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CrossFit Solano shares some beef and brews on Memorial Day

A big thanks to CrossFit Solano for coming out in force to our Barbecue!


Power Clean

3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Add weight each round. Touch and go on the floor only (no resting with the bar on the floor).

Post loads to comments.

Bonus Mini Metcon to follow.



Genetic link between heart disease and periodontitis.

“. . .The relationship between the dental disease periodontitis and coronary heart disease (CHD) has been known for several years. Although a genetic link seemed likely, until now its existence was uncertain. . .”

Click here for complete article.

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  • Mark L.

    The Saki bomb has beer on her head.
    So, do we have the final results for our affiliate team qualifiers?
    Are we going to do 4 guys/2 girls or mix it up?

  • JimmyG

    Great 6am FightFit…Beth joined us today and smoked the wod. She’s welcome back anytime.
    Today we had 8 stations for 1min of work each. 2 rounds then a 400m sprint.
    You may have noticed a couple of friends I brought to share…#80 dumbbells…lol
    fun to Farmer carry….

    One more thing….Who was google-ing CornHole Scoring??? Must have been Marky…lol

  • lo

    What a great bbq! Thank you for having us, we all had nothing but great things to say about your place, the people, the food, and of course the wods! Hope to see you guys soon!

  • Mike P.

    The affiliate cup team is going to be 3 guys/3 girls. As of now there is a tie for third on both sides. The 3rd place finishers get to re-do a DCF qualifier WOD of their choice (deadline of 5/28) and the scores are recalculated at that time for the 3rd place finishers. If there’s still a tie it comes down to the percentage improvement for that respective workout for each person. The top 2 finishers are not affected on either side.

    1. Josh Jorgensen
    2. Jeremy Jones
    3. Tie: Stavros Kilogirou & Mike Penland

    1. Yvonne Howard
    2. Julie Dejarlais
    3. Tie: Meg Rosten & Carry Warner

    That being said I will soak up my rest day today for everything it’s worth…

  • Mark L.

    It’s a “coast-to-coast phenomenon”!

    Nice work, Mike, and who says bodybuilders don’t have functional fitness (Yvonne). =) Kate (my 5 yo) stared at Yvonne in awe as she was repping out the pullups, yesterday.

  • Carry

    DANG!!! I go away for a long weekend and look what happens! I am in the midst of a horrible sinus infection/cold. Was sick the morning of WOD C (no voice to yell at my girl Holly but I managed to squeek at her anyways;)

    Not sure what the time limit is on the RE-DO Wod but I’m thinking I’ll have at least a few days of recovery while taking my anti-biotics….What ever the case…I will be at the games cheering ‘yall on.

    Thank you Julie for pushing me through WOD C…you are a GREAT motivator! Thanks to Holly for letting me join her on these WODS…they were very challenging and fun. Thank you Mark for watching my DL form on WOD B! & Thanks to Dave for watching us on WOD A.

    I wish I could have seen the other ladies do their WODS….I’m so proud to be a part of DCF!

  • JimmyG

    lmao….I knew it was you Marky….keep your corn hole-ing to yourself…lol

  • Jeremy Jones

    All I have to say is don’t ever Cornhole with D-roe. He is a Cornholing MACHINE!

    I think we should start calling him C-roe instead of D-roe. He seriously sunk at least 6 sacks into the hole when we played.


  • Darren

    I am good at shooting for the hole

  • sakura

    especially when there’s a huge arrow showing the way.

    thanks for having us over for the bbq. had a ton of fun and great food! loved the kale. 🙂

  • Mark L.

    I vote for “Cornhole D”. Let’s make some signs for the games: “GO CORNHOLE D!”

  • Jeremy Jones

    Or they could say


    And have that picture of Darren in front of the flag, mustache and all.


  • Mark L.

    We need to make that happen!

  • luca z.

    Late posting as usual for me lately, today I didn’t have athletes pull a lot of weight with the power cleans, we worked on technique in all three classes, great work from all and
    i hope that they will carry my instructions into their next WOD, but this movements need to be teached over and over to sink in.

  • luca z.

    On another note this Saturday Tami and D.J., my Muay-Thai co-trainer, are fighting in Santa Clara, check out the details here /www.ultimateinternationals.com, I hope to see many of you down there to support this DCFers, while it may not be the games, it’s still a great challenge for them and any support is going to help a lot.

  • Big D aka Slim D aka Big Sexy

    Thanks for the great bbq. I had a lot of fun. Work out c looked crazy. good job to all that performed that monstrous wod. Hope to see you guys at Crossfit Solano soon. Thank again

  • Melanie

    Thanks Jeremy and the 5pm class for letting me visit! Stop by Crossfit Coronado anytime you ‘re in San Diego!

  • Melanie

    Thanks Jeremy and the 5pm class for letting me visit! Stop by Crossfit Coronado anytime you ‘re in San Diego!

  • Melanie

    Thanks Jeremy and the 5pm class for letting me visit! Stop by Crossfit Coronado anytime you’re in San Diego!

  • Jeremy Jones

    Apparently I am such a good coach, Melanie had to tell me three times!



  • Jeremy Jones

    Oh, and tell Rhodes he needs to go lower on his squats and push ups next time you see him working out.


  • Nick

    D-roe oops I mean DCF KING CORNHOLEIO gets very excited when playing Cornhole.
    I am down to help make a sign

  • Yvonne

    Carry, we all knew something was up with you. Sorry I missed doing them with you. I really wanted to but I couldn’t that day.

    Anyone interested in a pair of brand new oly shoes for $50? They are a mens size 7, black with some red in them for DCF colors. I got them for myself by they run small and I wear thick socks. They would probably fit woman 7 or 7 1/2. I bought them for $50 and they go for $79 without shipping and tax.

    Looks like the next DCF dinner will be Saturday, June 27th. No kids this time. Any suggestions on where to go?

    Darren, you cornholer!

  • Stavros @ Diablo CrossFit


    If they fit Jaz, we’ll take them from you.


  • Darren

    Y, put me in for MEg if they don’t fit Jazz

  • Jeremy Jones

    Saw some serious improvement on clean form from a few people today. Nice work.

    Holly still has to get over the 115 hump. Meg went for it too, but I am not sure if she got it but I saw her get really close a few times. At the 6pm class Laci got up 110 for a single!

    Matt C worked up to 215! Nice!

    I was able to work up to 3 reps at 225, 2 reps at 230, and a single at 235 (tied my PR).

    Couldn’t get 240 up though. Just couldn’t get my form down enough. I think I have at least another 10 – 15 lbs in me with form corrections.


  • Amy

    I was chanting squat form corrections today (butt sticking back, lean forward, knees out) and now that I am doing them pretty close to right they are wicked hard and I have had to drop a fair amount of weight. Anyone out there willing to help with a form check later in the week?
    Plus I was sweaty. Ick.
    Thanks to Julie for reminding me that good days and bad days still get you strong the same way and for Luca for giving me YET more corrections : 1. a kettlebell is not swung like a purse beating a mugger and 2. knees to elbows, b-y-ach.
    Welcome back Sarah. Sure you have lots up your sleeve in store for us.

  • DJ~CFS

    JJ and crew thank you all again for having us down to your place for the BBQ . We all had a blast and everybody that went came into the box today fully charged after seeing you and your crew in action. Very impressive “Workout C” talk about a gut check, can’t wait to see you all at the games and cheer you guys and gals on during the affiliate challenge.