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+++7am class on Monday Morning! Then open gym and barbecue from 11am – 2pm+++

New limited production DCF shorts - and Stavros doing a sub 2min Grace

New Diablo CrossFit shorts based upon MMA fighter shorts from Soldier Fight Gear (flexible, breathable, full drawstring, and more). Sub 2 minute “Grace” and Stav’s calves not included.

Workout 10am – DCF qualifier A:

For time. 6 rounds:

5 reps Squat clean thruster (135men / 85women) or or squat clean and Jerk

200 Meter Sprint

(squat cleans must be utilized for the WOD to be “Rx’ed” – no power cleans then front squats)

Workout 3pm – DCF qualifier B –

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:

3 Deadlift (245lb men / 175lb women)

6 Ring Dips (small band assist for women)

9 Wall Ball (20/10 men, 14/8 women)

Rest 1 minute.

Repeat for a total of 5 cycles. Record total rounds completed for all 5 cycles. Start where you left off each round when counting (don’t keep starting on DLs).

Post results to comments.


Article from the Life Spotlight:

“The real truth about “healthy” grains”

“. . . Many plants use lectins as a defense against hungry animals. Thus, an animal that is not adapted to the lectins in the plant it’s eating may suffer damage or death. … Grains and legumes (beans, soy, peas, peanuts) are rich in some particularly nasty lectins. Especially wheat. Some can degrade the intestinal lining. Some have the ability to pass through the intestinal lining and show up in the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, they may bind all sorts of carbohydrate-containing proteins in the body, including the insulin receptor. They could theoretically bind the leptin receptor, which also contains carbohydrate (= it’s glycosylated), potentially desensitizing it. This remains to be tested, and to my knowledge is pure speculation at this point. What is not so speculative is that once you’re leptin-resistant, you become obese and insulin resistant, and at that point you are intolerant to any type of carbohydrate. . . “

Click here for complete article.


Don’t forget to come to our Open house and Barbecue on Monday (Memorial Day). We will be having open gym, food, and beer from 11am – 2pm. Please stop by and say Hi! Click her for details.

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  • Fitness Fabulous

    I love that CF shorts!

  • Oneandthreequartersgun

    I can’t believe I was actually looking forward to doing WOD C yesterday (it honestly looked fun). Then I made the mistake of having Carry do it first while Julie and I judged and cheered….she did it beautifully and made it look so easy with her sub 28 time! AMAZING JOB Carry!

    Then came my turn… 50 chest to bar pull-ups done as singles were not as bad as I expected but the 75 box jumps were so much worse for some reason. I have never come so close to quiting and puking at the same time and I had only completed 5 of the 75 when those feelings came. Both Julie and Carry were such phenomenal coaches and continued to give positive encouragement the entire time I was draped over the box. They refused to let me stop. I’m not sure how many times they had to repeat “give me 5 more Holly, just 5 more then you can rest”, but it was A LOT!! After that the rest of the wod was not that bad. Sad to think that the tire flip was the best part for me but it was. Huge thanks to these two ladies for pushing me. Carry was even late to pick up her kids because she stayed to cheer me on. I just love the positive support DCFers give.

    Wod C = 29:14

    I unfortunately had to go to work right after so was not able to watch and cheer Julie on as she smoked the WOD but …FREAKIN’ GREAT JOB Jules!!!! And that was your time even after running around with Carry and me all morning too! What did you say about being injured? Cause if this is you injured, what are you like normally?

    Feelin’ like a train wreck since yesterday so I’ll just see everyone on Monday! Good luck to all that have yet to do the WODs.

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    So whats the status on the WOD’s? As far as I remember, they had to be done by Sunday, except for the few that said they needed an extra day because of the “holiday”? What guys and girls have completed the WOD’s?

    Mike P.


  • Craig

    I’m done! Wod C: 25:38? What a relief. That was a grinder.

    Witnessed the “old” Jorgy put on a workshop for us – Wod A, what an animal, sub 9.

    Everyone has really put forth some amazing all out efforts. I hate Darren and love Darren for these workouts. There is no gaming or “shooting for times.” There has simply been an all out effort to complete these wods as fast as possible – they are so long, that there is really no strategy involved.

    Most everyone has said either: “I wanted to quit,” “I was crying,” or, “I seriously thought about giving up.” Despair sets in halfway through wod C and you literally question your involvement in CrossFit and these events.

    All of the competitors will be done by Monday and we’ll have an awesome team and an amazing bench in case anyone (God forbid) has a conflict or injury.

    Now back to working on my damn ring dips.

    Thank you DRoe & JJ for putting on this event and giving up so much of your time to watch us grind through them. I am a better athlete as a result of this little competition.

  • jorgy

    Died on WOD B. 14+2/3. DL’s easy as pie, rings not bad, wall balls kicked my pansy ass. Quad cramps and a torn ego, thanks Darren. I’ll be back tomorrow for another grueling punishing workout. I have a nice game plan and that is to Khalipa the F out of that WOD.

  • Mark L.

    Bummed I couldn’t make it in today to do these WODs with the crew, but we just have to many family things going on.
    I may come in, tomorrow, and try A or B, but since I can’t take the full day off work for the competition, it will be “just for fun”.

  • Mark L.

    *too many

  • Mike P.

    Finished WOD C with Craig, Jesse, and Nick today all of which posted impressive times. Possibly nothing more entertaining than D-Roe verbally abusing everyone as they workout which is actually incredibly helpful. Yvonne tore apart WOD A and watching Jorgy toss the 135 around on his sub 9 WOD A was amazing. Good job today everyone.

  • Suzie

    Hey Jimmy and the 6am peeps!
    I really miss you guys. I finally got my injury diagnosed yesterday. The MRI showed a “stress reaction” in my sacroiliac joint and mild strain. I started biking and I can not tell you how good it felt to be outside again! I was GOING CRAZY not being able to do anything! The Dr has me in PT 3x a week for the month…leading to the 100 mile run. I am hoping with the biking for a bit I can keep my fitness and start running again soon. I REALLY want to still run the race…not throwing in the towel yet! HA!
    I see you are meeting 7am Monday and then breakfast. I want to come but will be limited in what I can do. 🙁
    See you all Monday!

  • Nick

    Today’s wad c was so much fun. I remember yelling at Craig “wtf are we doing?”
    The tire flips were the hardest for me. Good job everyone who killed it today.
    Craig,Yvonne, Mike, Jesse, Jorgy
    Watching Jorgy do A was inspiring. He even did it with Oly shoes on.
    Its all about getting yelled at while suffering.
    Now it is rest time

  • Jeremy Jones

    Or. . . peanut butter jelly time!


  • Craig

    Suzie!! So relieved it was not a fractured hip! Rest – low, to no impact. Ice baths??

    Hope you heal for the 100miler!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit

    Affiliate Challenge:

    A- 9:27
    B- 15 RD’s + 3 DL’s + 2 Ring Dips
    C- 25:53

  • Craig

    Mark, you should be competing – call in sick on Friday for the Affiliate comp if you make it. Comon’ man.

  • JimmyG

    Suzie…i was just thinking about you. Glad that it is not a major set back for you. We sure do miss you in 6am. Please come see us at 7am on Monday, I’ll find something for you to do…lol…plan for breakfast after…