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Jeremy Jones and Jimmy Greninger at the CrossFit Football Certification Seminar with Eva Twardokens, Rookie, and Justin Lascek

Jimmy G, Eva Twardokens from CrossFit Santa Cruz Central, Rookie from CrossFit Endurance, Jeremy Jones, and Justin Lascek from CrossFit Witichta Falls at the CrossFit Football Certification seminar (and yes, Justin is wearing a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” t-shirt).


4 rounds for time.

Run 400m

Rest 2 minutes

Record each rounds time to comments.



Gluten Free Diets Help Many

“. . .According to the Autism Research Institute and Defeat Autism Now, some children with autism cannot properly digest gluten. Instead of passing through the digestive system, the protein breaks down into peptides that leak into the bloodstream of children with ASDs and trigger an opiatelike effect in the brain. . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments (and if you avoid Gluten).


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  • JimmyG

    Super S…Thrusters are really fun…lol….I’ll come up with something really nasty for your last Fight Fit !! I really have enjoyed working out with you, you are a DollBeast. I wish you and Brian the best at CrossFiting in High Altitude…lol

    6am loves 400m therapy!! We did our Plyo warm up along with a few new sprint training drills. The class then had 3min personal time to work on something you suck at. Everyone ended up at the Diablotron so After running the sprint wod we had Jorgy teach kipping….I don’t have to mention the quick learning skills of 6am-ers we learn by osmosis !!

  • Jeremy Jones

    TMNT is F-ing L.E.G.I.T.


  • Craig

    There are many DCF peeps that we haven’t heard from yet on the Affiliate Team workouts that should give them a shot! People like:

    Stephanie, Bill (Italy?), Leah, Mitchell, Michael, Cabby, Jordan (Hawaii?), Jazz, Russell, Brook, Damen ….

    There’s quite a few more – I just can’t think of them right this moment. You know who you are!

  • jordan Karnofsky

    of course i want to try out for affiliate team but i’m across the ocean til may 31st. i really wanna compete in SOMETHING soon but i guess ill have to wait. no gym right now but i grabbed some neighbors and did the 9 burpees/1 situp, 8 burpees/2 situps, all the way to 1 burpee/9 situps. 5:24. winded. afterwards did a nice

    4 stair fight sprints
    2 apartment wall climb x10

    that was a workout. 5:02

    wall hop/climbs are awesome functional exercise. who needs equipment?@@?!?!?!??

  • Carry

    Holly and I plan on doing WOD A tomorrow morn and WOD B tomorrow afternoon (I have a meeting in SF in between) Then we were going to do WOD C Fri morn. I think Mark is going to help us out with the witness part of it….on Thurs Morn? Hopefully someone else will be there when he is not able?

    Also…I was wondering about scaling>? Does it help me or hinder me? What I mean is if I scale and get more reps….is that better than not scaling and getting fewer reps? I know how I would answer that question but I was wondering how ‘yall are going to look at it.

    BTW….Strong Meg…heard you blasted both A&B! I’m sure you are going to smoke C…wish I was there to see it 🙂 I think ‘quiet competitor’ is your middle name!

  • Shannon S.

    Carry- I agree, Meg’s new nickname is Strong-Below-The-Radar-Meg!

    Ps- can someone remind me the combo of The Bear Complex? I’m thinking about doing it (possibly with a slightly lighter weight) after I ride up Diablo this afternoon….

  • Carry

    Oooooh! The Bear! My favorite 🙂 It’s 5 rounds and 7 reps with as much rest as needed between rounds but the 7 reps must be touch and go (hands don’t leave the bar & the bar doesn’t rest on the ground)

    Clean to front squat to press or jerk to back squat to jerk back to the ground…that’s one rep. Ideally you should increase weight each round. Remember this one is a grip killer!!

  • Craig

    The Bear Barbell Complex:

    7 reps of-
    Full squat clean thruster & a back squat and a push jerk (from the back). Touch & go on the ground (no pausing!). Rest on your back, shoulders or hanging if needed.

    5 Rounds, as much rest as you like between rounds. Post loads to comments.

    Can do the fsc thrusters as a deadlift, hang power clean, front squat & push jerk if needed. Be careful lowering the bar to your back for the back squats.

    I suggest “HM” for Humble Meg.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Diablo CrossFit is now a part of “Beyond the Whiteboard”

    Sign up and start tracking your workouts and meals online!


  • Carry

    Never mind my comments about scaling…Holly just clued me in about the bands on the ring dips and now I get it. It’s part of the work out! Sorry…I’m slow.

  • Damen

    I think I’m going to do workouts a and b Thursday afternoon, and c on Friday, will anyone be around? I have finals today so I am not going to be at the gym totalk to anyone about it.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I’ll be around Damen I am sure.


  • Julie

    DUDE!!! Workout C is disgusting?! I might need to reconsider this whole thing..as if running isn’t bad enough, let’s add some extra weight?! My own weight is hard enough to get going, now we add 50#’s…SWEET!!

  • Mark L.

    Carry, I’m definitely planning on being there for Thurs. afternoon to judge/count reps.

  • Mark L.

    Done by a Crossfitter at home in WC:
    3 rounds for time with 50 pound vest
    1000m run
    34 squats (butt touching calves)


    It would have been faster, but the weighted vest started giving me mid-back cramps in the last 1K loop, and I had to stop and stretch them out a few times. Neighbor, Dan, saw me again. He thinks I’m weird

  • jordan

    Playground wod:
    3 pullups (monkey bars)
    6 pushups
    9 box jumps (30″ bench)
    People in the park think I’m crazy

  • Rodil

    Crossfit movie “Every Second Counts” out on DVD!


  • Nick

    Mark and Jordan you guys are funny, keep the neighbors thinking you are crazy.

  • Julie

    HAHAHA…I love that bystanders think crossfitters are crazy!! BEAUTIFUL!! Let me just say this…WOD B….RING DIPS BLOW!!!! Nevermind WOD C…I witnessed Meg& her savage determination first hand..WOW…she is a true animal!!! Whole new respect for her!! Shes sweet but savage at the same time?! Is that possible?? YES!!!