090418 SATURDAY “Kelly”


Russ loves Wall Ball (don’t we all?).

Workout: “Kelly”

5 rounds for time.

Run 400 meters

30 box jump, 24 inch box

30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball (10′ target for men, 8′ target for women)]

Beginners should perform “Half Kelly” (run 200, 15 box jumps, 15 wall balls, 5 rounds).

Post time to comments.



Sunscreen Questions Answered.

“. . . Although a higher SPF sunscreen, if used properly, should allow you to stay in the sun that much longer without burning, it isn’t clear if high SPF sunscreens block any more than 97 percent of burning rays. “Block” is a misleading term because no product you can see through will block 100 percent of the sun from your skin. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using at least a 15 SPF, reapplied every two hours, after swimming or sweating. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Mark L.

    Dang you, Sarah, and your Kelly workout.

  • Rodil

    Just watched this video of Josh Everett doing Isabel in 1:11. Look how high the bar is when he catches it. He’s freaking unreal:


  • Yvonne

    Just read an article about sunscreens. Avoid ones with oxybenzone in it because it weakens estrogenic effects and anti-androgenic effects (LOWERED TESTOSTERONE). Also, women that are pregnant are likely to have a girl with low birth weight!!!

    Use sunscreens with zinc oxide and or titanium dioxide.

    Avoid parabens, also lowered testosterone, found in lotions, shampoos, conditioners, lipsticks, lip-care products and deodorants.

    Avoid bisphenol A found in metal lining in some foods and soda cans, polycarbonate plastic (No 7, hard plastic like the type found in many hard, reusable plastic water bottles). Dangerous in brain development to baby boys and increases cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

    Another one to avoid phthalates found in cosmetics, soft toys, air freshners, plastic containers, plastic food wrap, raincoats, shampoo, teething rings, toys, bath books for kids, building materials, nail polish (especially anti-chip formulas), perfumes and lotions with fragrance.

    These are all endrocrine disruptors.

  • jordan k

    pretty sure dcf is the smartest bunch of dumb jocks i have ever been around. love the crew.

  • Darren

    I just got sick to my stomache. Josh Everret is A F***ing BEAST.

  • luca

    It was nice to see new people try Mauy-Thai this morning and two ladies, for a change, Chanda showed them how to punch like a fighter, all three of them have some strong right hands, watch out, don’t piss them off.
    The 10 o’clock class was filled to the rim as usual, great efforts from all, we run Kelly in the old Shed and it was madness trying to fit every body, we had to do two heats, not the same here, it was still madness, but we had plenty of equipment to go around so that we only had to do one heat, thanks all for coming, see you on Tuesday morning.

  • Andrew

    Workouted at CFU, crossvestitte style

    2008 CF Games Grace: 30 squat clean & jerk 155#
    9:02 @115# (should’ve done 135#)

    CFU had a thing where you could do your very first WOD over and see how much you improved. My very first WOD was Fran @55# with jumping pull ups:

    1st time: 7:21
    Fran – 3:04 (kinda sad that people doing it Rx’d is faster than me scaled)

  • Mark L.

    Andrew, did I read that right? You did Fran RX in 3:04?
    We’ve got about 20 people RSVP’d for the UFC fight, tonight, and that closes the event. Thanks to everyone who responded! See everyone at 6:30pm!

  • Andrew

    No no…..the catch was you had to redo your very first WOD the same exact scale you did it at. So I did Fran @55# and jumping pull ups in 3:04