New Freezer for the Gym

Diablo CrossFit gets a new freezer (and the bullies at the gym try to stuff Darren in it).


SoCal Regional Qualifier No. 2

3 Rounds for time of:

450m Run (run the wide loop on the way out and on the way in to add the extra distance)

30 Overhead Squats x 95#men, 65# women, or less in order to do the squat with proper depth

Post time to comments (and where you would have placed by clicking here for men’s rankings and here for women’s rankings).


Article from “Mark’s Daily Apple”

Did Humans evolve to be long distance runners?

“. . .Most anthropologists would agree we didn’t evolve to swim. We learned how to make our way through water without drowning and we do it pretty effectively for a land mammal. That doesn’t make it natural or adaptive. Similarly, I say we learned to run marathons when we had the luxury of unlimited carbohydrates. That doesn’t make it adaptive or natural. . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.



Found these on CrossFit One World today (I couldn’t find them on Monday when we did jerks).

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  • Mark L.

    Holy Crap! Ask and you shall receive! I had better order some grass fed beef!
    I think I’m going to sub either front or back squat for those OHS since my shoulders are still on break.

  • jorgy

    JJ’s laugh made the mainsite video. Congrats Jeremy

  • Jeremy Jones

    Wow. Good catch Jorgy. Craig and I both were sitting right in front of the camera the entire affiliate gathering.

    (I hope they didn’t get too many of my comments).


  • JimmyG

    19 peeps looking for pain at 6am!!! Unbelievable.
    Great job everyone.
    Alex and Harvey led the pack with sub 12min RX.
    Chanda and Nancy were killing it as well.
    Great effort, really fun morning!!

  • russell

    Can somebody smarter than me read the below interview from Conditioning Research and tell me how I am supposed to rectify this with Crossfit’s concept of functional?

    I am having a crisis of confidence! (not really, but it stirred up interesting thoughts)


  • Prashant

    Seems like the individual interviewed is of the opinion that individual muscles should be developed to bring about over all strength. So, in his example, jumping power can be increased by working on the individual muscles involved in jumping. I don’t understand how jumping alone will not achieve the same thing. By increasing the height and intensity of box jumps are we not working ALL the muscles involved in the jump? Instead of doing leg extensions, calf raises, and leg curls can’t we just jump?

    This is also contradictory to something I heard coach Glassman say, where he mentioned he worked with some speed skaters and when they implemented pull ups into their workout regimen they became faster.

  • Mark L.

    The guy in the article conflicts with his own statements. I can’t take him seriously. For example:
    “we identify the function of a particular muscle or muscle group and place resistance on that muscle in accordance with it’s joint function: This is truly functional training…”
    “If you want to jump better you must jump…not snatch or clean” and “we all must ask ourselves, what is the value of becoming a better [kettlebell] swinger? Swinging (like cleaning or snatching) is a DEMONSTRATION of strength; not a highly effective tool for DEVELOPING strength. “

    So… he’s all for simulating movements and overloading muscles and joint groups artificially to create adaptive response, but then he’s saying doing simulated movements to create an adaptive response in a functional area won’t help (jumping in this case)? Huh?

    I do understand his underlying point, however (though stated too unilaterally). By and large, the truth of the matter is that Crossfit is about GPP, not sports specific training. This guy sounds like a sports specific guy. In Crossfit, we’re training the athlete as a unit for systemic and wholistic athletic improvement. If you’re doing it for sports, you’re still expected to practice your sport within your ability to recover from everything. Crossfit athletes might be able to join a Triathlon on a whim and do quite well, but the top crust will almost always be people who train specifically for swiming, running and biking.

    That is, following a Crossfit regimine might make you a better runner, jumper, kicker, fighter… but not if you stop running, jumping, kicking and fighting.

    There’s quite a tug-of-war going on in the industry right now. We’re already seeing Crossfit go sports specific (football, baseball). I think the answer is that we need to do both, not one OR the other.

    If you’re just trying to “get fit” and be ready for some unknown bogey, however, CROSSFIT will give you the best return on your investment!

  • CraigH

    Russell, there are lots of inconsistencies in Doug McGuff’s general statements. Read them and you’ll see them.

    Here’s just one absolutely absurd statement as a teaser: Kettlebell “swinging (like cleaning or snatching) is a DEMONSTRATION of strength; not a highly effective tool for DEVELOPING strength.” McGuff makes a statement like that and offers no proof to back it up. On the other hand, Hussein Rezazedah, Iranian heavyweight world champion with a 600+ pound clean & jerk and 440lb+ snatch would probably disagree with this statement. Strength occurs when muscles adapt to overload, and the body does not know the difference between a fekkin’ rock or a kettlebell or a dumbell.

    Next, referring almost specifically to CrossFit, McGuff says: “Exercise practitioners have never been known for implementing scientifically-based approaches to exercise. In exercise, it seems that essentially “anything goes.” The exercise community at large is driven by fads, not by science.” Coach Glassman has always preached, there must be empirical evidence to demostrate effectiveness. And, results must be measurable and repeatable. It’s that simple. Go to the CrossFit testamonials page in the message boards and see the results for yourself. Guys like McGuff try to impose their education on the process and break it down to miniscule proportions that intimidates and alienates the general public – with zero evidence.

    McGuff is trying to sell books by creating doubt about programs that are proven, like CrossFit. I’d like to see his empirical data on measurable performances.

  • Craig

    By the way, Stav, based on the above picture, please store my meat on the top shelf.

  • Darren

    Does anybody even read Mark’s post any more. It was cute at first, with the long posts and all, but I just skip over them.

