090514 THURSDAY “Helen”

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Diablo crossfit human pyramid HOORAY!

Ever wonder what goes on after our morning classes. . . Now you know (participation not required).

Workout: “Helen” – 3 rounds for time.

400m run

21 kettlebell swings (54lb men / 35lb women)

12 pull ups

Post time to comments.



Vitamins may undo exercise efforts.

“. . . Men who took vitamin C and E supplements showed no changes in their free radical levels, whereas those who did not take these antioxidants showed increased levels of free radical oxidative stress.

After four weeks of intensive exercise training, insulin sensitivity was restored only in the group of men who did not take antioxidant supplements.

The men who took the vitamin supplements fared worse, metabolically. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Mark L.

    Helen! I haven’t seen her since December when I weighed 10 pounds less. Our date only lasted 8 mins 22 secs that day. We’ll see how much of that 10 pounds is functional (for Helen, anyway).
    See everyone, tonight!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Mark, I seem to remember you doing Helen with 2 weight vests on. What did you get then?


  • Mark L.

    Actually, that was the 6 X 400m run (rest 2 mins, between) workout. I remember taking the vests off for the last 400m interval, and it felt like I was running on a trampoline!
    Anyway, my weight vest is on the inside for Helen this time around.

  • Adam
  • Prashant

    $1800 per person for 2 days seems like a lot. I guess its like a CF cert, except almost double in price.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Mark Twight learned everything he knew about fitness through CrossFit up until he left the organization (Gym Jones was even one of the first affiliates). They have been doing their “own” thing for a while now (although it still looks a lot like CF) to me.

    I always dug their ‘style’ and his writing. But after hearing about some stuff that happened right around when the 300 movie came out, I decided to side with CF. You can find an old post here on the site about it if you look.

    Anyone up for the 10 reps at 115% bodyweight deadlifts and 25 thigh high box jumps for 2 rounds workout? I hope 4:34 isn’t one of their best times. I bet we have some people get at or sub 2 min.

    Seems like a good warm up for Helen.


  • Mark L.

    That does sound like an interesting workout, Jeremy. I haven’t used the 12″ box in a WOD, before. 😎

  • Jeremy Jones

    OOOH! Nice one Mark. Way to beat everyone to the punch. . . or ‘kick’. . .I suppose.


  • kaela

    phenomenal picture!!!

  • Amy

    Helen is like shaking hands with an evil superwoman who absorbs all your grip strength and leaves you with rubber forearms. What a wench. 14:58, banded pull ups.Lynn left the world’s sexiest sweat angel on the floor, her husband was crawling over it like an animal. So weird, yet so normal.
    Also, second day of starting strength. Failure on the bench is not so hard to get to. Jeremy, sign me up for those 115% bw deadlifts in 2 years. In the future Helen, nor any other girl, and SS will not happen on the same day.

  • sumadu

    For reference: here is the old post about “Gym Jones” around the time of the movie “300”


  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    I miss Helen. Her and I go way back. Wish I was there to attempt my Sub 7 goal again. I got 7:12 last month, so close. I’ll be back at DCF tomorrow.

  • luca z.

    Sorry for the late post, my life is a bit crazy this days, anyway Helen, like most of the girls brings out the best in all DCFers, great job to all and a lot of
    PRs today, from Chris to Andrew to Margaret,Kaela too, great extra effort from Jeff, today was his second class, he felt light headed after the first round, took some time to recoup and went back at it and finished it, he’s going to be just fine in our little gym.

  • Craig

    9:30. I can’t even fathom how you guys get sub 8, let alone sub 7, Stav. Awesome athletes we have here.

  • Mountain

    So bummed. I love “Helen,” but I’m still healing my elbow. I’m coming in tomorrow, but won’t be doing any lifting or ring work. “Three times a newbie” might be fun. I’ve gotta try something relatively gentle on the elbow and see how it responds.

  • Craig

    Great class at 5PM today. I saw Laci sprawled on the floor after! Nice. Brian had a PR by more than a minute.

    Saw 100 mile Suzie Lister today in Danville. She’s waiting for results from her MRI on her hip. Still in severe pain after her 100k run a week ago (felt a pop near the end). Thinks it may be a fractured hip! Think good thoughts. She’ll keep us posted. She misses the 6am crew.

  • Jeremy Jones

    CFFB wod:

    Front squats 3, 3, 3, 3, 3 (got up to 215)

    then, 21 – 15 – 9

    Power snatch 135
    Bench press 185
    box jump 24″


    5 hours of sleep can do wonders for hurting your performances. I had to fight the urge to quit the first round about 3 times. I am not sure what was harder, the snatches (mine were more muscle snatches than power snatches) or the bench. They both sucked equally.


  • Darren

    Power snatch 135
    Bench press 185
    box jump 24″

    Did wod today at 09:00

    then did main page WOD

    Five rounds for time of:
    30 Glute-ham sit-ups
    25 Back extensions

    Weird my back was hurting pretty bad on the GHD situps, but was able to push through. I can’t wait for the sore abs tomorrow.