090426 SUNDAY

Jeremy Jones' butt

Uhh. . . no comment.

Workout: Pull up ladder

1 pull up the first minute, 2 pull ups the second minute, 3 pull ups the third minute. . . continue until you cannot complete the number of pull ups in the 60 seconds allotted.

Post number of rounds completed plus additional pull ups completed to comments.


POSE method of running clinic today!

“In order to excel at any sport and to avoid being injured you need to learn proper technique. Running is no different and yet most running instruction consists of “Run this far” and “Run with this intensity”. Very few running coaches actually teach you how to run. At our running clinic you will learn HOW to run. Tim Hill, your clinic coach, is Northern California’s only POSE Method of Running coach.”

Click here to sign up ($75 per participant).


Article: Even modest exercise can reduce negative effects of body fat.

. . . “Scientists now know that obesity is associated with a low-grade systemic inflammation. Obese people have higher levels of circulating inflammatory markers, such as C-reactive protein (CRP), which are produced and secreted by fat tissue. This inflammation then triggers the systemic diseases linked with metabolic syndrome, such as Type 2 diabetes and heart disease,” he said. . .

Click here for complete article.

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  • Fitness Fabulous

    Who slapped his ass! Haha

  • Mountain

    What’s on your mind this weekend, Jeremy? On Saturday, it’s a workout called “Number 2” and a picture of Jamie in the “throne” position. On Sunday, it’s a picture of your butt. The whole thing just seems assinine.

  • Craig

    10 muscle ups in 3mins. 22 Cleans (185) in 7, About 85%. 32 total reps.

    Thrilled with the muscle ups.

  • Craig

    If you’re doing the Regional workouts prior to competing Games remember, your muscles need 48 -96 hours to recuperate, especially if the loads are heavy. Manage your workouts carefully this week. Sleep, hydrate, and eat good food.

  • Mountain

    I love the pullup ladder.

    Laci, Macy, Stephanie, and Dennis all got 9 rounds and change. Bill and Hector got 12 rounds apiece. And we were treated to Shakira during the workout (does she CrossFit? Could we convince her to?)

    Seeing that Jesse got 19 rounds + 12 earlier in the day, I managed to get 19 rounds +14. And a blood blister.

  • Jeremy Jones

    That’s why you should use a rubber.

    (the blue rubbers that protect your hands during pull ups).


  • KeHoeff

    hey this is a very interesting article!