090425 SATURDAY “Number 2”

Jamie watches the clock during her L sits

Jamie watches the clock during Tabata L sits.

Workout: “Number 2”

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

10 Wall Ball (men: 20lb ball-10ft target, women: 14lb ball-8ft target)

10 sumo deadlift high pull (95lb, 53, 35 or 26 depending on skill)

10 ring dips (or ring push ups)

10 Double Unders

Post number of rounds to comments.

Last time we did “Number 2” was January 27th (click here for posting)



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Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Darren

    Workout A*

    For time:

    Row 500m
    30 Burpees
    10 Shoulder-to-Overhead (Men: 165#, Women: 95#)

    Workout B

    Max reps in 10 minutes of:

    Ground-to-Shoulder (Male: 185#, Female: 115#)


  • Craig

    That is the first solo pic of Jamie on our site ever! Finally. Nice.

    WOD 1: Cool, just gots to pace my burps and slaughter the c& j’s.

    WOD 2: I’m glad I’ve been practicing my m-ups, but they will be the limiting factor for sure. 10 rounds for me? Dunno. The power cleans will be a snap.

    Darren and Stav are going to SLAY these wods. Carry too. Yvonne will nail #1, easy.

    Yvonne needs m-up coaching …who can help?

  • Craig

    Conspiracy theory.

    Recent CFOW wods:

    WOD 4/24/2009
    Complete the following for time:
    * 10 burpees/1 pull-up
    * 9 burpees/2 pull-ups
    * 8 burpees/3 pull-ups
    * 7 burpees/4 pull-ups
    * 6 burpees/5 pull-ups
    * 5 burpees/6 pull-ups
    * 4 burpees/7 pull-ups
    * 3 burpees/8 pull-ups
    * 2 burpees/9 pull-ups
    * 1 burpee/10 pull-ups

    WODs 4/22/2009
    Workout #1
    Complete the following for time:
    * 30 clean and jerks (M:135#/W:95#)
    * 30 muscle-ups
    Or, Complete the following for time:
    * 30 clean and jerks (pick weight)
    * 60 jumping muscle-ups (see video)

  • Darren

    We called it. 185 cleans and muscle ups. That is word for word what I thought Mike would pick.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Wow. Good call guys. I suspected the heavy cleans and MAYBE M/us. I wasn’t nearly as convinced as y’all.

    I like the workouts. . . fairly balanced and easy to administer in large doses. I wonder where they will be doing M/Us at Aromas?

    What do you guys think the 3rd w/o will be? I’m betting run. . .


    From the Norcal Site:

    Day 1 Workouts: Rx’d or Scaled
    Name of person who made credit card payment for registration (if other than yourself)

    You need to have this email to us by Tuesday 4/28 at midnight. That’s a hard deadline. If we don’t receive an email from you, you won’t be placed in a heat for the workouts.

    Our email address: norcalcfregionals@gmail.com

    DO IT NOW!


  • Holly

    Okay now I’m scared!
    Can we get a MU clinic like NOW???

  • luca z.

    Good class today lots of people, a great job to all and new PR for some, for other better form and heavier weights.
    I had a nice Oly class after too, with Jesse, Russell, Lauren and Chris W. working on their Clean technique.
    All and all a good day at the gym, I love training people.

  • Yvonne

    We had Nick install a pull up bar in our backyard yesterday. Already have home rings so I will practice mu’s on it but not high enough for Craig???? He can practice on Alana’s playscape definitely high enough. We all knew there was going to be mu’s, we talked about it and we were completely in denial. We girls are going to be very challenged or screwed!!! The girl that does the best in workout B will be the winner of the whole thing in my eyes.

  • Yvonne

    Above, Darren posted the weight on Workout B (ground to shoulder for women) as 115 but it is 105.

  • Mountain

    Damn. Maybe I should have registered. Of course, Ive never cleaned 175#, let alone 185. I bet I could learn in a week, though.

  • Jeremy Jones

    You could do well Mountain. I think you don’t give yourself enough credit.

    Too bad. We told you to sign up!

    All this week at DCF. . . Muscle up practice, Clean practice, Rowing Technique. . . and more.


  • Jeremy Jones

    Oh I also wanted to say about today’s pic. . . Jamie is totally hot.


  • Carry

    This sounds sooooooo much easier than last year! No heavy dead lifts! my prayers were answered 🙂

    I’ll see my home girls at the Shed tomorrow for some MU pracitce. I have no doubt you ladies will master this. And hopefully I will get better/quicker. Starting to get excited!!!

    I think the DCF guys are going to do great…..I think we will see a lot of really close times…fractions of seconds especially for the men.

  • Craig

    So here’s my question regarding the Regionals:

    How do you add up scores from an AMRAP wod and a time-based wod?

    Competitor 1 does 30 reps in the AMRAP wod and 8mins for the time wod.

    Competor 2 does 25 reps and 7:30.

    Who is in the lead? By how much?


  • jorgy

    My guess Craig is that it will be similar to the 07′ games with a score of 100 for the lead 95 for 2nd place 90 for 3rd and down by 1 from there. So it will be a placing game instead of time or reps. so if competitor 1 came in 1st on WOD #1 and 2nd on WOD #2 and competitor 2 came in 2nd on WOD #1 and 1st on WOD #2 then they would be tied for first with a score of 195 each.

    …Just do the workouts as fast and hard as possible with form good enough to be on camera without shaming our gym and your entire family and just hope that you don’t come in DEAD FUCKING LAST!!! If you don’t qualify and you gave it your all, rethink your training, tweak it to crossfit standards and go at it next year.

  • Craig

    Excellent point, Jorgy.

    Btw, these wods are ones you can nail!