090517 MONDAY “DCF is CrossFit Football Certified!”

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Jeremy and Jimmy at the CrossFit Football Cert

Jeremy Jones and Jimmy Greninger at the very first CrossFit FootBall Certification Seminar at CrossFit Balboa

Workout – Rocky Mountain Qualifier #2

3 rounds for time of:

10 Chest-to-Bar Pullups

10 Front Squats, 165 lbs (105 lbs for women)

10 Burpees

Post Time To Comments. Compare times to Rocky Mtn. Qualifier: Men & Women


Article: President’s Council on Physical Fitness Launches New National Adult Fitness Test

The President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (PCPFS) launched its new national Adult Fitness Test. The online self-test, available at www.adultfitnesstest.org, measures overall fitness levels by assessing aerobic fitness, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition. Read more here.

Editor’s note: It’s really easy to be incredibly cynical of this test. It’s also quite sad just how pathetically out of shape Americans are. So, we have to start somewhere and I give the Administration credit for initiating the evaluation process.

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  • Mark L.

    Just signed up as 2 spectators for the games.
    Did a weird 20 minute hill run workout with 50# weighted vest and 15# leg weights in my work boots yesterday at 1pm. Finished it off with some high knees drills for 200m. I almost died of heat stroke, and I have horrible blisters on my heels. My dog is limping today, too.
    I think the WOD they did at the shed, yesterday, sounds worse.

  • sakura

    Congrats on the cert, you two! Can’t wait to see what DCF has in store for this summer. =]

    See you Firebreathers tomorrow.

  • Craig

    JJ, hope you got a pic with your mini-me at the Cert.

    0600 “WMJ” class was full with the regulars. Solid warm-up with plyo & stretching..they had to show me the routine.

    Good wod – Cabby & Josh (who did man makers in 102d heat yesterday) went rx on the weight. The 0600 girls have excellent front squats – newcomer Debbie fitting in well!

    5:48 for me (the bar is set, Nick). Pull ups were the slowest!

  • Bryan S.

    What up DCF. Just got to Colorado a few hours ago and wanted to post my WOD.

    Drive 1 mile for time
    Time: 21 hours and 10 min. No rest or sleep.

    Now it is time for me to crash

  • jordan karnofsky

    sorry morning crew i wont be seein you guys til june!!!!!
    headed to maui with some family and friends for 12 days.
    dont worry ill be on the beach doing tabata squats, swim sprints, sand burpees and hiking my ass off. i shall return golden and muscular like the greek god Crossfitios. ALOHA!!!!!

  • Adam

    Just signed up for the 3 day crossfit games pass…

  • Stavros@Diablo Crossfit

    Congrats on the CF Football cert, looks awesome!

    WOD at a stupid globo gym while at work

    4:15 as RX’d

    Had to navigate across gym, ugh.

  • JimmyG

    The Football Cert was incredible. JJ and I learned a lot about how to make Crossfit “sports specific” as well as Football specific paleo nutrition, Strength and combine drills and sprint drills. I really enjoyed my time with Brian Mackenzie (CrossFit Endurance) and Kelly Star (SF CrossFit) and of course Ms.Eva T.
    The first day after doing heavy strength training, JJ absolutely smoked the WOD, finishing Top 5 for sure. 12-9-6 of Deadlift w/ #315 then 20yd resistance run and 12-9-6 pull-ups. Oh yea, JJ was the first of only two guys at the cert that could FAT bar deadlift #315….He won a free shirt. I was very proud….we were wearing the same DCF shirt at the time and it also made me look super cool!! We Represented!!
    Ask me sometime if I was the fastest and could jump the highest…..lol

    Awesome Times!!

  • Stavros@Diablo Crossfit

    Congrats on the CF Football cert, looks awesome!

    WOD at a stupid globo gym while at work

    4:15 as RX’d

    Had to navigate across gym, ugh.

