090413 MONDAY “Welcome Jace Anders Greninger”

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Jace Greninger is one cute baby

Diablo CrossFit’s newest member: Jace Anders Greninger. Congratulations Coach Jimmy and Kelly!


Overhead Squat

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Post loads to comments.

Bonus mini metcon to follow.



Study examines the power of exercise to prevent breast cancer

“A new federally funded University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine study aims to learn whether women at high risk of breast cancer can use exercise to meaningfully reduce their risk of getting the disease. Building on evidence that reducing estrogen in the body reduces cancer risk, and that elite female athletes experience a drop in estrogen levels that often cause them to stop ovulating and menstruating, the WISER Sister trial will investigate two different levels of regular treadmill exercise as a possible intervention for breast cancer risk reduction. . . “

Click here for complete article.

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  • Yvonne

    Congratulations Jimmy and Kelly!!! You are so blessed with a beautiful and healthy son!

  • Big Dave

    Jimmy and Kelly congrads to the new DCF FIREBREATHER!!!

    The baby boy looks beautiful!!!

  • JimmyG

    Great 6am class…800m +plyo warm up….I was a little feisty this morning…Overhead squats are tough..but everyone had great effort. After the WOD we did a 6 min obstacle course with tire hops, partner med ball sit-ups and GHD WAR w/ #20 med ball. After we did our usual 400m cool down…..Great start to the week people!!!

    Thanks again for the well wishes and kind words.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Beautiful baby! Congrats.

  • Donna D.

    What a beautiful angel you guys have brought into this world! What an amazing BLESSING!!!!! Jimmy and Kelly- Congratulations!!! He’s soooo handsome!

  • Adam

    Just to add to Jimmy’s post about thismorning’s Overhead Squat workout…. Carry is officially “Superwoman”. If I am not mistaking, she was cranking out sets of 5 with 95 lb.

    Good stuff with the obstacle course Jimmy.

  • Laci

    What a little angel! Congrat Jimmy and Kelly! Such a beautiful baby!

  • CraigH

    Great picture today: “Peace” is the caption.

    In Spanish, it’s pronounced “Hah-say”

    Welcome to the “world of worry,” Kelly and Jimmy. Congratulations.

  • Carry

    Thank you Adam….I was doing 105 X 5…..a PR! I love OHS. Best core/shoulder work out ever.
    I think it may help me with my back squat which is real ugly because I lean forward too much.

  • Carry

    B E A U T I F U L B O Y J A C E

    Kelly did good!

  • Suzie

    Wow…what a handsome little boy!!!! Congratulations!
    Are you getting any sleep?
    Sorry to have missed this morning…I am in Texas today. Uuggghhh

  • Mo

    BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!!! He looks like Kelly, future Grapplers Quest Champ. Cannot wait to meet the little guy. Congrats you guys!

  • Darren


  • sarah

    930 class- it was just me, Jas, and Julie….Great girls to work with! I love the push! Then they did the Tabata WOD from yesterday together..Really cool to see them doing KB swings at the same speed…

    1030 class was a pinch bigger.. i was very impressed to see everyone focused way more on form than weight!! Tami has great form!! I can tell she practices hard! Tyren- was it #135?? With beautiful form!!

    Jimmy and Kelly- My goodness he is GORGEOUS!!!! I agree with Carry…GREAT work Kelly! I truly cant wait to meet him! Yes, Mo…Future Grapplers Quest champ!!

    Carry- #105!?!?! Savage!! I got to #95.. set a PR BUT was sure #95 was a good place to stop…one day!!

  • JimmyG

    Hey.. How about a “Boys Night” this Sat night at the shed for the UFC fight???
    Anderson Silva is fighting and so is my boy Chuck!!
    Guys Only….lol
    Beer, food….what do ya say….JJ can we Pleeeeaaasseee?????
    We’ll all pitch in a few bucks for the fights…

  • Mark L.

    I can probably come to the fight night, Saturday. It will be a good dry run for the PPV.

  • sarah

    REALLY JIMMY?!?!?! ONLY BOYS?!?! Geesh! I see how you are!!

  • Mark L.

    Seeing as how the males are the shrinking minority at DCF, I think this will be a great affirmative action event for the guys to get together before we’re banned from the gym, altogether.
    I won’t mention the recent DCF Ladies Night. I had a gold sequined spaghetti tank all picked out for the event, and my invitation never arrived. Heartbreaking, really.

  • sarah

    Mark- I’m sure i emailed it to you! Stinking servers!! Did your shoes match your top?? =)

  • Julie


  • katie w

    Congrats Jimmy and Kelly! He is beautiful! I hope you have a quick recovery and can get some sleep (probably not) 🙂

  • Mountain

    Did “Nate” for the first time ever:

    2x muscle ups
    4x handstand pushups
    8x 70lb KB swings

    Got 5 rounds + 2MU as Rx’d. Did the handstand pushups on the parallets to protect my left wrist.

  • Mountain

    Then tried to do 30 muscle ups for time. Got 14 in under two minutes before gassing out. Had to bail after 17.

    Did 100 air squats for time instead in 2:10. Before staring CrossFit, I could do 100 in 1:55. Of course, I was 20 lbs lighter then.

    So, that’s my testimonial. In nine months of CrossFit, I’ve gained 20 pounds and gotten slower. And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

  • Jasmine

    beautiful baby! Sounds like a rockstar birth too. Thanks for sharing with us and letting us enjoy your sweet little one.
    May this early time be filled with joy and peace in the midst of all that is new. Lot’s of mommies around if Kelly ever wants to chat… and just so you know…. if she ever thinks she’s crazy, she’s probably not 😉 Or, maybe she is just a little, but it’s totally normal!


  • Craig

    Mountain, your 100 squat time comparison is unfair: before you started CrossFit, “Nate” was just a chain-smokin’ friend of Rob, and “muscle up” was the push ups and curls you did before hitting the bars on Friday. “Got to muscle up before hittin’ the bars..”

    OHS 5×5: 135, 165, 185, 205, 205 + Annie: 9:23. Slow.

  • Damen

    !!!F O R S A LE!!!
    Original black an red DCF shirt size XL, this is vintage great quality stuff folks…you know you’ve always wanted an original DCF shirt

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Craig will trade you for his medium.

  • Craig

    Its a large, I just make it look like a medium.

    Very funny…

  • Yvonne

    Those old DCF shirts we returned to the makers because the print on those shirts sucked!!! Customers were returning them. So, I don’t know what that company did with those shirts??? Damen where did you find them???

  • Damen

    I was at Goodwill looking for some cool summertime tanks an I stumbled upon it. It’s way too damn big for me but I felt bad leaving it there.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Got to 185 for 5 (sorry D-Roe), then went for 200 (not a PR, but definitely bodyweight).

    After two failed attempts (one failing at the bottom, one missing the jerk into position), I got one, then failed on the second. Still fairly happy with the results. I had to use wrist braces for the 200lb attempts. The other reps were without wrist straps.

    Damen – I believe that Jamie might want it (she is going to modify it). Bring it to the gym and I’ll buy it off of you.


  • Damen

    I’ll bring it but I’m not too worried about recouping my funds, let me get a deadlift seminar.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I don’t know if I am willing to spend 18 – 36 hours trying to fix your deadlifts just for a t-shirt.


  • Craig

    Thats hilarious & cruel, jj.