090421 TUESDAY

Big D reppin the DCF horns at CrossFit Strong in Dallas Texas

Big Dave represents DCF at CrossFit Strong in Dallas, Texas


SoCal Regional Qualifier Workout #1.

6 Rounds for time of:

30 Air Squats

10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

5 Power Clean / Anyway Overhead x 155# (105# women)

Post time to comments (and where you would have placed by checking here for men’s rankings and here for women’s rankings).


Video: “Sexy Shoulders from ExerciseTV”

Forget www.diablocrossfit.com and www.crossfit.com which give you workouts for free everyday, you should go to “Exercise TV” on your computer or your Comcast box and pay $1.99 for workouts like “Sexy Shoulders” and “Abs to the Extreme”.

(I don’t know about everyone else, but I think that ‘sexy shoulders’ is any woman who can do a handstand push up, or split jerk over 100lbs. -jj)



May 2nd & 3rd – NorCal Regional Qualifiers. Registration is CLOSED. But even if you are not competing you NEED to come out and cheer on our fellow DCFers. Diablo will not only have quite a few athletes competing, we will also have our own ‘base camp’ for our gym members to hang out, relax, drink, and nap!

They are also looking for more volunteers to help with the logistics and judging. No experience necessary (unless you are judging). Please click here to volunteer as a judge and make this event as awesome as NorCal deserves.

May 9th – Gymnastics and Parkour Workshop with Roger Harrell $75 a person, 2 – 6pm at Diablo CrossFit. No experience necessary. This seminar will cover many basic gymnastics and Parkour movements that everyone needs to work on.

Pre-Register today by emailing jeremy@diablocrossfit.com

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  • Big Dave


    If your ever in Dallas TX stop by CrossfitStrong it’s a massive place. 12,000 sq feet which is 3 times bigger than DCF. Almost big enough to run 400m around the edge of the gym and install 3 diablotrons as well.

    Stop by and say hello to Gale (the owner) in the middle pic and let them give you a WOD there.

  • Alex R

    I did this WOD last Friday with my friend from his CrossFit in Los Gatos. He finished 10:04 and I finished 10:33. This is a tough one. You’ll wish it was done by round 3!!!

    Dave, what are you doing up so early?

  • Craig

    Happy Birthday, Yvonne!

    47 extra pullups?

  • Mark L.

    “A Good Friend will remember your Birthday. A Great Friend will forget how old you are.” Happy 47th birthday, Yvonne. You are 17,167 days old. LOL!
    I hope we still know each other in 47 more!

  • luca z.

    Happy b-day Yvonne!!!

  • JimmyG

    Great Fight Fit 6am…Once again we killed it and you’ll never guess who showed up…”Danimal” Dan Gourley We’ve missed him. He’s been training at CrossFit EastBay. He’s missed the shed.

    Happy Birthday Yvonne!! 47 extra Burpees??

  • Big Dave


    Happy Birthday to you.

    You don’t move or act like anything over 39.5 years old. I guess you can say over 40 yrs old.

    GOD BLESS your special day.

  • Darren

    I heart the Danimal

  • Bryan S.

    Happy Birthday Yvonne. Are we going to have cake at the gym in celebration??? I love cake.

  • Andrew

    Happy Birthday Yvonne!

  • Sarah

    Happy birthday Yvonne! I hope your day is as amazing as you!!

  • Hylie

    Yvonne…Have a Fantastic Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    If I would have known it was Yvonne’s birthday ahead of time, I might have prescribed “Yvonne’s Murph” (it is the same as regular Murph, but it has 600 squats instead of 300).

    Happy Birthday!


  • Meg Rosten

    Yvonne, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I hope you have a day as special and wonderful as you are! 🙂

  • Carry

    Happy Birthday Yvonne! 47? Never would have guessed it. More like 27.

  • luca z.

    Let’s be glad JJ dind’t know of Yvonne b-day, 600 squats, with the vest? Not that today WOD was any easier, great effort from all, I had a big class at 9:30 I think they wanted to beat the heat, kudos to Julie for doing it with a bad knee, she modified, 15 left pistols, DL and push presses, Meg H. had problem with her shoulder so she did Annie with squats, another bad ass in the making, Tami she did all of her P.U. chest to bar with ease, she’s so due for a muscle up.
    All and all a lot of fun today, see you on Thursday, it should be cooler then.

  • Sarah

    So. Cal qualifier- 25:45 @ 85# in open gym. I could really feel summer coming on! Heat training is good for the body!!

  • Sarah

    So. Cal qualifier- 25:45 @ 85# in open gym. I could really feel summer coming on! Heat training is good for the body!!

  • Yvonne

    2 DCF weaknesses of mine, that I can’t count and I can’t flash the horns with my fingers. It’s gotta be age. Thank god we did not do the 600 squat vested Murph because it takes more than a hour!!!

    I have never in my entire life had so many birthday greetings and wishes, thank you all so much.

    Craig took me to lunch at “The Counter”. I had a burger bowl, sweet potato french fries and a banana milkshake. It was awesome!!! Gonna burn it off at the 5PM class.

  • Jasmine

    Happy Birthday Yvonne!

    I’m thinking it’s not very fair that we didn’t know about your birthday ahead of time. Craig… that means you have the big job of taking extra good care of your lady today! Wishing you a day full of joy. I do hope I am as full of life as you are when I turn 47…. you are such an inspiration! Hope you take some time for you today.. maybe use one of those spa certifcate’s that you’ve had for WAY TO LONG!

    Love to you,

  • Mountain

    That’s right, Craig. You have to take “extra good care of your lady” 47 times today! I suggest you pace yourself.

    Yvonne, I don’t usually jump on the “congratulations!” train, but for you, I will. Happy birthday, Yvonne. You kick some serious ass.

  • Rodil

    Happy birthday Yvonne!

    Big Dave – that is a huge looking gym!

  • Tami

    Today was an expensive workout. When I pushed the barbell overhead I came a little to close knocked my chin and chipped my tooth. After I spit the chards out and took a quick peek in the mirror I went back and finished . The chip set me back over $300.00 bucks but it was kind of a cool walking around with a chip from an overhead press…
    Best Wishes Yvonne for a super Happy Birthday.

  • Sarah

    Tami- you are SAVAGE!!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    All I can say is WOW. Do we have some savage women in our gym or what!?

  • Craig

    Savages is right.

    That was a brutal workout today – I know, I did it with our firebreathers at 4. As Shannon says, “that workout made me want to cry.” Literally. I was relieved there were paramedics around.

    5PM had some bulls in there: Bill, Ramon, Jesse, Mike P., Ron L., Chris, Mike all grinding out the overhead lifts just to get back on the bar. The girls had great form, especially Lauren & Stephanie. Meg and Leah are just strong! Macy stubbornly finished the wod despite the heat. Good work all around.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Completed in 14:13. I would have a long way to go on the other two workouts if I wanted to place in SoCal.


  • Maddie

    I actually find ExerciseTV extremely beneficial. The videos are free either on your TV or on their website. There are so many workouts to choose from, and its so convenient so its perfect for someone with a hectic schedule.