  • Darren

    Did WOD against my better judgement.

    7:27. Front squats are my worst movement, and it showed on this wod. Stav and Craig you guys had great times. Did you lift from the Floor. The Games site Rx’ed from floor. The 9:30 and 10:30 went from floor. I was flying got done with first round in 1:12 then squats caught up with me and having to pick it up form the ground sucked after having to break them up.

  • Mark L.

    I’m going to do this WOD, today, at 3:30pm (after biking to the gym from work). I’m hoping my 3 weeks of doing FS every day will help since Darren and I both suffer from the chicken legs… and I will clean them all from the floor just for Darren.
    On another note, I am LOVING biking everywhere, lately! That bike to work day, last week, was like crack!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Awesome time. We had a blast hanging out before and after the seminars with Brian and Eva (as well as Justin from Wichita Falls).

    One highlight for me was having Max Mormot compliment my oly technique. . . and one reality check moment was having Brian tell me he couldn’t watch me run because it made him almost throw up.

    My feet are also tore up pretty bad from doing the whole cert in Chuck Taylors.


  • Craig

    D- I did them from the rack! I didn’t pay attention when I read the wod on the Games site. However, I didn’t break any of them (even after doing heavy f/s yesterday) But I’ll redo the wod from the floor. My bad.

    Mark, I did the bike thing all last summer into the rain season – very addictive. Get a cruiser and switch it up once in a while. It’s amazing how it doesn’t feel like you’re going to work.

  • Mike P.

    Mmmm….crack. Congrats on the cert, can’t wait to get a little exposure to what you guys learned.

    Trying to make it in today but I might need a recovery day from the Bay to Breakers “race”. Lauren was a witness, and it wasn’t good…

  • luca z.

    Today WOD was a truly deceiving one, just 3 rounds of ten, no big deal right, the first round no problems just like Darren said, then reality caught up with me and I stalled, getting them from the floor makes a huge difference, my time was 10:44, I’m no longer an URBAN LEGEND, for the record my wife finished one sec faster than me, I no longer wear the pants in the house 🙁

  • Andrew

    welcome to crossfit luca! (and to the woman beating you in wods!)

  • luca z.

    Now I know how you feel my friend, we should start a club

  • jamie

    Today is WOD is a bit tricky when my cleans need work! Did 95# FS from the rack (since I can only clean 95# once).

    Anyone want to do a 5×5 clean WOD soon?

  • sarah

    9:30 and 10:30 classes- Some people racked it and some people cleaned it…

    9:30- Nice job Jaz!! She did 105# in 13:03(rack)! Welcome Heather!! She smoked her first official WOD in 9:56(cleaned 45#, and used the black band)!! See, its not so scarey!! Amy came in and did her strength…Good Girl!! I witnessed the Yeti working out!! I really liked yelling at him vs him yelling at me. =) Darren….just awesome…

    10:30- Julie RXd it with a 9:25…beautiful! Kaela 14:40 from the ground. She has killer burpees!! Jeff survived!! What doesnt kill ya makes ya stonger?!?! Stout work! It was nice to workout with Jamie. A rare treat for me!! Great to see you! 9:14, 95# on the rack. Great work!!

  • sarah

    UGH… Front squats?? Thanks…I suck at squats! =(

    Sarah- 12:09 RXd from the ground….Cleans were the hardest part. My clean max WAS 100#, 3reps. 105# x 6? Time? Eh….. Weight? Hells yeah!!! PALEO BABY!!!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    This was a fun, quick WOD. Pretty amazing it was their qualifier, lol. Pales in comparison to NorCal. I’d say most, if not all, other qualifiers really look like a joke. All my FS were unbroken, and only broke up last set of pull ups.

