090428 TUESDAY “Goodbye for now Alex”

+++CLASS AT DCF CLOSED THIS WEEKEND – Everyone should come to the Qualifiers to cheer on our fellow DCFers+++

Coach Alex Rolling leaves for baseball season

Alex will be leaving DCF for a spell while he plays Baseball in Indiana. He plans on resuming coaching upon his return (in approximately 5 months or so).

Workout: (Alex would have really liked this workout)

For time.

Run 800m

15 Thrusters (135lbs men, 95lb women, or less if needed)

Run 400m

12 Thrusters

Run 200m

9 Thrusters

Run 100m

Thrusters must start from the floor every set (don’t use racks).

Post time to comments.


Article from Jon Gilson at “Again Faster”:

Ian Carver: A better way (implementing CrossFit in Law Enforcement departments).

“. . .In Patrol you go from zero to 60. You’re out talking to somebody and the next thing you know it’s a foot pursuit and you’re going over fences and then you’re getting in a fist fight. That exact scenario happened to me prior to me leaving there one day. That was really a changing life for me was getting into a fight with a guy that I chased for a long time, getting stuck in a backyard with him and just being in a literal toe-to-toe fist fight for about a minute and a half straight until the first units got there. . .

. . .Win or lose law enforcement combat in public, it’s not go home as the loser. It’s you don’t go home. And that right there, with him latched onto my gun, grabbing for my gun in that backyard and me doing all I could to fight this guy off and keep myself safe was the catalyst for me to go, “Okay, this is not the right way to train. There’s got to be a better way. I know it’s out there somewhere. Now what do I do?” . . .”

Click here for complete article.



May 2nd & 3rd is the NorCal Regional Qualifiers (that is this weekend folks!).

Directions to Aromas can be found by clicking here.

Please post to comments if you are looking for someone to carpool with.

May 9th is the Gymnastics and Parkour Workshop at Diablo CrossFit.

YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR SPOT AHEAD OF TIME. Email jeremy@diablocrossfit.com if you plan on attending.

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  • JimmyG

    Bryan S. joined us at 6am Fight Fight. I think he loved it.
    Suzie, Marnie and Michelle were killing it as usual.
    We already miss Alex!!
    1min of work

    Bag/combos and bunches
    GHD sit ups
    Thrusters #95
    Obstacle course
    Jump rope
    1 min rest
    3 Rounds… finish last round w/ 400m sprint
    Good times at DCF!!
    1 min of Thrusters is no joke!!

  • Bryan S.

    What a class this morning. Shannon had been telling me about how Jimmy is an Evil Crossfit Genius and he proved it to me at Fight Fit. I am hooked. Thanks Jimmy!

    I also wanted to inform the DCF community of my new post WOD meal. Thanks to my beautiful wife, I can now have Funfetti brownies after working out. Tasted so good after Fight Fit.

  • Craig

    Since the above is Alex’s favorite workout, does that mean the thrusters are only 1/3 deep?

    Sorry, man. Couldn’t resist.

  • Bryan S.


  • Prashant

    Oooooooh long distance burn. Need some aloe for that burn?

  • luca z.

    This week I have to give kudos to Andrew L. and Hector, they did the WOD at 115lb, heavier than anyone else, and with good form. Some other athletes went with lighter weight to get better form and I like that, put your ego away when you walk into our gym, if you want to make progress, it take time and dedication and if you want to use good form and full range of motion, your weight is going to go down, but you’ll get stronger and you’ll lift weight in a much safer way. Keep up the good work and see you all on Thursday.

  • lauren

    Is anyone going down to the regionals on Saturday and driving up later that evening?

  • kaela

    who are all the DCF athletes participating this weekend? good luck guys and girls…i’ll try to make it out to cheer you on!!

  • Rodil

    DCF firefighters – check out the Luann comic strip yesterday and today (especially today) 🙂



  • Mountain

    I’d like to be in Aromas on Saturday if anyone needs a ride, or if anyone wants me to ride in their car. I just need to be back in town by Sunday morning.

  • Mark L.

    Lauren/Mountain… if I can talk my wife into it, I might drive down for part of Saturday and come back when the day’s competition is over. I’d love to stay for the afterparty and Sunday, but it’s just not in the cards, this year.
    I’ll Facebook you guys when my plans have solidified.

  • jamie

    Meg R- thanks for the awesome inspiration today. 85#- OMG!!!

  • Tami

    Mountain, you can ride down with me on Saturday if you want.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Meg and Shannon M both used 85lbs today! Nice work ladies.

    I was also impressed with Jamie herself using 65lbs. Look out Fran, Jamie is coming for you Rxed.

    But I think the best performance of the day was Bill. He nailed the thrusters and came 2nd only to Bryan S (no small feat)!


  • Ronnielo

    Good luck Alex on your upcoming Baseball season. Stay healthy and keeping the hitters guessing!