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+++Olympic Lifting and 3pm CrossFit canceled this Saturday for Gymnastics Seminar+++

Stavros doing workout B at the NorCal Qualifers.jpg

Stavros in the starting position of a clean during the NorCal Qualifiers.

Also. . .


Stavros cheering on Darren at the final event While Kenny Castro drives (another great photo from Tom Campitelli, you can find more of his work from the event here.)


For time, going to failure each set:

100 total pull ups

100 total GHD sit ups (sub 150 abmat sit ups for people who cannot do full extension)

Failure on pull ups is any time your feet touch the floor, or you let go of the bar. Failure on GHDs or sit ups is pausing of any kind (you must be moving continuously). Alternate between exercises.

Post time, and total number of sets used to complete the workout to comments.


Click here to download a video of Darren’s awesome presentation during the 3rd workout at the Qualifier.

Not heard on the video when D-Roe gave Angel the ‘Five’ –

“C’mon. We’re going to the Games baby!”


Article from The Life Spotlight:

Which is Better Sugar or Artificial Sweeteners?

“. . .Yes, you read that right…”sugar is okay”. I politely informed him that there was nothing “okay” about sugar, which he argued adamantly against.* Luckily, he gave me an idea for another post…this one!

So which is worse: sweeteners or artificial sweeteners? And is either “okay”? . . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Andrew

    do you have to finish the pull ups before moving on to the GHDs?

  • Big Dave

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    ddddddddd cccccccccccc fffff


  • Jeremy

    Andrew – No. You alternate between exercises. For example:

    20 pull ups
    30 GHDs
    18 pull ups
    25 GHDs. . . etc


  • Nick

    Dave are you cold?

  • Mike Erickson

    Mind boggling wod. Darren, you looked stronger and stronger as that workout progressed. I am really in awe. Congratulations on your win.

    Carry, you finished a workout that would kill 95% of males on this planet. Congratulations on your high finish. It’s okay to look a little tired. You are beautiful.

    I will be at the games as a spectator cheering for the DCF team. I hope to talk Karen into going with me. See you all there.

  • Carry

    Is Dave trying to contact the aliens with a secret code?

  • Miles

    I think Jeremy needs a little John Deer cart like that with a tennis ball launcher to coach us on our runs.

  • 6am..matt




  • Andrew

    That could be a WOD, avoiding 100 shooting tennis balls for time….that’s pretty functional right?

  • Carry

    That is an American Gladiator event.

    As to the photo of Stav on the cart with Devil Horns blazing down that hill….absolutley the coolest part of the whole weekend. You couldn’t have written a better ending to the day.

  • Jeremy Jones

    6am was quite the torture session, with sore arms and abs, but no ripped hands. Hopefully we can keep that up throughout the day.

    oh. Nevermind. 9:30 and 10:30 we had a few people loose some skin.


  • sarah

    930 class- Kaela RX’d!! She did all of her pull ups unassisted!! Great job, chickie!! LOVE having Lynn and Ron in class…..just makes it such a happy place!! 😉 Stav did Grace 2 mins? before todays WOD…and killed the WOD with 11:01!!

    10:30 class- Tami rocked it with a 18:39!! Looking fresh the whole time! Glad to workout with Meg H…it always seems that im chasing her!! Great effort from Jason P. and Mel!! This one was a good one…I wonder who came up with it?!?!? Travis??? =)

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Good times with Sarahs 0930 class, all of them are very dedicated and tough as nails, a great group to be around.

    Back to the grind for me. Warmed up with the CF mainsite WOD- “Grace”.

    “Grace” 1:55 as RX’d (PR by 20 seconds)

    About 2 minutes rest then started with the 2nd group doing the WOD,

    “DCF WOD” 11:01, first set was 20/20, then 10 on each to the end.

  • Mountain

    That was a great workout. Did the pullups in 4 sets (45, 20, 20, 15) and the GHD situps in 8 sets. 2nd time ever doing GHD situps in a workout.

    Wanna do “Grace” this afternoon in under 4:20. Stav in sub-2:00? That’s ridiculous.

  • Amy

    13:14 at 9:30 subbing pushups for pullups (ow tricep, ow). 75 of those pushups were the real deal, when we started doing this in February I could not do 5.
    Welcome back Jaz. and Stavros The wine apparently has a performance-enhancing effect. I need to check that out.

  • Amy

    13:14 at 9:30 subbing pushups for pullups (ow tricep, ow). 75 of those pushups were the real deal, when we started doing this in February I could not do 5. I had to redo a few cause Sarah called me out on not going low enough. Now that’s a good coach.
    Welcome back Jaz. and Stavros The wine apparently has a performance-enhancing effect. I need to check that out. Kaela, beautiful!
    Julie is so fun to watch. Kipping machine.

  • Darren

    Rest day for me today. Been doing double days last three days. Got to get ready. Did 185 power clean and jerk, 2 a minute every minute for 15 minutes. Got it off the CrossfitFootball page. Fun site. Wod’s are usually heavier and shorter.

  • Carry

    Great Job Amy! That is progress….70 push up improvement! cool

  • Laci

    Does anyone have a paleo shopping list I can borrow or know where I could find one? I need to start eating as close to Paleo as possible. I ordered the Paleo book from amazon but it is not going to be here for a week.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    Paleo shopping made simple.

    Stick to the outside of the grocery store. meats (beef, chicken, turkey, fish), deli, fruit, veggies, etc. Only thing that are fresh. Stay away from the middle of the store, thats where the processed foods are mostly, as well as the dairy, canned stuff, etc. Obviously avoid the grains/bakery.

    Most of all, keep it SIMPLE. The biggest dietary changes in Paleo are removing grains and dairy from your diet. If you do that, the rest is easy. Email me with any questions at all.

  • kaela

    today kicked ass! thanks for the encouragement/kipping help everyone.

  • Darren

    Lacy, this is the best list around. Robb Wolf Crossfit Nurt. Cert. Master.

    Click shopping List for all info needed.


  • Jeremy

    No time for the CF Football WOD, but still wanted to go heavy. Did extra heavy Grace instead:

    30 reps with 165lbs = 5:55


  • Nick

    Back to the gym tomorrow for an all day marathon, I have to take it easy my wrists are still sore.

  • Laci

    Thanks for the info! Making my shopping list tonight and hitting up the Farmers’ Market in the morning!

  • sarah

    Such a cool video!! Awesome work!!