090512 TUESDAY “Happy Birthday Mountain!”

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Mountain loves his thrusters

Happy Birthday Mountain!


For time.

33 clean and jerks (or “overhead anyhow”) 95 lbs men / 65lbs women, less for beginners

33 muscle ups -bar or rings- (sub 99 chest to bar pull ups and 99 ring dips, divided however you want), beginners should do only 50 reps of each

33 clean and jerks (or “overhead anyhow”) same as above

(For the record, Mountain wants those who can to do it with 135lbs instead of 95).

Post time to comments.



Research says that older people need more sun (vitamin D).

“. . .Researchers at the University of Warwick have shown vitamin D deficiency is significantly associated with metabolic syndrome, a combination of medical and metabolic disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. . . “

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.


Shannon and Bryan Stornetta are leaving the ‘nest’ to move to Colorado!

They are having a going away party Saturday Night. Details can be found here.

Post to comments if you plan on attending, and you can sign up in the link above.

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  • Prashant

    Can we do cleans from the hang position or does it have to be from the ground? Or is this a (Grace + 3) X 2

  • Holly

    99 pull ups + 99 ring dips sandwiched in between Grace + 3?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    This literally spanks Feisty Bitch and puts her to bed early! The question remains, what do we name it?

    Happy Birthday Mountain. I’d stay clear of the gym today if I were you…

  • Prashant

    I shall be doing the 50 pull ups and dips thank you very much.

  • Yvonne

    MOUNTAIN, YOU ANIMAL!!! This is worse than the 10 pull ups every minute challenge you came up with!!! I guess this means 99 pull ups for you is a piece of cake so you had to throw clean and jerks in there before and after! There are going to be some ripped hands today!
    A VERY HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! Another stubborn and determined bull head!!!

  • luca z.

    Happy birthday Mountain!!!!

  • lauren

    Happy Birthday Mountain,

    This makes my birhtday workout look really really really easy. People are going to give you so much S***T for it. I promise not to complain. It’s your birthday after all.


  • JimmyG

    Great class today for Fight Fit…7 stations…1min each…3 rounds!!
    This WOD really flowed well. Also Did PT w/ Al Pachino…lol and Matt F’s wife Eleni.
    She is a beast!! 7 rounds on the dot for Nebie WOD #2 w/ FULL ring push-ups on the box!! So impressive!! Eleni will be a solid addition to the 6am crew.

  • kaela


  • russell

    No more Birthdays!!

  • Shannon

    Happy birthday from the Stornettas! Well see you at the gym… Tomorrow 😉

  • Nancy

    Crap Jimmy – I knew I should have done Fight Fit today. Instead I took a spin class at Bally’s (it feels dirty just WRITING that on here!!!). I did something to my back last week though – hopefully see the crew for a 6am tomorrow!
    Happy Birthday to Mountain! So glad that I don’t Crossfit on Tuesdays!

  • jordan Karnofsky

    Glad i go to fight fit. this wod looks like hell.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Happy Birthday Mountain…you sick SOB!!! I wish I was there for this one. Ugh, its looks awesome. In that twisted Crossfit kind of way.

  • Mark L.

    You all should be thankful. As this was first forming in Mountain’s mind, I remember him writing it with 33 burpies in there. Then, there was the 33 “burpie muscle up” incarnation… Y’all got off easy!
    Happy Birthday, Mountain. I’ll be doing the 95# and make sure to do them all correctly.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Word on the street is that Mountain won’t even be doing this workout today. . .

    (He called me last night to try and prevent me from posting it because he has an injury and may not be able to participate. I didn’t get the message in time).

    At least I didn’t post Karen.

    Strategy for this WOD: Don’t go heavy unless you are VERY advanced. Break up the reps from the beginning (like sets of 5 or 10). Partition the pull ups and dips evenly (10 and 10 would be good).

    Scale the weight and the reps so that you can finish in 30 minutes or less. If you go over 35 minutes, you went to heavy and it is pretty much the same thing as a DNF.


  • Ronnielo

    Happy Birthday Mountain!

  • Adam

    Happy Birthday Mountain… Legs are still dying from my half marathon, or I should say hike on mount tam. Might come in and work on the muscle up portion though.

  • Mark L.

    One more thing on scaling (up in particular). Practice only makes perfect if it is “perfect practice”. Here is a great WOD for practicing your clean and jerks (there’s 66 of ’em!) Of course, it’s also a great WOD for really cementing in and making permanent our bad habits, as well. You make permanent what you practice.
    Form will degrade a little bit in order to keep intensity up, but keep in mind that practicing bad form has it’s consequences. Don’t let yourself go completely.
    Getting a better workout today isn’t a good option if it means the efficiency of your barbell lifts of tomorrow suffer as a result.

  • Mike P.

    Happy Birthday Mountain! Sorry to hear you might not be able to partake in your self-made torture. But am I glad you opted away from those burpie-muscle ups.

