090501 FRIDAY

+++DCF CLOSED THIS WEEKEND FOR NORCAL QUALIFIERS – Everyone should head down to Aromas and Cheer on your fellow DCFers!+++

Handy Man grinding out a front squat

Handyman Nick prepping for the CrossFit Games Regional Qualifiers. Nick (& Craig) got his first muscle-up under the coaching of Roger Harrell on Wednesday! Come to our Gymastic Clinic with Roger on May 9th and get your first muscle up.


4 Rounds for Time:

10 Deadlift 185 / 115

20 Box Jumps 24/20

30 Sit Ups

Post time to comments.


norcal_region.jpg The Regional Games Are THIS Weekend. 210 athletes will compete for 5 spots for the men and 5 spots for the women for the CrossFit Games in July.

For complete details go to: NORCAL REGIONAL QUALIFIER

Be sure to dress for the weather! It could rain on Saturday.

Start times for all athletes: START TIMES

Good luck to our DCF Athletes: Stavros, Darren, Holly, Yvonne, Craig, Carry, Nick & Jorgy!

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  • Mark L.

    Great classes last night! I haven’t done Cindy in a long time (almost a year… strange how I seemed to have missed it so many times), so I did it with the 7pm class. Great work by everyone! Several people cracked into the 20’s as RX and we had a few PRs.
    We also had a jump rope competition. Winners were:
    Jordan (5pm)
    Hector (6pm)
    Brandon/Prashant/Earl three way tie (7pm)

    Towards the end Shilpa and I started racing our air squats (if we by chance ended up getting there at the same time). Funny how a one-on-one race can often get the best out of you.

    Witnessed several muscle ups from big Nick who did wax-on/wax-off all day, too. He’s starting to look exactly like his little bro up there on the rings. Have fun digging holes all day, today, buddy. Don’t dig too hard!

  • Travis H

    Who is competing tomorrow?

  • Andrew

    “Good luck to our DCF Athletes: Stavros, Darren, Holly, Yvonne, Craig, Carry, Nick & Jorgy!”


  • Craig

    “I used to be a contender!”….was my cry this morning as I was harassed by the 0600H “WMJ” squad. (wmj = “we miss jimmy”). “Hey, I used to run the badass 0600h class before there were members,” I said!! It fell on deaf ears.

    “No stretching?” “No plyo warm-up?” “No Jordan music?”

    NO! You’ll do the Burgener warm-up and you’ll like it!

    So, they smoked the workout and afterward, as I was loading dumbells in my car, Michelle says “we’ll load them.. but we’re going to walk 400m with them first!” I laughed and watched the WMJ freaks trudge away carrying the dumbells. After loading, they ran 400m – Alan x2!

    I am humbled. I miss Jimmy too.

  • Herm @ CF Los Altos, CA

    So glad to hear that Jorgy is competing!

    See you guys there 🙂

  • Bryan S.

    Good luck to all the DCF’ers competing tomorrow. Shannon and I are really sad we won’t be there. I know that all of you are going to kill your WODs. Remember, you can rest on Monday. No reason to stop, slow down or give up!

  • Holly

    Anybody have info on when and where the crossfit film is showing tonight (Aromas or Santa Cruz CF)?

  • jorgy

    I was sad to hear that you werent competing, I believe to the fullest that in order to be the best you have to beat the best and two of the best crossfitters I know wont be competing this weekend (Herm and JJ) so whoever wins it should be a hollow victory.

    check crossfitgames.com or crossfitsantacruz.com. Details about a pre-movie barbeque are also up.

  • Andrew

    Jorgy, don’t worry, you’re not actually winning anything yet. You still have to win the games!

  • JimmyG

    Hahaha…. I love the 6am crew!!! They are all beasts!
    Poor Craig…did they make you share a beer with them after too??..lol

  • Suzie

    Best of Luck to the DCF team in Aromas!
    I am sure you will all do great!
    I will be running thru the mud in the marin headlands for the MiWok 100K.
    Looking forward to reading some updates at the end of the weekend!
    Good luck

  • Mountain

    Did Workout A this morning and… DNF!

    Got through the row & burpees in 4 minutes and just ran into a brick wall w/ the 165# jerks. 1 clean, 1 jerk, fail @ the 2nd jerk attempt. Did that 4 times. Then failed @ a clean attempt. Got one final clean & jerk, failed yet again @ the 2nd jerk attempt, and ran out of time (10 minute time limit on the workout). So, 5 jerks short of finishing.

    Oh well… certainly takes the pressure off for Workout B, which I’m about to do in a few minutes. Next year, though, I am going to kill these workouts. Maybe not next year’s qualifiers, but definitely these workouts.

  • Mountain

    Workout B went much better. Ended up with a score of 32– tried to beat Craig’s score, but came up just short.

    Did all 10 cleans before starting muscle-ups. The cleans took 6 minutes, including a few misses, but nothing too bad. Got 22 muscle-ups in the last 4 minutes, only missing once.

    A great & humbling experience to do the Day One workouts. Now, I’m stoked to head down to Aromas and see how competitors from all over Nor Cal do.

  • Mark L

    Mountain, WO-A, were your push jerks in front or behind?

  • Jeremy Jones

    Traffic caused some 4pm peeps to show up for the 5pm class instead, so we had a ton of people doing deads and box jumps at the same time. . . Yes it finally happened, we ran out of 24 in boxes (hard to believe, but true).

    There were a couple people who got sub 10 in each class. Jesse did with with rxed weigth and Adam did with just under rxed weight (he dropped weight to maintain form).

    I Did today’s WOD with the 7pm class. Used 225 for deadlifts, and did 2 rounds of GHD sit ups (round 1 and round 3, had to split them up). Thanks to Harvey for that bit of inspiration (bastard). He did them all with GHDs I believe.