090506 WEDNESDAY “Happy Birthday Lauren!”

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+++Olympic Lifting and 3pm CrossFit canceled this Saturday for Gymnastics Seminar+++

Carry dominating the muddy hill in Aromas

Carry runs down the muddy cliff/hill in Aromas at the qualifiers. Carry was DCF’s top performing woman!

Workout: For Lauren’s Birthday, she calls it “Feisty Bitch”

For time.

Run 800 m

42 box jumps 24 in box

24 GHD sit ups (sub: abmat sit ups)

42 deadlifts (135#men, 75#women)

24 handstand push ups (head to floor)

42 lunges (alternating R,L)

24 burpee pull ups

Run 400 m

Post time to comments.


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  • Jeremy Jones

    I don’t think many people will be wishing Lauren a “Happy” birthday while doing this workout.


  • jordan Karnofsky

    lauren- you are a very cool girl.
    however, your birthday WOD is ridiculous/absurd/sucks.
    i WANT to wish you a happy birthday… but after reading that paragraph, i dont think i am going to…
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! (i caved)

  • Mark L.

    Are you kidding? This was obviously a birthday present to ME! Nothing is heavy and there are burpies AND HSPU… and a bunch of running, lunges, box jumps… I am overcome with emotion. Somebody loves me! hahaha
    Happy Birthday, Lauren!

  • Big Dave

    Pay backs can be hell for other folks birthday’s but this one is C R A Z Y!!

    Happy Birthday Lauren and thanks for the punishment!!!

  • Miles

    The norcal winner was Jeff Leonard Jeremy, I knew as soon as you said he played college football. I played against that bastard in high school and college at wyoming, he is everywhere. Son of a b.

  • Ronnielo

    Happy Birthday Lauren!

  • Prashant

    Happy birthday Lauren, but seriously?!?!?!

  • luca z.

    Happy birthday Lauren!!!

  • Travis H

    Happy birthday Lauren! REST DAY YEY!

  • Yvonne

    Carry, you were so awesome that day. Overcame a fear and gave it your all without a sound!!! We love you!!!

    Happy 24th Birthday Lauren!!! Wish I could be there to do the WOD! Just realized you are a Taurus, now I know what makes you so determined and stubborn, you bull head!!!

  • Mountain

    “Feisty Bitch” looks like fun. I haven’t had any carbs in 36 hours, so we’ll see how this goes.

  • Mountain

    Wait, Jeremy, you forgot to post how many rounds. Is it three rounds or five?

  • Meg Rosten

    Happy Birthday Lauren!!!! Have a fantastic day! 🙂

  • jordan Karnofsky

    i lost 3 lbs of water sweating all over pleasant hill from this WOD. good lord lauren. actually it wasnt as bad as i thought and strangely i kinda liked it.

    22:30 as Rx.
    Actual head to floor HSPU with no abmat-first time i have done all HSPU’s without scaling. man that felt good. i like laurens birthday.

  • Hylie

    Happy Birthday Lauren. This wod looks extremely fun, I hope I can make it in today!!!
    Congrats Carry on your NorCal Qualifiers success. You rock!!

  • Suzie

    Congrats to all of you that competed this weekend…it sure sounds like you all did very well.
    I sure miss my 6am class Jimmy! I ran and finished the 100K
    saturday but ran into some trouble at mile 50. Something is haywire in my left lower back/hip area. I can’t even walk right now. I had an xray and am waiting to get the approval for an MRI. I am hoping it is a pinched nerve so that wiould heal quickly.
    I will keep you posted and hope to get back in soon.

  • Amy

    Happy Birthday Lady Lauren! One of the first she-devils to welcome me with open arms and always fun to sweat with.
    Your WOD is gnarly. How anyone can be fiesty after that is beyond me.

  • Carry

    All I have to say about that picture is PHOTO SHOP!!! Help a sister out! jeeze.

    Happy Birthday Lauren!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    The first 6 people I talked to after the 6am class all said pretty much the same thing “DAMN WTF LAUREN!?”

    Good times.


  • Mountain

    “Feisty Bitch” was fun! Rx’d in 29:24. About 11 of those minutes on the HSPU. Did the first half on the pushup handles (to spare my wrists), but after ~12, my shoulders couldn’t handle the depth anymore– so I went to regular hands-on-the-floor head-to-the-floor HSPU..

  • sarah

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!! That was a brutal WOD! Thanks!! Hope your day is beautiful!!

    930 class- My goodness Nancy has gorgeous deadlift form!! Nice work today! It was great having all the cool peeps in class today sweating it out!

    1030 class- Paula honored us with her presence!! Nice to see you!! Next year qualifier for ya?? Yay!! Kevin did amazing!! Rocked it hard then went home to grab his daughter and bring her to the gym and show her how he gets it done! It was really cool to see her trying to kip!!

    All in all a beautiful day at the best place on earth!!

  • Ronnielo


  • russell

    Happy Birthday Lauren. I’ll be grinding through your WOD this evening. I’m just glad your not turning 39 😉

  • Mike P.

    Happy birthday Lauren! 10 bucks says JJ has the biggest shit eating grin on his face when he posts these WODs to celebrate special events…I know I would. Can’t wait to give it a try this evening and most likely botch a couple box jumps followed by the awkward check to see if anyone saw me…

  • Holly

    The work-place said NO to Cabo for fear of me infecting them upon my return so I stayed in town and did Feisty Bitch instead. So similar did not even notice the lack of sun, sand, water and drink in my hand! Thanks Lauren, A LOT!!! Had not thought of you as feisty until I was done today. Happy Birthday!

    FB 24:10, two-abmat HSPUs, followed by a 1 1/2 hour nap.

    Carry, so very impressed by your ability and positivity, you amaze me girlfriend!

  • Tami

    Lauren, I was guessing that behind your sweet little smile and laid back personality was a fiesty inner bitch, I can see it in your face just before you thow a punch. That was a great WOD! Have a Happy Birthday.

  • Brook

    Happy Birthday Lauren. Thanks for a good one.

  • JimmyG

    100 mile Suzie…so sorry you got an owwwie. I really hope it’s nothing major.
    I can’t even begin to imagine doing what you do. I’m soooo impressed.
    Let us know how it goes doll….see you soon.

  • Nick

    Happy Birthday Lauren.
    I don’t like days off for my arms hurting. Does not feel right

  • jordan k

    class was full of stud and studettes. stephanie grinded through on her pullups gettin her chin over every single rep. danny put forth a monster effort. sarah’s first class after her newbie and she attacked a 1/2 lauren bday wod. way to go guys.

    7 pm
    mike decided to do the wod again but this time half of it. tara and jesse ran through it like it was no problem. they said that lauren is a wuss and that birthday wod was a “piece of cake” and “easy as pie”. oh so witty.

  • 6am...Matt

    went by the shed to time this at 6:30pm
    I did it in 31:24….lagged on getting strapped in the rower
    this one is great after work..


    Run 400 M
    Row 2000 M

    Run 400 M
    Row 500 M
    Run 400 M
    Row 500 M
    Run 400 M
    Row 500 M
    Run 400 M
    Row 500 M
    Run 400 M

    pace yourself for the first 2000M row

  • lauren

    Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!