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Craig concerned about his neighbors pace at the NorCal qualifiers

Craig seems more concerned with Rick Heilman’s (former DCF coach, and now “CrossVestite” between DCF and CF Santa Clara) pace than his own.

Workout: Deadlift.

3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Post loads to comments.

Bonus minimetcon (miniature metabolic conditioning workout) to follow



Intermittent Fasting has a new name. . .

“. . .F is not about starvation, it’s not about crash dieting, and it’s not about quick weight loss (even if results may happen quickly for some). To me it’s all about a lifestyle and lasting approach to improving your health, redefining your relationship with food, to reduce unnatural cravings, get back in tune with the natural survival design of our bodies, optimizing your glucose energy metabolism (which will in turn make you more effective in burning, and not storing, fat) and just an easy and simple approach to lasting results. Heck people are out there breaking through weight loss plateaus just using IF and not changing up anything else!. . .”

Click here for comlete article.

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  • Mark L.

    Fantastic classes, last night! We did a little work on the “Coordination” part of the 10 physical skills with some tennis ball running bouncing catching drills.
    Best time on the day was 8:08 by Jesse. I turned in an 8:09 in the 7pm class along with Pimp and Playa and my brother in law, Matt. No sub 8, this time.
    Jesse actually showed up tired and wanted to do the WOD with a vest on because he “didn’t want to go fast and furious”. I explained that Helen is what it is, and the point is to just show up and go hard. You never know what life will bring to your doorstep moment to moment, and Crossfit is just like that. He caved and decided RX would be it.
    What do you know? He got a PR by almost 40 seconds!
    Great work from everyone else, too! We spent a little time working on kipping pull-up progressions for Rachel, Susan and Tony who now have some daily practice exercises to integrate into their gym routine before and after the WOD.
    By the way, Craig and I both biked to work, yesterday. Anyone else?

  • jamie

    Lift more, less metcons needed?

  • Jeremy

    Donna PR’ed with 175 for 3 today. Kevin did 385 for 3, then 405 for one. Kevin is a beast. Matt PR’ed as well I think.

    We cooled down with some slosh pipe and keg carries.

    There is just something “right” about carrying a keg at 7am on Friday morning.


  • sumadu

    Mark L: thank you for helping us after class with the extra exercises to help with our pull-ups. I *will* do unassited pull-ups! Also, no worries about my back, it was fine this morning. Next time HELLen comes around i’m gonna kick her @$$!

  • Craig

    Pic: I paced Rick the whole event. Prob could have gone a bit harder there and on burps. I had unnecessary doubts about being gassed for the presses. Sub-4 is in the cards for that wod.

  • Mark L.

    Susan: you did a great job, and you put in great focus and effort. With your motor skills, you’ll be up above that bar without the band before you know it!
    Craig: Please do not refer to burpies as “burps”. This is a family friendly blog (hear that, Dave?)

  • Andrew

    Hmmm…should I even ask what a “burp” is? And…how does Mark know this and not me??

  • sarah

    930 and 1030 classes….PRs everywhere!! Julie-340#, Jenna-205#, Yvonne-205#, Tami- 135#?? Awesome work from all!!!! We ended our DL sessions with sprints…..YAY!! What an awesome friday!!

  • Donna D.

    Jeremy- Thanks for the extra push I needed to get through my last set today on DL…….It always feels good to get a PR ! 175 today for 3 reps…YAY!! Athough I’m getting a little nervous because I haven’t felt this sore in a LONG time! And it’s only day 1! If you don’t see me tomorrow……you’ll know why!

  • Donna D.

    I’m still trying to figure out how Carry and Megan were able to knock out 22 deadlifts with 185lbs!!!!!! That’s CRAZY! OUCH!!!!!!! And then to do what they did after that is even more amazing! Everytime I do deadlifts and want to stop at my usual 165#…..I just think of them and say to myself “I CAN DO THIS”!!!

  • Yvonne


  • Andrew

    PR’d today for deadlifts! Started arching the back a bit when it got heavy, so I have to work on that. And true to my crossvestite ways, I did 30 MU for time at CFU

    930 class
    185, 205, 225, 245, 265, 275

    330 @ CFU
    30 MU for time:


  • luca z.

    Nice Julie 340 with a bummed knee, you BEAST!!!!
    On a different note we have Muay-Thai 3 days a week now, Monday-Thursday at 6:30 and Saturday at 9am, classes are open to all DFCrs, and to all levels, it’s a lot of fun and a great way to learn self-defence and a great confidence builder, I also hope to see many of you on Saturday the 30th of May for Tami and DJ fights down in Santa Clara convention centre, more details to follow, this is Tami first fight and DJ’s return to the ring after few years, Dustin was going to fight too but he had to pull out due to work, this is going to be fun

  • jordan Karnofsky

    3 pm open gym:

    cool down with 45#plate 400m overhead carry. OUCH.

  • Amy

    Yvonne, Julie and Sarah were much fun to watch lifting HEAVY and right today at 930. 153# for me. Loved those sprints.

  • Craig

    Wait, what? Tami is going to fight at the convention center? What can’t this woman do?

  • Yvonne

    Sorry about missing out on the sprints today, one of my weaknesses with my bad foot. I had to do a walkathon at Alana’s school today at noon. Alana never walks she runs so I had to save it a little for her. We ended up doing almost 2 miles on lumpy grass. Mama is paying up for pledges on this one.
    Loved the 9:30AM class today!!! Everyone went heavy with great form!! If the form was not there someone would let you know. I love that!! No need for mirrors!!
    What’s with the flies!!! I will get fly tape this weekend!

  • Mountain

    I’m so in for a “Helen” shoot-out. Jesse’s got 8:08, Mark has 8:09, I have 8:10. I didn’t catch how Mike P. did, but it must be right in there.

    As for Darren, how ’bout you & Stav do a head-to-head “Helen,” shooting for sub-7? It could be the main event of the evening. Jesse, Mark, Mike, and I would be the undercard.