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Olympic Weightlifter and CrossFit Football coach, Max Mormont talks of the virtues of the ‘high bar back squat’.


High bar back squat

5, 5, 5, 5, 5

Bonus mini metcon to follow.

Post loads to comments.


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  • jorgy

    In recovery as we speak. I was working all weekend remodeling my house and took a nail in the knee. It was rusty and gross and took some effort to take out. No doctor as it looks like i got bit by a mosquito, but i can feel fluid in the kneecap and some pressure and instability. That being said i will see the 6am class tomorrow, i will be a few minutes late since i get off at exactly 6am. hopefully the swelling goes down the stability comes back and i can make it to the games to represent DCF one way or another.

  • Craig

    Scheduling could be tough on our team tryouts!

  • Yvonne

    JJ, since Monday is a holiday can we extend it until Monday????

  • Yvonne

    I mean do workout c on Monday and workout a & b by Sunday???

  • JimmyG

    6am Fight Fit had… Marnie, Hector, Super Shannon, Donna, The Frediani Clan, Cabby, and it was great to see Jorgy in there with us beating Stuff up w/ us.
    Added #95 Thrusters into the wod for fun…

  • Jeremy Jones

    Yvonne – That is fine.

    Workout C can be completed on Monday if you do A & B on Sunday.


  • Brook

    Russ and I just registered as spectators.

  • Shannon

    Jimmy… Thrusters for fun? I was thinking… Thrusters because you said so & you teach the class 😉 ps- Ihad to go home & lay on the floor for a few bc I was so wiped after that wod… Also fun group as usual! I’ll be at a few more fight fits before I leave… My last one/ last DCF wod ( until I’m back on vacay) will be 4 June. Just a heads up so you have time to plan something especially brutal! (bunch of sick crossfitters… Planning our own pain in advance!)

  • Darren

    Girls wieght will be 85 LBS.

  • luca z.

    Good classes today, I tried to have my athletes work on their form, before adding more weight, considering the different type of squat mechanic, I love to read the back and forth between Greg Everet and Mark Rippetoe, on which squat type is better. A mini Cindy type WOD followed just to make every one sweaty.

  • Adam

    What is the penalty for having to scale down on the affiliate workouts? Or do you just get scratched?

    I’ll be in Yosemite tomorrow to saturday so I will try and compete sunday/monday to see where I place.

  • Amy

    120# today low bar squats…but saw some pretty nice high bars while I was working. I joined the class for the metcon and when I grow up I want to kip like Jaz; by third round I was so gassed I spaced out and did 21 pushups. I do to CF to practice my math.

  • Amy

    And my grammar, apparently.

  • Big Dave

    Donna and I are signed up as spectators

  • Jeremy Jones

    Jamie is signed up as a spectator, and I am registered as a Coach for an Affiliate team.

    We also have reservations at the closest hotel to Aromas:

    Motel 6
    Phone: 831-728-4144

    Anyone else planning on going and staying in a Hotel should think about staying here as well. Then we can organize carpools.


  • Jeremy Jones

    For those of you still ‘thinking about going’

    The cost is $20 for one day, $60 for all three if you pay the day of. If you sign up now it is $30 for all three days!

    So even if you just plan on going one maybe two days it is worth signing up for.

    We are going to try and arrange a carpool each day for those not staying in Aromas.


  • Chris

    Here’s some “high bar squats” to check out: UNREAL.

  • Laci

    I am signed up as a spectator.

  • Mike P.

    Signed up as a spectator for all 3 days. If I can’t make it during open gym is it too much of a pain to give the tryout workouts a shot in the evenings or should I wait until this weekend?

  • Darren

    Post when you might want to come in Mike I’m sure we can work with you.

  • Jasmine

    Miss Amy… I think you are growing up just fine 😉 At the rate you are going you will be speeding through all the workouts.. oh wait, you already are! Great job on your pull ups. You are one determined girl! I have no doubt that you will be accomplishing any and all goals you make. Like Brook said, CF unleashed your inner beast 😉

  • Craig

    Yvonne is going on Saturday. I think I’m going to do them on Friday, Mike.

  • Craig

    Awesome to watch Chris Wong crush! yesterdays wod. His first round was done in 54seconds – flying through the front squats after doing numerous heavy sets before the wod.

    After a full-blown front squat workout, Chris did the Rocky Mtn Qualifier #2 in 4:07.

  • jorgy

    Props to Jimmy this morning for the fight fit. It was a fun and interesting class. I liked the warm up and the WOD a lot, but the tightness of the group was a sight. Everyone helped run the class and it was fun to get to punch a bag mid workout instead of a wall. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE CLASS TO ANYONE.

  • Jeremy Jones

    7pm Playas Pimps and Procrastinators went well with an ol veteran returning. Jason M came back after breaking his finger 6 weeks ago. It was good to see him again. Prashant and Shilpa also represented again as our most consistent ‘procrastinators’ to date


  • lauren

    All this talk of how great fight fit is makes me wish I could wake up early. I don’t think it will ever happen though. Jimmy, teach later in the day!

  • Julie

    Hey JJ…as I’d like to try out..is there any chance I can replace the 200m sprint with a 200m/300m row??? With this knee thing, I could attempt to sprint, considering it is only 200m, but understand if it’s a NO GO..let me know..Thanks…

  • jorgy

    To be honest the class is worth the tiredness. Plus the 6am class starts your day off right and you feel super productive. I’m in a good situation cause it starts when I get off work, but like I said it is definately worth it. Just try it once and you’ll like getting up early. So we’ll see you Wednesday at 6am

  • lauren

    ha, I’m sleeping in til 7:30