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+++Limited hours for Memorial day! 11am – 2pm for Open gym only (no official classes)+++

Mike P rocks out some muscle ups

Mike P rocks out some muscle ups (why miles has that look on his face, I don’t know).

Workout: “Randy”

(In honor of Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member who was killed February 6 in the line of duty. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Simmons’ wife and two children. First posted 13 February 2008) – www.crossfit.com

75 power snatches (video can be downloaded here)

Rx’ed weight is 75lbs, but a weight should be used that will allow proper form even into the higher rep ranges.

Post time to comments.

(and don’t forget to compare your results with other CFers at “Beyond the Whiteboard“)



Vitamin D key to healthy brain

“. . .They suggested it might trigger an increase in protective hormonal activity in the brain. However, the only data to back this up so far comes from animal studies.

There is also some evidence that vitamin D can dampen down an over-active immune system.

Alternatively, it may boost levels of antioxidants that in effect detoxify the brain. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Jeremy Jones

    Good AM class.

    We discovered that Nancy has some of the best power snatch form I have seen with a beginner. A true natural.

    And that Kevin S. is a BEAST. I think he should be called “Killer Kevin” from now on. He did a 9:01 Rx’ed “Randy” (one of only two people to do it Rx’ed this morning!)


  • Jeremy Jones

    I also wonder if those spots on Mike’s hat are horns trying to break out.


  • Andrew

    Maybe he’s like Hellboy…and grinds them off so people don’t notice??

  • Mark L.

    I had the honor of judging the magnificent Carry Warner in workout “B” in the early afternoon, and she scored 12 rounds + 2 DL. Holly was right behind her the whole time.

    Fantastic work, last night at 5pm, 6pm. Best time of the night for Diablo’s Shame (RX) was Mike P. with 8:54.

    Lots of great practice for newer people on deadlifts and lie downs. Some practiced the pullup, foot assisted exercise as their scale (to master the scissor “S” grab of the rope with the feet). Sarah T. took her deadlift from downright sad to “safe and acceptable” in one WOD with a little coaching. Tony scaled slightly so that he could do everything correctly so as not to learn any bad habits early on.

    Prior to the WOD, we practiced how to do tire flips with tires that are too heavy to lift with your arms (a little trick Jeremy taught me when we competed at RAW Strength last summer). Now, everyone is trained to flip a tire that’s as heavy as their max deadlift!

    Did two PTs after everyone went home. Brian P. and Matt C. are coming your way after having finished DGB! Matt C. has twins on the way!

  • JimmyG

    6am Crew…We are on for Monday morning if you want!!!
    Just let me know…….

  • Amy

    i am a spaz (well-established fact) and don’t read pop-up messages very well. Which is why you will have numerous requests from the whiteboard for me to join DCF. I feel like a little kid with her hand up in class jumping up and down in her seat and not getting picked.
    Now, maybe if I was jumping On and Off my seat I could be a Crossfitter.

  • michelle

    Jimmie, what do you think about 7am on Monday instead of 6am…me, Marnie, Cabby, Nancy, Alan, Eleni and Matt will be there for sure but we were thinking since it’s a holiday 7am might be a nice treat! Let us know.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Julie just did WOD C in 26:57.

    Holy Sh!t that is badass.


  • Darren

    WOW, Great time.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Great job 930 and 1030 classes. The Power Snatch is a very tough movement to learn, much less in a few minutes before a WOD of this magnitude. It was awesome to see people work through their struggles, and get the work done. You will all be way ahead of the game next time this movement comes up in a WOD.

    After class I coached/counted reps for Julies “C” workout. She killed it, enough said.

  • Mark L.

    I might be up for Monday since the stock market is closed.

  • Sarah

    Did broken Isabelle today at Crossfit Newport Beach… 6 75# power snatches, 200m run, 5 rnds for time… 10:24… =)

  • Mountain

    I got to see Carry and Holly kill workout C this morning, each of them going sub-30. I wasn’t able to hang around to see Julie’s workout, but wow, she killed it.

    This is probably going to stir up more trouble than it’s worth, but I gotta ask: what’s with the complete lack of ROM standards on the 100 air squats? I understand form falters when intensity is high, but I don’t know why range of motion should.

    When form falters, the exercise either gets harder or the chance of injury goes up. Either way, the person with bad form is paying the cost of that bad form. So, while we should encourage good, efficient form, there is no need to penalize it.

    When range of motion is cut short, though, the person actually does less work. In terms of their workout time, they benefit from not going through the complete range of motion.

    Anyway, sorry to bring this up, but it really bothered me.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Hmm. I didn’t get a chance to judge Carry and Holly’s performances, but I wouldn’t have let any blatant depth problems go through. . .

    Why didn’t you say something at the time Mountain?


  • Darren

    Moutain who are you speaking of. Yourself. A blanket statement like that isn’t helpful.

  • Lancaster

    Mike P… Are those knee high socks? White knee high sock? A yellow skull cap? This guy wears a Shirt and Tie everyday to work but when working out he dresses like an animal.

    Props on the Muscle Up. I’m working on mine.

    You’re Buddy at One World


  • Craig

    Full ROM for me on Workout A: 9:36.

    That’s a nice target to aim for. Congrats to anyone who beats it, ’cause I almost died putting it up.

    That second donut for breakfast paid off!

  • michelle

    6am crew…Jimmie said Monday’s workout will be at 7am, yeah!!! Breakfast after at the Butterball…aka The Buttercup near the courthouse. See ya there.

  • Lo@CFS

    Hey Craig- thanks for the invite- Dustin and I, along with a few others are planning on coming! See you guys Monday- any ideas on what others are bringing (other then beer of course).

  • Darren

    More Beer, More Beef.

    Is there anything else.

  • Mountain

    I didn’t say anything at the time because it blew my mind that the judge wasn’t saying anything. If I’d said something at the time, it would have been emotional, and probably excessively harsh.

    I will say that I watched Nick do Workout A, and his range of motion was awesome. On the squat thrusters, he got below parallel every time, and way below parallel most of the time. And I think it’s fair to say that he did this while maintaining ridiculously high intensity.

  • Craig

    Right on! CFS coming. You guys are the best.

    Ok, well, maybe 2nd best….


  • Julie

    I judged Carry & Holly thru their workout…they f**king destroyed it and their form was perfect!! So, I’ll leave it at that…

  • Craig

    18 1/3 rnds for wod B.

  • Nick


  • Craig

    Oh, sorry. Typo. I meant 13 1/3.

    Damn ring dips. Chink in the armor.

  • Darren

    Moutain, I am trying to put on a good Quals and haven’t been around in a couple days. Email me any concerns, and I will address them with both the judge and the competitor.

  • Damen

    I have rope burns on both shoulders from WOD C, I kinda like it

  • Amy

    Mike P wears those socks so that I can chase him screaming “socks, socks, gaining on you, socks!” during fight gone bad. True story.