090411 SATURDAY “3 times a Newbie”

Sarah is a stellar athlete as well as a stellar coach

Sarah sets a new PR for Deadlift.

Workout: “3 times a Newbie”

3 rounds for time.

400m run

10 pull ups

20 push ups

30 sit ups

40 squats

Post time to comments.



Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Benefit Cancer Patients Undergoing Major Operations

New research from Trinity College Dublin published in this month’s Annals of Surgery points to a potentially significant advance in the treatment of patients undergoing major cancer surgery. The study was carried out by the oesophageal research group at Trinity College Dublin and St James’s Hospital. A randomised controlled trial showed omega-3 fatty acids given as part of an oral nutritional supplement resulted in the preservation of muscle mass in patients undergoing surgery for oesopahageal cancer, a procedure normally associated with significant weight loss and quality of life issues. . .

Commenting on the significance of the results, Dr Aoife Ryan said: “The results were extraordinary in the sense that no previous nutritional formulation had revealed such an outcome, with supplemented patients maintaining all aspects of their body composition in the three weeks following surgery. Patients given the standard supplement without omega 3 lost a significant amount of weight comprising 100% muscle mass. In fact 68% of patients suffered ‘clinically severe’ weight loss post surgery in the standard group (without omega 3) versus only 8% in the omega 3 group. The significant finding was that the patients did not lose just fat, as one would expect with weight loss, but instead they depleted their muscle stores significantly. Research has shown that a loss of 5lbs of weight produces significant effects on quality of life and a patient’s ability to mobilise and perform simple activities of daily living. Losing 4 lbs of muscle is even more significant”. . .”

Click here for the complete article.

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  • Moises G.

    Sarah you are a beast!!! I love it, always training hard. Mad RESPECT!!!

  • Bryan S.

    Nice job Sarah!!! I loved the WOD yesterday and I have never been this sore in my traps before from thrusters. Is this a sign that the movement was done correctly? I was dead when Sarah told me to “GO” on round 12. Got through 8 reps and then laid on the floor shaking for a bit. I love this stuff!!

  • Craig

    Cool pic!

    There are going to be a whole bunch of people doing today’s wod as RX for the first time! Don’t focus on speed, get your reps done as Rx and set your benchmark in stone.

  • Shannon S

    3 Times a Newbie: 13:58 (first round was 3:50). I had to go really hard because I had Strong Meg (aka my fave sister in law!) breathing down my neck the whole time! Bryan got a 11:52… and we (plus Bonecrusher Holly) were worked over by Luca and Tami at Muay Thai class before the WOD. Brutal!

    Ps- great pic, Sarah… I like the idea for the She-Devil shirts: “strong is beautiful” or… “hot chicks do olympic weight lifting” or… “no, Mom…. olympic lifting isn’t going to turn me into a big, hairy dude!”

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • luca z.

    Great Muay-Thai class this morning with Brian Shannon Holly and Amy trying it for the first time, big thanks to Tami for help me out, I think Brian better behave Shannon’s got a great right hand.
    The ten o’clock class was just as exiting with many PRs in the newbies, I told them to check their time at the end of the first round the best result of the day was from Mike P. he went from 8 something and Pukie to 4 something no piukie and 2 more rounds, I’m impressed.

  • Tami

    Great to see more women trying out Muay-Thai, please come back, (Thursday night too 6:30) I’m tired of getting kicked and punched by big sweaty guys.

  • Yvonne

    Sarah you are the epitome of strong is beautiful and the tats make you soooo sexy!!! Nice PR!!!
    Why do the 25’s look pink and not red??? Maybe cause the girls are using them more!!!

  • sarah

    You guys are WAY too good to me!! JJ failed to mention that Beth and Jaz did the same weight!! Yes Yvonne, strong is beautiful! Im just trying to keep up with all the super strong, super HOT girlies at DCF such as yourself!

    JJ and I went to rep DCF at CFS today…Great peeps! If you ever are in that neck of the woods, I’d suggest stopping by!! I brought my big, little brother to the fundraiser..It was his first time with crossfitters.. he met pukie, but finished STRONG! Im very proud of him!! I think we have a new member! Hahahahah!


  • Craig

    Thank you JJ and Sarah!! The CFS crew is solid – and I’m glad we had peeps there.

    I did the Thruster ladder from yesterday at 115lbs – 11rnds+8. Thanks Dave and Donna for the big push at the end.

    Also, Max from California Strength gym showed up at 11 today for a little Oly practice and gave us some free coaching. First he did some easy power cleans all the way up to 160 (thats 160 kilos!!). Luca, Dave & Donna will attest to this guy’s amazing quickness – fast elbows.

    Then he coached me on the Snatch for 30mins. It was very enlightening. I have been starting too low and behind the bar. Incredible difference a few small tweeks made!

    I talked Max into coming back for an Olympic Lifting clinic for DCF. More to come on that.

  • sakura

    Thanks for coming out, Diablo! STRONG work…Sarah is a stud. lol. Great job to your bro too!!! First WOD??? Daaaang.

    It was awesome to work with you all and thanks for your support!

  • Mountain

    Newbie is the first workout I ever fell in love with. Good memories.

    The 3 o’clock class tore through it. Jesse went through the first round in 3:45 and finished all three in 13:20. Damen also went sub-15 (14:41). Everyone else (Nick, Harvey–a 6am guy I’d never met before–, Holly, and Josh) came in under 20 minutes.

    That said, no one was fast enough to catch the ice-cream truck that rolled by before class.

  • Damen

    That pizza I ate in a drunken haze last night was laughing at me while I was struggling through the push ups. Reminds me why I started eating paleo, I can’t let that happen again. It was cool working out in a class, it’s nice to have that extra push, I didn’t even realize there was a 3 o’clock class on Saturday.

  • lo

    thank you jj, sarah, olive, and sarah’s brother for coming out. you guys are wonderful! great job on the donations too, sending a check to OPD for over 13K! looking forward to crossing the bridge for a wod in your box!