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Kevin wearing his Irish Yoga shirt

Kevin rocks his “Irish Yoga” shirt. See what Kevin said about his first few months at DCF below:

‘In February after a blood test my doctor told me if I didn’t change my lifestyle I could develop NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a life threatening condition). ALT, the enzyme in your blood that tests for this, was 64 on my blood test (with a normal range being 36 or below). I also had unmeasurable triglycerides and high cholesterol.

Yesterday I had to go back for a follow up blood test and my ALT was 35 (or normal) my total cholesterol went from high to normal, a 20% reduction, my triglycerides went from unmeasurable to high, but a 45% reduction, my good cholesterol was raised and LDL (bad cholesterol) lowered. My physician was amazed at the progress.

Basically I’ve been going to crossfit 3 days a week for 8 weeks and following the diet principles of the paleo plan, fasting when I can, and drinking a glass of red wine every day. I can’t wait to go back and get another test in 6 months to see if my Triglycerides are normal as well. You guys are literally, “lifesavers” thanks for helping me live a healthier life.’ – Kevin

Workout: Thruster Ladder

With a continuously running clock, perform one thruster the first minute, two thrusters the second minute, etc. Continue until you cannot perform the allotted number of thrusters in one minute.

Prescribed weight for Men is 115lbs

Women use 75lbs

Scale up or down as necessary.

Post loads and number of round completed to comments.

Compare performances with April 10th by clicking here.


Are you using “Beyond The Whiteboard” yet?

You should definitely think about using this awesome resource for tracking your performances, and plotting your path to total fitness DOMINATION.



“How David Beat Goliath” by Malcom Gladwell

“. . .When they finally arrived at Aqaba, Lawrence’s band of several hundred warriors killed or captured twelve hundred Turks, and lost only two men. The Turks simply did not think that their opponent would be mad enough to come at them from the desert. This was Lawrence’s great insight. David can beat Goliath by substituting effort for ability—and substituting effort for ability turns out to be a winning formula for underdogs in all walks of life, including little blond-haired girls on the basketball court. . .”

Click here for complete article.



– New Calendar starting June 1st! (don’t worry we’ve changed little)

– New pricing staring June 1st (only for new members, if you are current with DCF, you are ‘grandfathered in’)

– CPR certification seminar will be rescheduled for June

– Olympic Weightlifting Seminars coming to the “The Shed” soon!

– Rowing clinic coming soon as well.

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  • Miles

    Cool story, good job Kevin!

  • Chris

    ^^^ AWESOME story!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    6am set the bar today with Eleni doing 13 +10 reps at 45lbs and Cabby doing 8 +5 reps at the men’s Rx of 115.

    Don’t go too light on this workout. You won’t like it.


  • Andrew

    Great story, way to go Kevin! I’ve noticed huge gains in my body as well. Since starting CF I’ve gained what I hoped to 10 pounds of muscle. Started at 150lb now I’m at 160lb. Keep up the good work Kevin!

  • jorgy

    BLACK SHIRTS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST!!!! Just talked to the designer he has logos and shirts in all sizes. Email me at jorgy@diablocrossfit.com or talk to me at the gym if you see me regularly. I also have a ton of Gluten Free Fresh Energy nutrition bars. 3 bars for $2.25= .75 cents a bar. Berry and Buzz, Chocolate Peanut, and Lemon Zinger.

  • luca z.

    Awesome job Kevin way to go!!
    Andrew “…huge gain in my body…” “…10lb of muscles…” ????????????????????

  • Andrew

    For 5 months of crossfit! Geez luca…always so mean

  • Jeremy Jones

    I have had a couple of recipe requests recently.

    Here is the recipe that I use for Tzatziki:


    I put the Tzatziki on just about everything (eggs, chicken, steak, veggies. . .). Sometimes I’ll just have a spoonfull of it straight.

    Here is the recipe that I used for almond milk:


    (I didn’t use the salt though).


  • luca z.

    Quick response Andrew, are you “working” on the computer right now?

  • Suzie

    Hey Kevin,
    That is really great! I know you have been working hard in the 6am class. Hope to be back with you all soon.
    Congratulations…you should be proud.

  • Shannon S.

    Kevin- as an RN and student-nurse practitioner… It’s motivated, hard- working people like yourself ( who don’t take the easy way out to weight loss/ dont just resign themselves to a sedendary, chronic disease-ridden life that make practing healthcare worth while. Congrats & keep up the amazing work!!

