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Holly makes Mountain do tire flips in the sun

Mountain takes a nice stroll with Holly. . . and a large truck tire.


For Time.

Row 1000m

21 ring dips

Row 500m

15 ring dips

Row 250m

9 ring dips

Post time to comments.



Following a “Healthy Lifestyle” in decline in U.S.

“Despite the well-known benefits of having a lifestyle that includes physical activity, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, maintaining a healthy weight, moderate alcohol use and not smoking, only a small proportion of adults follow this healthy lifestyle pattern, and in fact, the numbers are declining, according to an article published in the June 2009 issue of The American Journal of Medicine. . .”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.


DJ and Tami are Fighting this weekend in Santa Clara! Click here for details.

Post to comments if you are looking to carpool out there.

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  • Yvonne

    Any suggestions for DCF adults only dinner on Saturday, June 27th? Dinner, drinks and dancing? The only place I can think of is ShBoom in San Ramon.

  • 6am..Matt

    Nice WOD..

    See you guys at 7pm

    Matt F.

  • Shannon S.

    You go H’oey! Way to make the website picture! 😉

  • luca z.

    Is it just me or the link to DJ and Tami fights doesn’t work?

  • Julie

    Dinner on the 27th??? How about Havanas or Pyramid in Walnut Creek?? Pyramid has a NICE beer garden?! Woo-hoo!!! Plus, I could probably guarentee free beer???

  • Oneandthreequartersgun

    If we do the Pyramid in WC and get enough beer in us, we can then stumble across the street to Crogans and dance!

    Anyone interested in doing an Oly cert on June 13th & 14th? Yvonne and I are going for sure.

  • JimmyG

    6am Fight Fit…after FGB yesterday we toned it down a little.

    700m Row
    3 min Bag work
    800m run
    1min scissor kicks
    1min GHD
    1min sit-ups

    Julie….we like free beer!!!

  • Mark L.

    Sorry for the late recap. Took over for Stav at 6:40 with FGB still in full swing. What an intense scene. I did the WOD with the 7pm crew, but my legs just weren’t there (still burnt from getting 21 on tabata squats the night before, and biking everywhere). That magic 300 is still hanging over my head.
    There were several PRs and some disappointments.
    Afterward, I yelled Mike P. to a #2 spot in DCF WOD A in his re-do attempt.
    I am surprised I still have a voice, today. All this coaching is also, apparently, strengthening my vocal cords!
    See everyone, tonight! This WOD looks like a lot of fun!

  • Big Dave

    Holly where is the location of the Oly cert class?

  • DJ

    woooohoooo for Tami fighting on Saturday!
    For anyone interested, I’ll be training her tonight @ 6:30pm with the Muay Thai Class.
    and yes the link doesn’t work! =/

  • Holly

    Here is the link to the Oly. Cert

    I’m also interested in carpooling to Tami’s fight on Saturday!!

  • Sarah

    I signs up for that seminar in Feb! I’ll be there!!

  • Sarah

    *signed…. Such a nerd….

  • JimmyG

    Listen up 6am Crew……

    If you get injured during a wod or after a wod while you are at home, it is mandatory that you contact me ASAP. Why, because I care about you and we, DCF and the rest of the 6am crew want to know so that we can help.

    If you do not contact me and I find out, I will make your return to 6am miserable. The only place you may be able to hide is in another class. Miserable as in…… rolling hundreds of yards on asphalt and doing wall sits for days while you watch the rest of us doing a wod. Or maybe the whole class will have to do it as well…..Even worse things that I will not share with you publicly will happen if you do not tell me. I have done them all, and they are not fun.

    Judy, Alan, Suzie….No more of me finding out 2-3 days later….

    My personal email is JimmyGreninger@comcast.net cell is (925)785-1272

    Now have a nice day… 🙂

  • luca z.

    Not just Tami but DJ too is fighting, so if you have the time come on down to Santa Clara to cheer them up.
    Great classes today, great effort from all and kudos to Andrew after FGB yesterday he did the WOD today as r’xed, good job JET (inside joke). Also tried to stretch this athletes and boy oh boy are we tight, more stretching, more stretching every day, twice a day if possible, you’ll see improvements in you lifts.

  • Stavros@Diablo Crossfit

    Congrats to Mike P. for beating me out for the 3rd guys spot on the DCF affiliate cup team. Good luck to all.

  • Amy

    Another fine day of grunting and sweating at the Shed. The low back squat, when done properly, is a nasty thing and is making me sore like a Skipper doll that got her legs pulled off, 125#; strict press 65# – enough pressing this week already! – and deadlift up to 145# with lovely deterioration of form. Thanks goodness for the stretching afterward, I was all better by the time I left. Luca serves us well to remind us to STTTTRRRREEEETCH.
    This is making rowing and ghds fun.

  • DJ

    Oh yeah! For people that are coming to watch Tami and I fight…
    It’s supposed to start at 9:30AM!! I know it’s early…
    we have to be there at 7:30am for registration!
    but yeah just make sure you’re in contact with Luca or Tami or I…
    and we’ll give you the low down..

    I highly doubt we’ll be fighting before 10:30am…
    but I don’t know how many competitors are coming out…
    or how organized they’re going to be…
    At Dustin’s fight we were there from 9am to 5pm…
    so just make sure you text someone lol.

    ALSO it does COST money to watch…
    I believe its 15 bucks because of the cost of the Convention Center..
    Fighters and Coaches have to pay as well (doesn’t make much sense)…
    but Tami and I had to fork out 55 bucks just to fight!

  • grace

    did someone say free beer ?!?!? I’m there. *haa*

  • Suzie

    Oh my Jimmy…
    I am somwhat afraid of being shot with a pellet gun now. 🙂
    I better watch my back…or wrist. LOL

    I had so much fun seeing you all on Monday but can not describe the frustration of not being able to do the WOD…to not even be able to run at all! uuugghhhh
    I have 2 PT sessions next week and they told me to not run yet…so I am biking a bunch till I get the OK. I am also not supposed to lift yet since it adds stress to the hip/pelvis.

    Trying to be smart so I can get back quickly.
    THANKS so much for caring! You are GREAT!!!!!

  • Damen

    Does anyone have any suggestions as how to make this tendonitis in my wrist go away? Mountain, I know you had it a few weeks back right?

  • luca z.

    Hey as a trainer I had to pay spectator fee and trainer fee, but its all good,

  • Julie

    I am SOOOO IN for a carpool adventure to go see our am Tami and DJ fight on saturday!!! Hollah at me!!! (925)330-2209…I’m outta Pleasant Hill, so who wants to roll???

    Damen…I’d be more than happy to check out your wrist….tendinitis is a beeyatch!! Although there are many reasons you have come into this problem..lets talk and see if we can fix you up good as new?!

  • Darren

    Free Beer.

    Yes, please.

  • 6am..matt

    got off early so I had to go back to do todays wod at 4:30
    Jimmy left a little gas in our tanks today (thanks Jimmy)

    12:50 … had to use the band on the 15 & 9 dips
    the first 21 dips took me a wile, I needs to get stronger…
    but the row flew by… Im off to Tahoe see you guys on Monday

    and YES JULIE…FREE BEER (the paleo kind)


  • Jeremy Jones

    Looks like Matt is off to Tahoe for some “Faileo” again.


  • 6am..matt

    No doubt JJ
    now you know why all the double days at the shed the last couple of weeks.
    My wife tells me she will burn the calories for me in the morning.


  • Lauren

    Good Luck DJ and Tami!!!! I wish I could be there to cheer you on but I will be camping. Kick some ass!