090430 THURSDAY “Cindy”

+++DCF CLOSED THIS WEEKEND FOR NORCAL QUALIFIERS – Everyone should head down to Aromas and Cheer on your fellow DCFers!+++

Stavros talking during the Introduction to Elite Nutrition Seminar in April

We had quite a good turnout for out “Introduction to Elite Nutrition” Seminar. You can expect more seminars like this in the future.

Workout: “Cindy”

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

5 pull ups

10 push ups

15 squats

Post number of rounds completed to comments.



Depression linked to abdominal obesity (visceral fat).

“. . .The researchers found a strong correlation between depression and visceral fat, particularly among overweight and obese women. The results were the same even when the analysis adjusted for other variables that might explain the accumulation of visceral fat, such as the level of physical activity. The study found no association between depressive symptoms and subcutaneous fat. The findings were the same for both black and white women.

Powell speculated that depression triggers the accumulation of visceral fat by means of certain chemical changes in the body – like the production of cortisol and inflammatory compounds – but said that more research is needed to pinpoint the exact mechanism.”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    For all those interested in Grass Fed Beef. Creston Valley Meats, who we previously ordered from, has 2 more whole cows of meat that we can purchase. If you’re interested, it would be a 1/4 cow order, which equals 45-50 pounds of meat (mixed steaks, chops, stew meat, and ground beef). The price is still $4/pound. I will organize the purchase, but we will not be dividing the order into smaller quantities. If you want, you can hook up with another person and divide it up after you pick it up.

    What I need to know;
    If you want to do it, and how many 1/4 cow (45-50lbs. meat) you want to order, and when you will get me the money.

    I need to know this by Monday (the sooner the better)

    Let me know of any questions.

  • Nick

    First MU today, I did the peanut butter jelly time dance after.
    Big thank you to Roger from crossfit marin, he had me do it on the third try.
    I also want to thank Holly and Yvonne for cheering me on.

  • Mike P.

    I’m in for one order of 1/4 cow. That actually sounds like a joke but knowing it’s not makes me happy. I can bring you the money as soon as you want it. Thanks for coordinating another order.

    Nick, good work on that MU! Do I smell a podium finish on its way…

  • Yvonne

    Happy 1st Birthday Jax!!!! xoxoxo
    Craig, Yvonne & Alana

  • Travis H

    Stav sign me up for a 1/4 cow… this stuff makes awesome jerky and the convenience factor of individual wrapped steaks is amazing.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    If you’re not a math major, 45-50lbs X $4/lb = ~$200 or so. Like I said, you can split it, but thats on an individual basis. So far, I have;

    Mike P.- 1/4 cow
    Travis H.- 1/4 cow

  • Amy

    Sign us up for da’ beef – I’m waiting to hear back from a friend who may also want some, so I will let you know how much we want and get you a check by Friday evening.
    Thank you, friend. Our family appreciates this good food and your work in getting it to us.

  • luca z.

    Cindy always bring out the best in crossfitter, the competition was heated at the 9:30 class with 10 athletes going at it and screaming at each other for encouragement, one of the great thing about crossfit, you’re busting you B…S trying to beat your record and still have enough breath to scream to the guy next to you to keep going.
    The 10:30 class was smaller with just Shawn and Nancy, but they worked just as hard, kudos to Nancy for doing a modified Cindy, due to a Supraspinatus tear, and still give it all. Remember, no classes this W.E. come and support our athletes in Aromas at the Crossfit qualifiers.

  • Hylie

    Good Luck to all DCF Qualifiers!!!!
    I will be there in spirit to cheer y’all on but will be at an MX Race at Club Moto.
    Go Beast Mode!!

  • grace

    Please count us in for 1/4-moo moo. Thanks for taking orders!

    I’ll be thinkin about all you guys while you’re at the Qualifiers!!!!!!! DCFers are SUCH S-A-V-A-G-E-S. Rock the house down!

  • JimmyG

    Had to bounce early this morning w/o posting.
    6am Fight Fit…We tried a couple of new twists.
    5 punch combo and squat..fun and
    Dumbell Push-up and rows w/ 35’s in each hand. (do a push-up on the dumbbells then row one up to your arm pit. Alternate arms.
    NO Joke. Please try. We found splitting your legs wide worked best.
    Now try for a minute straight along w/ 5 other hard stations…Oh yeah 3 rounds and a 400m sprint at the end……Good Times.
    Chanda kicked my ass today in scissor kicks….CrossFit Girls and their damn abs!!

  • Jasmine

    hey guys…

    Haven’t heard about much collaboration about what everyone is bringing… what might be needed for the qualifiers this weekend. Anyone want to start talking about things to bring that might be helpful for our camp? I keep hearing that it might be raining… Yikes!
    Is anyone planning to bring a pop up tent, tarps, table,chairs, ice chest etc?

    Maybe this conversation has been going around somewhere besides here, but if not, let’s start talking!

    It would be great to bring a big Diablo sign to post up by our area… jeremy, can we use one? Of course, if you have a DCF shirt, bring it and wear it! I would suggest for people to bring chairs as well, unless you want to sit in the dirt. Is anyone bringing a video camera? Anything else we can bring for the competitors that might be helpful?

    Last year it was crazy hot… this year wet. Fun times ahead for sure.

    Looking forward to being with you all and cheering on our crew!