  • luca z.

    Boy Mountain is a “loved” man, his name was shouted out so many times this morning during my classes. Anyway great WOD , we had some fun today, kudos to my wife Vickie, on her second set of 33 C&J she bumped her chin pretty hard, took a look in the mirror and continued on to finish the job, she makes me so proud. Good work to all and I’ll see you in class on Thursday.

  • jamie

    I agree with Russell, Moutain isn’t allowed to have any more bdays his he wants a workout like this and then doesn’t come!!!

  • Julie

    WHAT?! MOUNTAIN WON’T EVEN BE HERE TODAY?! Man, guess I’ll just have to hammer that workout with out u?! Oh, wait, just did…HAHAHA…I LOVED THIS WORKOUT!!!! THANKS MOUNTAIN!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! If it weren’t for those DAMN muscle ups, I might have been able to do some SERIOUS damage….but 95# clean&jerks 66 times….OH YEAH!!!! My kinda workout!!!
    Have a great day Mr MTN!!!
    Peace out..

  • Mountain

    I’ll be coming in today. I haven’t been able to fully straighten out my left arm since the Gymnastics workshop, but it should be okay for the 95# version of the WOD (I’ll have to pass on the 135# version for now). I’ll start with power snatches (there’s a joke in there somewhere), and switch to clean & jerks when I get too tired to nail the power snatch.

    A note on scaling: 99pullups/99dips is the standard scale for muscle ups, but if your pullups are strong (chest to bar or better), I’d rather you do 33 muscle up attempts instead. As in, do them one at a time, and get as high on the bar (or rings) as you can. Hopefully, someone will get their first muscle up (or first bar muscle up) during this workout.

    Alright, well, I’ll be in this afternoon.

  • Hylie

    Happy Birthday Mountain!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Mark makes good points.

    He didn’t even mention the potential for injury with bad form (because it goes without saying usually).

    Do it right. Do it light.

    I like Mountain’s idea too. If you are really close to a M/u, go for some attempts. You might surprise yourself. If after some attempts, finish with the reps with pull ups and dips.


  • Carry

    I’ll try & get in today….going on vacation Thurs-Sun so I’ll be missing you guys for a few days.

    30 MU!! I’ll be there all day! Happy BDay Mountain

  • Amy

    I was doing strength work of a less Mountainous type today and watched Jaz and Julie eat this thing for breakfast at 9:30. Vicki has a war wound! – what a beast!
    Thanks Luca for reminding me that a clean is not an excuse to flap my arms like a crazy chicken.
    1st day of starting strength for me. I think tomorrow I will be one sore little bunny. Bench press may not be a fully functional move but it is an ass kicker.

  • sarah

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MMMMMOUNTAIN!!! So do we get to spank you 33 times or 66?? Im sure i could get it done Tabata style…… ; )

  • Mountain

    Birthday DNF.

  • Jasmine

    Happy birthday to one of my favorite workout buddies!!!! I already let you know, but we did certainly have a good time with your workout at 9:30am. Julie hollered at me as if the workout was life or death for me…. like I would win a million dollars if I finished under 20 minutes. It all paid off by finishing that set twice as fast as the first.19:58 for me. I didn’t know I liked being yelled at so much. Thanks for the encouragement Julie. It sure was fun… really, it was!

    Hope your birthday has been as delightful as you Mountain!
    Love ya,

  • Craig

    Happy birthday, Mountain. I’ll hit this one tomorrow for you.

  • Mark L.

    Both Mountain and I have some serious work to do on MU. Next year, we’re going to throw down some serious work, though (+1 rep).
    Don’t forget my birthday WOD is +1, also, and it’s coming in 5 1/2 months!

  • Dame

    33posts, I take it that it’s mountains 33rd birthday

  • Jeremy Jones

    CFFB again for me today:

    Usually you are supposed to do the strength part first, then the WOD, I ended up doing it backwards and about 1.5 hrs apart.

    20 Thrusters 135 lbs
    Sprint 20 yards
    15 Thrusters 135 lbs
    Sprint 40 yards
    10 Thrusters 135 lbs
    Sprint 80 yards
    5 Thrusters 135 lbs
    Sprint 100 yards

    Time – 9:52

    Wrists hurt during first set (after last weeks ‘extra heavy grace’), had to grab wrist straps.

    Strength WOD: DLs going to 5 RM. I worked up to 335 and called it a night. I had already taken my “medicine” (20 reps of Back Squat at 205) and after the 50 thrusters, I wasn’t going to push it.


  • DJ

    Yeah Happy belated Birthday Mountain…
    this workout killed me last night…
    but it was worth it…

    I wonder if my birthday workout is going to be similar..
    probably not.. hahaha

  • DJ

    Yeah Happy belated Birthday Mountain…
    this workout killed me last night…
    but it was worth it…

    I wonder if my birthday workout is going to be similar..
    probably not.. hahaha