090521 THURSDAY “Diablo’s Shame”

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+++Special Hours for Memorial Day (as well as a Barbecue!) See below for details+++

Jimmy does the Vertical leap from the football combine

Jimmy attempting a vertical leap using a fancy measuring device (no warm up or practice before hand).

Workout: “Diablo’s Shame”

For time.

6 rope climbs (or use 2 ‘rope lay downs’ per rope climb as a sub)

25 thrusters with dumbbells or kettlebells totaling half of your bodyweight (scale down if needed)

50 deadlifts with bodyweight (scale down if needed).

Divide the movements into any sets you want.

Post the results to comments and to “Beyond the Whiteboard!

(ask JJ or Craig why this workout is called “Diablo’s Shame”).



Memorial Day Barbecue, Family Day, and Open house Monday May 25th from 11am – 2pm

Memorial Day we will be open for limited hours (11am – 2pm) but feel free to swing by and get a workout in if you’d like. We will be hosting a barbecue and “Paleo Pot Luck” for those interested in participating.

Monday is also a great day to bring family or friends down to the gym so they can see what CrossFit is all about. We also plan on having multiple people go through “workout C” so you can come cheer them on.

Post to comments below if you plan on coming out for some food, fun and maybe some “beervages”.

CPR and First Aid Class Next Thursday the 28th from 6 – 9pm!

Sign up now for an evening class that will include First Aid, Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED), as well as CPR (Adult, Child, and infant). The certification will last two years, and it doesn’t get more “functional” than that.

Cost for current DCFers: $75, cost for non-DCFers: $85 Pre-register by emailing jeremy@diablocrossfit.com and bringing payment to the gym before the 28th.


For those of you interested in trying out for the DCF Affiliate Cup team (and people just trying to ‘test their metal’), We will be posting workouts A and B on Saturday (workout A for the morning class, and workout B for the evening class). You can always try them then if you are still on the fence.


Diablo CrossFit is Registered for “Beyond the Whiteboard!” Click here for more information.

“Beyond the Whiteboard” is a logging and data tracking site designed specifically for CrossFitters. It is just like everyone’s “log sheets” we keep at the gym, but infinitely more informative and useful. We still expect everyone to keep track of their training with hand written logs, but now you can use this resource to monitor performance across many measures.

It also has built in tracking for nutrition (if you are familiar with the “Zone”).

Create an account and sign up today, then register as a DCF’er! (It is free for now, but they might start charging in July).

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  • jorgy

    Rest day for me today, sorry fight fit you’ll just have to wait til next week for me. I need the recovery for the hefty load that is the qualifier for DCF.

  • Damen

    Sooo can Jimmy dunk or what? That’s what really matters.

  • Mark L.

    Someone took the shame video down from YouTube! So sad… I wanted to relive people not counting a bunch of Jeremy’s rope climbs (who could blame them; they’re too fast to count).

  • Mike P.

    So…if we can’t witness it on YouTube, are we going to get the story behind the WOD name?

  • Mark L.

    Gosh, I hope so! 😉

  • JimmyG

    Damen haha..yes I can still get sh*tty and throw it down. I can’t 360, or dbl pump reverse anymore though.
    Huge Fight Fit class today. We welcomed two new comers..the Luke Brothers. I think they liked it. I implemented a CrossFit Football exercise into the wod. #95 box step -ups and knee raise on 20′ box for a minute!!! Brutiful.
    WOD- 7 stations, 1 min rest, 3 rounds, after last round 30sec rest then 400m sprint.
    Today is a good day to die!! Good luck on the qualifier Jorgy.

  • Big Dave


    5 AM TODAY





  • Big Dave


    WOD A


    200M RUN

    HOLLY 11:57

    CARRY 12:43


  • Jeremy Jones

    IS YOUR CAPS BUTTON BROKEN!? Chill out on the all caps. whew.

    I wanted to point out that you can divide the exercises up as needed (I don’t think Big D did that).

    I recommend:

    1 rope climb
    Then 5 rounds of –
    5 Thursters
    10 Deadlifts
    1 rope climb

    Trust me. It is the best way to do it.


  • Buck

    A vert is a straight jump not a running start….yes I’m trolling…but I get it done

  • luca z.

    Words of wisdom, for this WOD long pants or tall socks, save your legs from rope burn

  • Meg Rosten

    Good luck to everyone doing the team qualifier workouts … watch out for C … it is a KILLER! 🙂 A HUGE thanks to Darren and Julie for cheering me on…. without them I would have not made it!!!! Pretty sure I was crying at some point because I couldn’t believe I was self inflicting that much torture on myself. I probably could have moved faster but I felt totally toasted after that 50# bag run. Not to mention I had to start over because my hubby called out (yes, he is impartial as a judge) I wasn’t doing correct chest to bar pull ups… After a crash course learning session I re-started the w.o. … ugh! None the less VERY fun to try on these workouts!!!!!

    Whoever is on our team will be rock stars and it will be an honor to cheer and support them!!!!! A huge round of applause and congrats to all those that simply attempt to do workouts A, B, & C! Personal victory rests in our moments of pushing ourselves past our comfort levels to new heights in fitness!


  • Mark L.

    On breaking up the WOD, JJ: How did Freddie and Jolie break it up? That might be a good plan, too.

  • Mountain

    Mark, you’re as cruel as Jolie is beautiful; your words as vicious as her rope climbs.

  • Big Dave


    I just like the way you come back and say

    Break the workout like this….

    After busting my A** to get this done..

    The easier way comes out later..


  • Craig

    Great posts today. Loved Buck’s comment “trolling but I get it done!”. Troll all you want here bro.

