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Head to floor push ups - no problem

Roger demonstrates some skills on the parallettes (like HSPUs).


Strict Press

Handstand Push Ups on Parallettes (hands to shoulder, not just head to floor).

5, 5, 5

Alternate between movements (3 sets of 5 for each movement).

DO NOT do HSPUs with back against the wall. Scale the handstand push ups by putting your knees (more basic) or toes (more advanced) on a box. The higher the box, the more difficult the HSPU will be. Try to get your hips over your shoulders. Elbows should NOT flair out to the sides but stay in front of your body, similar to the Strict Press.

Post loads for Strict Press, and scaling method for HSPUs to comments.

Bonus mini metcon to follow.



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Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Jeremy Jones

    Affiliate cup registration was supposed to open today at 6am . . . so far, no links posted yet.


  • JimmyG

    6am was introduced to “Karen” after the WOD….What will you guys do??

    J- 7:54

  • Mike P.

    I just saw the link is now up for the affiliate cup registration. Do we have any team(s) set up to compete?

  • jorgy

    The link is open now if DCF wants to register. I cant wait for the qualifiers, I hope i dont drop 165lbs on my head and choke again. Or suck as Darren put it.

  • Jeremy Jones

    We are registered (woke up before 6am just to register). One team per affiliate.

    6 members, minimum 2 men and 2 women.

    Post here if you think you have got the stuff.


  • Mike P.

    Got the stuff…TBD, but definitely interested to give it a whirl.

  • sarah

    930 and 1030 classes- Great work from everyone! Amy made this look easy!! As did Brook!! Nice job, ladies! Julie just rocks! She throws around crazy weight like its nothing…beautiful!! Jason did really well for his first time with HSPU!! Great work!! Good luck on your race this weekend!! Then we followed Jimmy G.’s lead…Karen….ouch……

  • Holly

    ooh ooh ooh pick me pick me I want to play!
    Obviously would like to be considered though.

    With so many phenominal men and women at DCF, how are you going to choose JJ?

  • Amy

    strict press to 63# – 3 to failure. 8 more pounds than my last strict press.
    HSPU renamed to HS dive down. I think I have a mild concussion, ow. Brook tapped her inner gymnast.
    Karen is no joke. Just call this Shoulder Fatigue Monday. 8:51.
    Sarah and I are drinking beer for lunch. Oh wait, I’m the mom. Damn.

  • Jeremy Jones

    We are thinking of having try-outs for those who want to be ‘on the team’. More info to follow.


  • Shannon S.

    Bonecrusher Holly. UGH!!!! My glutes are already killing me and it’s only been 2 hours since our workout. There’s something seriously wrong with you!

  • Holly

    Oh NayNay that’s a good one coming from the one who suggested tire flipping when all I wanted to do was put on the weight vest and sit on the rower (hehe)! By the way, nice 80 lb strict press supergirl!

  • Craig

    Back in the Shed after a week off. Strict press up to 135 and box-assisted parallelette hspu’s. Tough.

    Finished with a 6:52 Karen.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I was impressed by everyone’s desire to do Karen after the Strict presses and HSPU practice.

    Maybe I should prescribe it more often. . . maybe I should prescribe it tomorrow!


    Modified CFFB wod: 100 pull ups for time (no strength part because I already squatted today: 20 consecutive reps at 205 earlier in the day, and it was already after 9:30pm).

    100 pull ups – 3:52. Butterfly mostly. Started with sets of 20, then dropped to a lot of 10s and 5s toward the end. I have been neglecting my pull ups lately I think.


  • jordan Karnofsky

    you prescribe karen within a year and we have problems. i actually moved a trash can over at rep 80 in anticipation of losing my lunch. finished with a very supbar 10:24.strict press at 155#.

    7pm class was one pimp and one playa. shilpa and prashant got after karen like she owed them money. way to work guys!

  • Prashant

    Thanks for the push at the end Jordan, it helped a lot. Its amazing how much more you can push when some one is encouraging/yelling at you.