090429 WEDNESDAY “Rowing Relay Races”

+++DCF CLOSED THIS WEEKEND FOR NORCAL QUALIFIERS – Everyone should head down to Aromas and Cheer on your fellow DCFers!+++

Diablo CrossFits Patent Pending Chalk Globe

I have been asked what the globe was for when people were looking at our pictures online. We use it for chalk. And EVERYONE knows to put their hands INSIDE of the globe to apply chalk right? (i.e. don’t pull the chalk out of the globe and dust up the gym).

Workout: Rowing Relay Races

For time, With teams of 3 people.

Row 500m, rotate to next teammate in succession.

Repeat until all teammates have rowed 4 times. The clock does not stop while athletes change out. Post each 500m time to comments, as well as total team time.

(If working out by yourself, substitute 3 minutes of rest between sets. If working out with only one partner -a team of two people- sub in 1.5 minutes of rest for the missing teammate).


Videos: Jon Gilson From Again Faster talks about rowing

The Concept2 Rower – Part 2 from Jon Gilson on Vimeo.

The Concept2 PM3 Monitor from Jon Gilson on Vimeo.


Recipe: “Spinach Bread” from Mark’s Daily Apple

(super easy and about 20-30 minutes of total cooking time. . .hey, that’s faster than regular bread! -jj)

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  • jordan Karnofsky

    i remember doing this WOD in October/November. good lord i hated it. i cant wait for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Dave



    Can’t wait to get this started this morning.

  • Mark L.

    Hey guys. Sakura and Dapo are over in Hawaii.

    I spotted this through Facebook clues:
    (cut and paste) http://hardassfitness.blogspot.com/

  • Big Dave

    Well today’s WOD end up having Chandra, Jordan and myself rowing on team E rowing 4 rounds.

    Between the 3 of us we finished in 25:37 almost 2 min faster than the 2nd place team A finshed.

    Average 6:22 per round or avg 2:09 per person.

    Everyone looked good on the ROWING and then falling down on the floor after each round. Jimmy was kicking some avg round times of 1:30.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I am pretty sure Sakura is back (she was at DCF yesterday).

    Other notes from this morning’s class.

    Judy threw up a little water after round 2. . .then got back on the rower and finished 3 and 4!

    I was talking to her afterward and told her that puking wasn’t really a “good” thing. She said:

    “What do you mean it isn’t good for you? I remember back a the old Shed, every day I would ask where Jordan was and you’d say ‘around the corner puking’.”

    What kind of monsters are we making here!?

    Another great moment was Nancy telling me a few days ago that after 6 months she should be able to do 3 pull ups by now. Today she did 5. I’m betting that she’ll have 10 in a month or so.


  • Donna D.

    All I have to say is that I’m PROUD of our team!!! We gave it our all and finished strong!!!! Thank you Harvey and Kevin for putting it all out there!! In a weird way….. I LOVED THAT!!!! Am I crazy? My avg/500m was 2:02…..I’ll take it! I felt good about my SPM/ 24……..GOOD STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Meg Rosten

    Jeremy- Will there be classes Friday night? Looking forward to cheering on fellow DCF’ers at the Qualifiers on Saturday and hopefully Sunday!!!! 🙂

  • Craig

    With all of the puking references, stories of collapsing on the floor, or “putting it all out there,” calloused hands, monsters, broken wrists, chipped teeth, its amazing that anyone new would want to join this place.

    Can you imagine how frikkin’ nervous new people must be? And, the sad part is, the pre-workout nerves never really go away.

    Frankly, no matter what fitness level they are, our new peeps are “badasses” just for walking in the door and signing up. I guess thats why we have a cool community. We’re all a little nuts.

  • Yvonne

    Craig you forgot to mention open wounds, bruises, scraps, scars and raspberries!!!!!

  • jorgy

    Everyone needs to go down on friday to watch the premier of “Every Second Counts.” Details are at crossfitgames.com. Some of your favorite DCFers are showed in the movie and of course we look freakin awesome.

  • Craig

    Volunteer Registration: 6a.m.
    Standards Meeting for Volunteers: 6:30a.m.
    Athlete Registration: 6:30a.m.
    Competition Begins: 9:00a.m.

