a very healthy baby! I expect to see a picture on the site soon.
    Enjoy every minute!

  • jamie

    Congrats Kelly & Jimmy! Now the hard part begins- trying to figure out the front vs. the back when putting on a diaper in the dark 😉

  • Julie

    Thrusters in this fashion=BRUTAL!!! I think I secretly, maybe not so secretly, liked it?! Evil laugh…..HAHAHAHAHAHA…

  • sarah

    930 class- Vicki pounded out 8 rounds plus seven extra thrusters today! Great job!! Julie yet again, did an amazing job! 11 rounds as RX’d! Nice job everyone!

    1030 class-Nice job to Kevin today!! 7 plus 3!! Way to grind it out! Bryan S. killed it with 11 rounds plus 8!! Way to go!!

    Congrats to Jimmy and Kelly! Cant wait to meet our newest Crossfitter!!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Yay, congrats to Jimmy and Kelly!!!! Another DCF baby, so fun…can’t wait to meet the baby boy. Isaiah said he’s very happy to have a little buddy, and that he’ll share his snacks with him (when it’s appropriate)

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Thruster ladder today at 0930 class with Sarah

    7RD’s + 2, w/135lb. Thrusters

  • luca z.

    CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRENINGER family, and happy birthday Debbie!!!!!!

  • Alex R

    Congrats Jimmy and Kelly G! Its about time!!! That baby is gunna be rewriting the NFL record books doing CrossFit at age 1.

    Today’s workout was tough… sore already!

    10 rounds + 3 reps @ 135# thrusters.

    I was sweating bullets and my heart was pounding after round 1. Nice job Nick (11 + 6 @ 115#), Jamie, and Jesse too.