  • Carry

    Kevin….I agree with Shannon. Keep fighting and don’t settle for getting those blood tests in order. Keep going and get in the best shape of your life.

  • Andrew

    Luca…I sit in front my computer all day clicking away at job ads. So yes I’m “working” =P

    Did 930 this morning and got 8 rounds + 3 reps at Rx weight…my legs are fried from cleaning, FGB, rowing, and now thrusters (I even biked on Monday!)

  • grace

    Kevin (and Andrew),

    Sexy, bad*ss livers are good too *smile*

    On paleo, Xfit, vitamin D supplementation, fish oil, and cooking with VCO (virgin coconut oil — I like Omega Nutrition which is less suntanny-smelling than the other stuff), my HDLs have increased from 80 mg/dl to 104 mg/dl (eg, 47% INCREASE).

    I take about vitamin D 3000-8000 IU dep on the season/sun I get (it’s a steroid *haa*).



  • sarah

    930 class- Allison did her first “ladder”! Awesome job! YVONNE IS A SAVAGE!!! 6 rnds plus 2 1/2….at 85#!!!! Beautiful form too!!! Nice work from Danny too!! 7 rnds at 105#

    1030 class- Ryan S…..what can I say?? Amazing!! 9+9 RXd. Meg H. also Rxd it with 6+6!! Way to go!! Jesse 54″???? Box jump that is!! Nice work!!

  • Amy

    see a picture of jesse’s 50+” here:

    Really, it is family friendly. Today was too fun. I perfected the fail and roll technique for effing up a box jump as well as the knee up jump. Too cool watching Sarah and Yvonne lift heavy and hard in tandem on the ladder, very tough and inspiring.

  • Amy

    oops, my html evaporated.
    there’s the url.

  • grace

    (oops baseline HDL=70 mg/ml)

  • Jeremy Jones

    Had some stellar outputs today in the evening classes. Lena got through 13 rounds and 10 reps with the 33lb bar.

    Then Bill and Ryan aka “Big -G” were going head to head with the Rxed weight. They both barely made round 10. . . at one point Bill was ahead by a few reps, then Ryan was able to get out one more rep. Bill got 10 +5 and Ryan got 10+6.


  • Yvonne

    If I am a savage Sarah, you are a beast! Sarah did 96 pounds today and getting 5 rounds plus change! The weight was right between the men’s RX and the women’s RX, so you did she-man RX with no swearing!

    Kevin you are amazing! Glad to meet you today for the first time!

    We are going to have to cancel the DCF dinner on June 27th. There are some of us that have to take a written test on the 28th and have to study that night. SORRY! We will get together after the games when we have something to celebrate.

  • Jeremy Jones

    Fran at 730pm. . . Got my shiny new inhaler and I thought I would take it for a whirl.


    Nowhere near a PR, but I wasn’t wheezing afterward, and I recovered much faster.


  • Sarah

    I just found out I live on the same street as CrossFit Vallejo! Looks like I’m gonna have to visit!!

    Thank god Yvonne didn’t hear me drop the F bomb. I know it came out ATLEAST once… DOH!! Yes, I used tidy bowl for tooth paste. Gotta clean that bad habit up or Olie is gonna be in time out a lot in school…

  • Mark L.

    Funny, JJ. You WERE wheezing pretty good for your 3:01 Fran I held the watch for at the old shed. Still looking for sub 5, myself. Maybe I can borrow your inhaler?

  • Mountain

    I just found out that the practice Dipsea is this Sunday at 8am.

    Stav, if you’re still doing the Double Dipsea (20 days later), I’d recommend getting a feel for the course. Sarah, if you’re looking to spend some time on the trails, this is a good place to start. And anyone else looking for a race that rewards power output more than running skill (though running skill is good, too), this is it.

    Event Information:
    Race day registration begins at 7am. Course will include 2 water stations and limited course monitors/markings.

    Course Description:

    Point to point course along the rugged Dipsea Trail. Starts in Mill Valley with finish at Stinson Beach. Runners need to arrange their own transport back to the start.

    Location and Facilities:
    Starts at Old Mill Park in Mill Valley, 320 Throckmorton Avenue and finishes at Stinson Beach State Park.


    Classes, Costs, and Awards:
    $10 entry fee