    On another note,
    Did my second triathlon of the season, the UVAS Sprint Triathlon at Morgan Hill. It was a bit longer than a traditional sprint; 3/4 mile swim, 16 mile bike, 5 mile run. There was some ridiculous confusion at the start, and I was zipping up my wetsuit as my heat was starting. I was about 20-30 feet behind the group as they started, very frustrating. I already wrote an email to the race directors. There was at least 100 people in line waiting to register as the race was starting…lame.

    Anyways, I had some ground to make up during the swim. I caught a number of people in my heat, but was still behind the 8 ball. My goggles were loose when I got in the water, and filled with water most of the swim. Needles to say, the swim was my worst of the 3, even though I felt strong in the water. I was 341/782. My T1 transition went longer than it should have, I struggle with my wetsuit a bit and had to re-tighten my shoes a couple times, 2:01.5, which put me 230th on that. Off to the bike, 16 miles on windy roads, only 1 decent hill. I ran out of time before the start to adjust my bike, as a result, had loose aero bars that I couldn’t use and a seat that was out of position, oh well, live and learn, 307/782 on the bike. T2 went well, quick in and out, 1:05.4, which put me 114th for that. Finished with a 5 mile run, which I felt very strong on. I joined the Forward Motion Race Club, and it was great to see so many of them during the run, cheering each other on. 188/782 on the run.

    Overall, I finished in 1:53.45 which put me 189/782, 20/45 in my age group(30-34), and 153/495 for the men. I have a ton of room to improve, but an encouraging race for sure.

    BTW, Jan finished 9th overall and 2nd in his (our) age group. He’s a friggin stud.

  • Amy

    Coach Sarah, you are ON for the CFF wods in 4 weeks. Of course you will be handing me my ass every time.
    118# PR on back squat today, complete with a baby-pushing GRUNT. As I watched Luca and Darren melting on the floor I silently thanked Coach Rippetoe for giving me something else to do today. To that end, Jamie, I could stand to work on my cleans, I’ll join you, say when.

  • Adam

    Stav, in a sprint distance triathlon, you might want to consider going without a wetsuit and wearing “Jammers” because for that short of swim the amount a wetsuit helps you is not jusitified for the hassle it creates in transition. I am sure Jan has an opinion on this as well. Let me know if you ever need a training partner. Good luck.

  • Yvonne

    Luca, we have a saying in our relationship. Craig always wears the pants and I just tell him what color!!! Men should always wear the pants!!!

  • Julie

    HAHAHAHA…poor Luca…no worries bruddah, you’ll always be the man in pants..just watch out for the woman kicking you in them!! hahaha..


    Stav-solid work on da Tri bruddah!! never had the guts to do one..DISLIKE RUNNING TO NO END!! OH, and I suck at it!! So, besides that….give us a heads up next time, would love to be apart of your “pit crew” cheer squad!! SOLID!!

    Sarah- you gnarly sick woman…KILLING it today!!! 105#’s oh please, bring on the 110!! You’re a savage woman FO SHO!!!!


  • Craig

    Stav – great recap! I feel for you on the organization. To see your heat going while standing on the beach would have been maddening. Loose goggles are the worst – and that was a long swim. Congrats on your placement despite the issues! You’re so new to the sport, you’ll have a ton of improvement every time.

    So did you tell Jan that 2nd place is the 1st loser?

  • luca z.

    Yvonne you are so right, we (men) always should wear the pants, but only after asking the wives which one. 😉

  • Mountain

    Tried a new approach to “Fran,” with good results. 4:59, a PR by 38 seconds.

  • jordan karnofsky

    5pm class at CFES (East Sacramento):


    275# DL
    55# DB Push Press

    7:24-Best time of the day. REPPIN DCF BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick

    I paid 2 spectators for all three days.
    You killed me today craig …..
    I hate burpees!

  • Julie

    I am a paid spectator for all 3 days!!! Oh boy Nick & Paula, watch out!! Haha…this time I’ll be representing DCF instead of judgin em’!! SWEET!!!! I GOT LUNG POWER…WHO’S WITH ME?! W00-HOO!!