    Nice work, Big D!

    Mark, you’re not funny at all. Mthrf#*&!

    Meg, best post ever. Your face yesterday when D was judging your pull ups was one I’ve seen on Yvonne and I hope to never see again.

  • Mike P.

    Woah woah woah….stop the press. I saw “Freddie and Jolie” and know exactly what this one is (thanks Mark) and it’s still posted on CrossFit’s main site. It’s called “Diablo vs. One World” in the exercises and demos area under the WODS section. What are the chances of a rematch for you two? I would pay admission to see that! And if outing the video calls for an ass beating I’m going to wear my best pair of go fasters today just in case escaping the grasp of JJ and Craig is my own personal WOD… 😉

  • JimmyG

    Buck……This was a Vert Jump. No running start. I’m fully stretched out and on my way down. Add another 6-8 inches for a running start 1 foot high jump…dunk style.
    And “Trolling”…like coming out from under a bridge not thinking JJ knows what a Vertical Jump Is????….lol….If you can post it you can take it.

  • Amy

    Wow Meg. Total heart. Not to mention some amazing strength – physical and otherwise. It is a testament to a grounded woman to be able to take correction from her man (ahem, I am not graceful about this).
    Saw some amazing stuff this morning: sub10 “A” from Stavros, awesome rope climbs from Brook and Jaz, Andrew and Lynn killing the deadlifts with perfect form. Lots of sweating and laying on the floor from everyone.
    For me, 2nd week of Rippetoe done. 165# PR deadlift and 122# PR backsquat. Forget those strict presses, they are punks.

  • Jeremy Jones

    We had some smart ladies tape up their leg before starting the workout. No rope burn for them!

    I love it when I hear quotes like “6 rope climbs? . . . that isn’t too bad” from a woman. F’ing awesome.

    Stavros did A & B today . . . back to back. About 10 minutes rest it seemed. Damn.

    Dave – The post says “Divide the movements into any sets you want.” . . . I thought that was clear enough.

    In your honor, your version will now be called “Diablo’s CRYING Shame”.


  • JimmyG

    Stav, JJ, Marky, Craig.

    When baby Jace switches from Mommy’s “paleo Muscle milk” to formula…in about a year or so…What formulas do you guys recommend? I’m starting to research them and I’m finding mostly soy based formulas. I don’t want him to increase estrogen production….lol.. is it funny that i want him on a paleo formula…lol.. Is there something close??? Or is that a million dollar idea?

  • Craig

    Jimmy: fantastic question. But you are asking absolutely the wrong people.

    It should be (just a guess, here): Jasmine, Jamie, Debbie & Yvonne…..

    I changed a few diapers and sometimes held the bottle, if you need help with that.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Both our kids went from booby to rice milk. No formula for either of them.

  • Mark L.

    Enfamil with Lipil. (google it, it’s also what most hospitals recommend if you can get past the army of lactation nazis)
    Soy is inferior and should only be used for children with major lactose intolerance issues due to the protein amino acid spectrum of plant protein versus animal.
    Soy is preferable in some cases, though. My niece, for example, developed horrible reflux due to milk allergies, so she went on soy which was the lesser of two evils (reflux or lower quality nutrition). Getting to keep the food down was the better plan.
    I still change diapers.

  • Jeremy Jones

    We used some non – soy brands (can’t remember the name right now). Then to organic omega-3 moo juice.

    I’ll defer to Jamie for the brand (we ordered a case of it online for a pretty good deal).


  • Yvonne

    Jimmy, I believe in my heart that our ancestors, caveman/paleo eaters took the boob until it dried up. I can’t imagine caveman letting something like that go to waste when they are starving. I also believe that other members of the family got it as well to keep the flow going. So, I believe to stay on the boob as long as possible. I know some people that breast fed their kids until they were 5. Formulas are all different. The most important is that he does not get gas from them, then you have a crying infant. Then organic whole milk after that.

    Meg, I feel for you!!! I would have told you after the second attempt that you made the team. You are a stud to be the first woman to do them all. I heard the 50 pound bag was more like 70 (re-check please). You just opened the gates for all the rest of us who want to be FastStrong Meg.

  • jorgy

    i still breastfeed, thats why i’m getting stronger.

  • Damen

    Jorgy, wouldn’t that make you fatter? I haven’t had a girlfriend in about 6 months and I’ve leaned out a ton.

  • JimmyG

    LOL that’s some funny stuff Jorgy…
    Thanks for the info guys..Yvonne, I totally agree with you so I guess I’ll leave it up to Kelly for the whole breast feeding thing, how long and what not. I’ll just keep feeding her paleo for now and let it trickle down to the baby..lol
    I found myself in the formula section of the store and started reading labels and got to thinking…..Maybe I’ll make up my own blended formula from grass fed beef, nuts and seeds, veggies, some fruit, a little starch, zero sugar and Bovine Colostrum….lmao…yummy.

  • Darren

    Bovine Colostrum

    Tell me more. JJ said he gained 4 pounds in two days. and still has abs.

  • Moises G.

    Actually if Jorgy breastfed he would be tired, you burn 500 calories a feeding. And Jimmy my wife breastfed Donovan for a year and some people do it longer. Our son had some Infamil for a bit then organic whole milk.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Jamie said that “Baby’s Only”. You can get it online or at “Whole Paycheck” (Foods).

    Get the ‘soy free’ variety.

    Jamie also said to tell Kelly to start pumping like it is going out of style. Then put that freezer to use and fill it to the brim with those little bags. We were able to keep Jax on the ‘Juice’ for over a month after she stopped producing.

    Good luck. And may the force be with you.