Morning Team Medicine ball relay runs

Who wouldn’t enjoy a morning with your friends, a medicine ball, and a course to run around?


SoCal Regional Qualifier No 3.

For Time:

2k Row

Followed by six rounds of:

20 Box Jumps (24″/20″)

10 Wall Balls (20lb/14lb – BOTH TO 10 FT TARGET if possible ladies)

If you are not sure if you can complete the above workout in less than 30 minutes (or if you are new), complete the 1/2 Qualifier (1k row, 10 box jumps, 5 wall ball)

Post time to comments. (and you know the drill, you can look up your ‘virtual/theoretical’ placement here for men and here for women).

And before people start looking into it too far, in my experience your ‘theoretical’ time at your home gym is probably anywhere from 5 – 15% faster than what it would be in competition (due to the lack of stress, stringent judging, etc).



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(I wonder how much television and video game violence affects kids health as well. -jj)

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Big Dave

    Ooooooo goodie !!!!!


    Can’t wait to see how I do on this WOD this morning at 5 am.

  • Craig

    If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is around to hear it…..

    Freddy C. wod for Regionals preparation: Grace + 30 Muscle Ups: Muscle ups at the Regionals?

  • Big Dave

    So. Cal #3

    Finished in 24.04

    Rowing 2k in 7 mins

    SPM = 24

  • Mark L.

    Craig: I wouldn’t be shocked if there were m-ups at the regionals. We do have the highest number of bad a$#e! per square mile in Nor*Cal. M-ups at regionals would definitely add to our mystique.

  • Prashant

    For the box jumps, I was watching the video of the SoCal Qualifiers and they were stepping up onto the box. Is this allowed in our version? Which is easier jumping or stepping up?

  • Carry

    Muscle ups? That’s as bad as the HSPUs! I’m lucky if I can get two or three in before I fall apart.

  • Mountain

    Grace & 30 Muscle Ups is workout that needs to be done. I know it. You know it. Freddy C knows it. 21-15-9 of 135 C&J and Muscle Ups is pretty great, too.

  • Mark L.

    Prashant, step-ups are a “scaling”. That is, doing a step-up instead of a jump-up is not RX (as prescribed). I think stepping down OFF the box after jumping onto it is allowed, however. (someone confirm, please).

  • Prashant

    In the video, everyone was stepping up on to the box.


    About 75% through the video.

  • Andrew

    Hey Mark, Darren and I were looking, and it says according to the judging of movements,

    “Box Jump
    Each rep of the box jump will count only when full range of motion is achieved. The rep starts with both feet on the ground. You may move to the top of the box in any fashion you like. The top limit of the movement is when both feet are in contact with the box and your hips and legs are fully extended. You may return to the starting position in any manner you like.”


    So according to these rules, it is okay to step. Had I known this, I would’ve gone faster =( As it stands

    Socal #3 Qualifier
    20:38 with all jumping box jumps

  • Jeremy Jones

    Thanks for the clarification Andrew (I didn’t know that they were using that standard).

    I guess step ups are legal to get RX’ed. Use whatever method will get you there faster.

    As far as the Freddy thing. . .Freddy is competing at the NorCal quals. He is not privy to what the wods will be (he told me this directly).


  • Andrew

    Was kinda bored and transfered all the times to excel and found that I got the 48th fastest time out of 75. Darren was fastest with is 14:14 time by over a minute

  • Darren

    Step ups are way to go. I did 5 box jumps 5 step ups and kept that up for all reps. After the row and the wallballs, Box jumps are so freaking hard, especially on the 24 inch box. Rowed a 1:45 average 500m. 1k at 3:30 and 2k at 7:05, stroke rate of 21. ould have gone much faster on row. but i think pacing on row is most important part of WOD.

  • Big Dave

    I agree with Darren

    PACE YOURSELF on the ROWS or you will not get through the Box Jumps.

  • luca z.

    I agree to with Darren if you don’t pace yourself your legs are going to be fried by the time you start the box jumps. Kudos to my athletes today, all of them completing the WOD as r’xed before the 30min time limit I imposed. Great effort from Chris, he could have done step ups but continued with the jumps, nice work big man, and also kudos to Jenny P. she finished well under the limit, she was very pleased at the end with her effort. We’ve got ourself another fire breather Jason P. he’s Concord PD and today was his second WOD after the three newbies and posted the second best time on the WOD after Darren and before Craig’s, nice work and welcome to the club Jason.

  • 6am..matt

    So is DCF gonna adopt the step up on the box jumps as RX?
    my old knees can use a bit of help

    I think I know the answer to my question..

    Suck It Up..



  • Shorty

    Holy Crap D-Roe! 7:05 2k row at 21 SPM?! Insane.

  • Craig

    Great rowing tonight! Everyone had fast arms and nice slow, even strokes – it was a thing of beauty. Well done. Great times, by so many who beat me at 17:57 the day before.

    Today I did the Qualifier #2 wod: 3rndsx 30 OHS #95 & 450m run in 10:35.

  • Yvonne

    HOLY COW!!! All our meat stored on the top shelf of our freezer!!!
    Stavros, thank you!!!!
    For the next order I am willing to just get the ground beef.

    I learned a few things tonight, don’t try to beat Holly at anything and I have a long ways to go on my oly lifting, it’s like learning to swing a golf club.