Meg has got the rope climb down pat

Meg flies up the rope.


As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

Run 400m

2 rope climbs (15 foot ascent)

10 ring dips

Post rounds and fractions of rounds completed to comments.



Why that big meal just made you hungry

“. . . This happens in part because refined carbohydrates raise blood-sugar levels, setting up an insulin surge that drives blood sugar down again, causing rebound hunger. That insulin spike also interferes with leptin, the hormone secreted by fat cells that should tell the body to stop eating. Obese people have loads of leptin, but it either doesn’t get to the brain, or the brain becomes resistant to it. “This is not a failure of willpower, it’s a physical mechanism,” Dr. Aronne writes. The body also becomes resistant to insulin, setting the stage for diabetes.

Other researchers have described similar phenomena. An article in this month’s Medical Hypothesis argues that for some people, refined foods with high sugar and carbohydrate content can be just as addictive as tobacco and alcohol. . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.


The Norcal Regional Qualifiers are looking for volunteers! If you aren’t already competing, you should seriously consider signing up to help run the event (it is a great way to get on the ‘inside’ of all the fun stuff going on behind the scenes).

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  • Yvonne

    Great to see everyone last night!!!

    Thank you to Stav, Darren and JJ for spreading the word on eating paleo. Dave, thanks for taking the video.

    Last night I put some of Alana’s toys in the 1st dressing room for any takers. Boy and girl toys, please take them.

    Don’t forget to wear long pants today.

    Can’t wait to get my beef!!!

  • JimmyG

    15 peeps for 6am!!!
    No one flies up the rope like Carry and Nancy!! They were amazing.
    We sub’d 15 ring rows for rope climbs.
    This turned out to be a grinder and we loved it.

  • russell

    Enjoyed the nutrition seminar last night.

    Quote of the night goes to J.J.
    “Coffee is proof that God loves me”

    That was an awesome Hero workout. An unfortuante reminder that someone is standing the watch. Alex killed it and Yvonne was an animal…instead of dropping the weight when she was tired, she actually would scream and throw the weight UPWARDS (as in against gravity) into the air.

  • Craig

    And thus, Yvonne reveals the secret of “how have you guys stayed together for 25 years?”

    Solid form on DLs, hang pwr cleans and push jerks at 5 & 6 last night! The Shed was full. Steph cracked: “you guys need a bigger gym.” A few muted hip catches on the cleans toward the end – but huge improvement by clients overall! Nice.

    What is a muted hip catch? Check out this killer diagram from CFU: http://crossfitunlimited.typepad.com/.a/6a00e54fd64bd788340115701efaab970b-popup

  • Craig

    Great article today!

  • Carry

    My shoulders are toast from yesterday’s WOD. Thought it would be my back but my back is fine. Love oly lifting!

  • Bryan S.

    For anyone interested, I am going to be doing a version of the “Tax Man” WOD on the Navy Seal web site at 4pm. My version will be
    800m Run
    50 Bodyweight Back Squats
    25 Burpees
    50 Bodyweight Dead Lifts
    25 Burpees
    50 Bodyweight Bench Press
    25 Burpees
    800m Run
    Navy Seal site calls for 1 mile runs but I hate running and refuse to run that much.

    Great nutrition class last night. Thanks Stav, JJ and Darren.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    WOD’d today at 1030 with Sarahs class (thanks for letting me join in!), I did the mainpage.


    7:12 as RX’d

    I’m getting closer to Sub7…can’t wait!!!

  • sarah

    930 class- Nicole Rocked the WOD with 5 rounds!! Great work!! We had a class of all women…Its nice to see the girls flying up the ropes!!
    Meg H.- 4
    Sarah- 5
    Tami- 4 2/3
    Jenna- 4 1/2
    Julie- 4 1/3
    Jaz- 4 -1 rope climb

    1030 class- We a a new comer..Welcome Jason P.!!! Nice work on a very tough WOD!!
    Kevin- 3 2/3
    Mountain- 4 1/3 (Donkey Kongin it instead of rope climbs!)
    Matt- 4
    Kaela- 4 (Kept the boys on their toes!!)
    Jason- 3 1/3
    And Stav did Helen in 7:12 and PR’d it!!

    Nice work from everyone!!!

    P.S. I got my first and second bar muscle up today….Kind of an odd feeling like, Did i really do it?!?!?

  • Mark L.