  • Mark L.

    Craig Mark Rippetoe (the Crossfit barbell guy) summed up the whole thing about science and fitness pretty well. I think he might have also been speaking to some of the “group think” that comes up in the Crossfit community from time to time, as well:

    “You are right to be wary. There is much bullshit.

    Be wary of me too, because I may be wrong.

    Make up your own mind after you evaluate all the evidence and the logic.”

  • Yvonne

    Craig does your meat reach that high???

  • Carry

    I like you better all the time Yvonne LOL!

  • Mike Erickson

    About the conditioningresearch article:

    “There is no strength training exercise that carries over to athletic or everyday movements.”

    This is such an absurd statement it’s not necessary to read the rest.

  • russell

    Whew…what a great bunch of brains here. I post a question, go to work and when I check back in..voila, good discussion. I felt that this guy was all over the map, but I really wanted a reality check ( I need things drawn with crayola, not autoCAD).

    Mark – What I didn’t understand was that this guy was talking like there is no such thing as a seperation of first, second and third wave adaptations…

    In my dinosaur brain, the way I saw it was that by practicing the squat ( in all forms i.e. explosive power in snatches, cleans, air squats and thrusters) one WAS training the foundation of ALL athletic movement. I thought that was functional training.

    Anyways, I feel it is important to not get too entrenched in any dogma (regardless of whatever topic I happen to be exploring) so I felt it neccessary to tap into the great training brains and experience here at DCF.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    SoCal WOD #2 at 0930

    11:27 as RX’d

    Barbell started from the ground, no rack used during WOD. This was much tougher than I thought it would be. 90 OHS @95#, got old…quick.

  • sarah

    930 class- Great work from everyone!! Nice work from Michele…she did todays WOD in 12:30(slightly modified)!! GREAT job!! JJ just told me that Mountain was trying to take Julie out with his bar….Reminds me of Nancy and Tanya….Afraid of a girl beating you?? 😉

    1030 class- Amy kicked ass today!! First one done with 14:29 at #40!! Jenny did it RX’d!! Way to go chickie! Kaela….what can i say?? Savage!!

    Great work in the heat everyone! Make sure to rehydrate!!

  • Mark L.

    And be sure to PRE-Hydrate if you haven’t been in, yet!

  • sarah

    Yes!! What Mark said!!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Grass Fed Beef delivery will be ~6pm at DCF. Please plan on showing up then or that night to pick up your meat (while we’re on the topic). The packages will come in ~40lb. boxes and we’ll divide them in half. If I’m not there when you arrive, I’ll leave some instructions or post on the DCF boards what to do.

    Take care!

  • Julie

    JENNY?! RX’D…SHEEYAT!!! THAT’S SO FRICKIN AWESOME!!! SHE’S ONE TOUGH CHICKIE!!! Who knew Mountain was gettin all Tanya on me??? Hmmm…HAHAHAHA… Solid work by all…it wasn’t HOT…it was PLEASANLTY WARM!! HAHAHA…HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE!!!!

  • kaela

    killer WOD! i loved the encouragement from everyone today! thanks for your inspiration 🙂

  • carry

    just finished 14:10 RX

    love OHS hate running

  • Donna D.

    Carry–YOU’RE AN ANIMAL!! YOU GO GIRL!! When I grow up I wanna be just like you!
    Shanda–We have some work to do to catch up with our friend!!!
    Chanda and I did #55 OHS 1st round and #45 OHS on the second and 3rd….then I read Carry’s stats…….hmmmmm….you keep me running Ms. Carry!!

  • Bryan S.

    Main site WOD today with Jordan at 4pm. Got my single rep DL up to 415lb. Jordan got 500lb, but he could have gone heavier. Did the SoCal #2 WOD at 5pm and got 11:28 as rx’d. Bar cleaned from the ground. You got me by 1 second Stav.

  • Matt..6am

    Bryan….did you say That Jordan Pulled up a 500LB Dead Lift?

    damn Jordan ….




  • jordan k

    500!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY! no straps, tons of chalk and a heart of gold. haha. actually it was the music that got that weight up. 5 pm was a savage class. Bryan managed to do OHS after the DL’s (guy is an animal). Nick pulled out a 14:20. almost everyone had killer form today. getting that weight overhead and keepin it there was rough. Terry pulled out a nice WOD with busted deltoids, calves and shoulders. accidentally rowed a 1000m row on the first round which didnt help his cause. great effort by the 7:00 crew of Terry, tara and earl. great job by all the afternoon folks. im guessing SO cal qualifier #3 tomorrow?

  • Mountain

    I was trying to take Julie out with my bar? That doesn’t make any sense… she was so far behind me, what would have been the point?

    To paraphrase AC/DC, my bar was always bouncing to the left and to the right. But I ain’t trying to hurt nobody.

    Came back at Open Gym and did the SoCal Qualifier from yesterday as Rx’d. The RX weight is 155#, which happens to be my 1 rep max (it’s been a theme this week), so it took me 22:59. But it was Rx, so I gotta be happy with it.

  • Matt..6am

    thats kick ass Jordan…..”The Mad Russian”
    just dont flake on Fight Fit or the gang will be after you
    and you dont want that..

    see you tomorrow


  • Jeremy Jones

    DId this wod after fasting 17 hours (I hate working out fasted, but I wouldn’t have had time to get it in otherwise).


    Back was killing me on the 2nd and 3rd runs. Broke OHS in 20/10, 10/10/10, 7/8/10/5.

    Came in from the first run at about 1:35, came in from the last run right at 11:00 flat.