    Where: The Ranch ,275 Dunbarton Rd, Aromas, CA 92115

    Directions to Aromas:http://maps.google.com/maps?q=275+Dunbarton+Rd,Aromas%2c+CA%2c+92115%2c++(The+Ranch+-+Site+of+the+2009+CrossFit+Games)

  • sarah

    Great work from the 930 and 1030 classes!! This one is a ass kicker!!I l would look over and see Tami hunched over about to blow chunks…rinse and repeat! Savage…Andrew kept it nice and steady showing us all how to get it done. It was great to see Mel! She was doing a great job listening to her body! Welcome back! Jason kicked ass in his rows! This was a fun one…..

  • Judy

    I figured that since it was the first time I have ever puked, it was a benchmark day. Now I get to wear my CrossFit T-shirt and earned it. Hmmmm, that sounds weird, right?

  • Bryan S.

    I am going in at 4pm this afternoon. Anyone else going to be there for some rowing relays?

  • Travis H

    Have you seen the movie already jorgy?

  • Darren

    Great funny clip on fat

  • Brook

    My beginner jitters did finally go away Thank goodness, since I always felt like I would poop my pants as soon as I hit the parking lot. Now I get them right when the workout begins and I think Oh yea, this is HARD!!!! A few people have already heard my “beginner jitters” story but I had such a good work out this morning I felt like sharing it on the comment board. I loved having the work out all done by park time and then I buzzed around the park showing my kids how to cross the monkey bars and climb the miniature climbing wall. That’s right I showed them how to do it. I loved the kipping practice. I haven’t even tried to kipp until this month because I just always figured I had to be able to do a dead hang pull up first. It was really great to practice that as a group. Thanks Sarah Awesome class. ( I am obviously still floating from it….I haven’t put the Kahlua in my coffee yet, I swear)

  • Mountain

    While everyone else has been working on muscle ups this week, I’ve been working on getting 185lb cleans. On Monday, I got 175lbs for the first time. Today, after committing to the notion of actually squatting & not just trying to power-clean it, I got 185 lbs. Twice. Now I’ve got that big ol’ giddy grin most people get after they do their first muscle up.


  • jorgy

    I have seen the movie before but it was not the final cut. I watched it at the level 2 certification at One World. It was an awesome movie Sevan, Kerry, and Tony did a great job. The best part is the end though, because even though I knew what happened I still thought Josh Everett was going to win haha. My biggest part was cut out of the version that I saw but Sevan said they were going to try and put it in. After the hill run Sevan came up and was filming me and I didn’t know, he asked me how I felt and I told him that I thought i tore my ass cheek. Maybe they put that part back in I’m not sure though.

  • Mountain

    Did Workout B as Rx’d. Scored 27 (10 cleans, 17 muscle ups).

    Started off with a 1:2 ratio, but after getting 2 cleans & 4 MUs, went to 1:1. Got the first 5 cleans in three minutes, but didn’t get the 10th clean until 9 minutes in. Had a couple of misses– one where I didn’t get the bar high enough, one where the weights slid off the left side of the bar (guess that clamp wasn’t tight enough). As the cleans went on, it actually felt easier getting into the catch position, but harder and harder to stand up out of the squat.

    That was, strangely, an eye-opening workout. Maybe even inspiring. Very happy with it.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    That is amazing. You go from not doing a single 185lb. clean, to RX’ing the regional qualifier WOD (the hardest qualifier WOD there is, btw.)

    Well done bro. That is dedication at it’s best. Strong work.

  • Bryan S.

    Did rowing relay with Russ at 4pm. We did pretty good on our splits until Russ had a nasty garlic chicken burp and I nearly puked my guts out when I started my 4 row. Thanks Russ!
    5, 6 and 7pm classes were great tonight. Awesome job everyone.

  • Craig

    Awesome and funny story Brooke!

  • jordan Karnofsky

    sorry bryan- i was locked out of my new place from 10 am til 9 pm.

  • DJ~CFS

    JJ I love the globe it is very nautical!