    Congrats on the bar muscle up, Sarah. I felt the same way after my first bar AND ring muscle up. Somehow, when you do it right the first time, it feels so easy, and it’s like, “holy crap! Did that just happen?”

  • kaela

    Watching Sarah’s bar MU was hilarious! after she finished, she screamed just like Olive does when she gets excited!! it was pretty kick ass

  • russell

    Don’t let Craig see your face after the first time you pull off a muscle up…he thinks that shock of accomplishment is equivalent to fippin’ him off.

  • Mountain

    I knew you could do it, Sarah. It’s all about that big ol’ swing ya got.

    Craig and Holly (once your wrist is cleared for action): you guys have plenty of strength to do a muscle up, but it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing. Carry’s so freaking strong that she just muscled hers, but just about everyone else gets their first by relaxing (which facilitates a better swing). It’s like trying to swing a golf club or baseball bat with your muscles all tensed up– you just don’t generate the same power.

    Anway– love love. Donkey kong all around.

  • Carry

    SARAH!!!! WHOOO HOOO! You go chicka….’strong is beautiful’ but it doesn’t hurt to have technique 🙂 U R officially the ‘Kipping Queen’

  • Carry

    Yes Mountain….Holly is right there. Before the accident she was SO close to a muscle up. She was really only a few attemps away from it. Can’t wait to see that girl back in action….She is a lot of fun to work out with.

  • Mountain

    At Open Gym, did the thruster portion of “Jackie” (50x 45lb thrusters) in 1:33. I was finally able to go through all 50 w/out stopping. Put that together w/ a 3:30 1000m row, and a sub-7 Jackie, should be easy, even if my pullups fall apart at the end (they tend to do that with Jackie & Helen).

  • Craig

    Ok, Mountain, I’m getting ready for a Jackie attempt again. Sub 7? Hmmm.

    I gots the Muscle-Up, just not 30 yet. Not even thinking bar-muscle up.

    I remember Sarah moaning about not being able to do kipping pull-ups – just when she almost got ’em, she gained a whole bunch of weight (Olive) and had to put the dream away for 9 months. She stayed patient and now she’s nailin’ the bar muscle up. Way to go, Sarah.

  • Damen

    did Helen at 3:45ish without a vest this time. PR’d with a 8:13, alMost into the 7’s. That Navy WOD Bryan did looked nasty

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Great job Damen, that is a blazing time. Craig, Sub-7 Jackie should be well within reach for you. Row easy and break the Thrusters and Pull Ups into 2 sets each, and you’re there.

    So, I just registered for the Double-Dipsea (slightly longer than a half-marathon) that takes place June 27th in Mill Valley/Stinson Beach. Who else is in?


  • Mark L.

    Stav, there’s a great movie about the dipsea starring Bruce Dern that’s pretty good. Might be worth it for motivation!

  • Jasmine

    There’s also a great breakfast place called the “Dipsea” right off the trail… best homemade blueberry pancakes ever!!!! Best homemade everything, really. Might be worth the upset stomach after… because they would NOT be considered paleo or zone friendly in the least 😉 I vote we all go watch stav run the race while we eat there overlooking the trail they will be running on!

  • sarah

    5pm class- I love families that WOD together!! Its always a pleasure working with Bill, Steph and Macy!! Way to go on the pullups, Steph!!! Macy wants to make a shirt that says, ” My crossfit mom can beat your soccer mom!” I think its gold!!

    Bill- 4 2/3
    Steph- 4
    Macy- 4
    Javier- 3 2/3
    Brook- 3 plus 1 rope climb
    Russell- 4
    Lindsey- 4
    Hector- ?
    Strong Meg- ?
    Kristine- 4 1/3 plus one rope climb
    Leah- ?

    6pm class-
    Bryan, Mike, Matt and Andrew….You boys are savage…thats all I can say!!

    7pm class-Amy is an amazing rope climber!! She rocked the rope each time! I love the She-Devils in our gym…truly an inspiration! Terry walked away with a nasty little rope burn…proof that he is a badass crossfitter! Tyler and Filip were climbing like madmen to finish their rounds…and they did!!

    Thank you to all you awesome DCFr’s for letting me watch and be inspired by each and every one of you!! I LOVE MY JOB!!!!

  • Andrew


  • Amy

    Macy needs to market that saying as a bumper sticker.
    Sarah*** WOW and congratulations on the muscle ups. You set the bar high and work hard to do so, it shows.
    Also: those Tabata Planks were sicko fun, true CF style. Great warm-up.