090530 SATURDAY “Nicole”

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Mother Daughter deadlifting is a thing of beauty

Mother and daughter deadlifting together.

Workout: “Nicole”

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes

Run 400m

Max reps pull ups (that means go to failure folks).

Note number of pull ups for each round, and post to comments.



Breastfeeding and weaning diet may shape a child’s body composition.

“Most studies linking infant feeding to later body composition focus on differences in milk feeding, but our study also considered the influence of the weaning diet,” said Dr. Siân Robinson, PhD, of the MRC Epidemiology Resource Centre, University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and lead author of the study. “We found that, independent of the duration of breastfeeding, children with higher quality weaning diets including fruits, vegetables, and home-prepared foods had a greater lean mass at four years of age.”

Click here for complete article.

Post thoughts to comments.

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  • Mark L.

    Last time I hit Nicole, I got 108 (Mountain got a 159). Both of us did it in 7 rounds. I think Mountain had 44 pullups in the first round, alone!
    See everyone at 10am!

  • Mountain

    The practice Dipsea is tomorrow. Anyone interested in the Dipsea (two weeks later) or the Double Dipsea (20 days later) should try the practice Dipsea first.

    Race day registration begins at 7am. Course will include 2 water stations and limited course monitors/markings.

    Point to point course along the rugged Dipsea Trail. Starts in Mill Valley with finish at Stinson Beach. Runners need to arrange their own transport back to the start.

    Starts at Old Mill Park in Mill Valley, 320 Throckmorton Avenue and finishes at Stinson Beach State Park.

    6.8 miles

    $10 entry fee

  • Mike P.

    I just found out this morning that Jesse will be officially commissioned into the U.S. Navy today as a Lieutenant. Congratulations Jesse!!!

  • Yvonne

    First Rhodes, then Bryan, soon Shannon and now you Jesse!!! You will be soooooo missed!!! Congratulations!!!

  • luca z.

    Congrats Jessie!!!
    On a different note, I just got back from the fights, I was only able to witness Tami’s fight DJ was going on later and I needed to get to work, anyway, Tami lost her fight, the girls she fought was probably half her age, the promoter made sure every one new how old Tami was after the fight, she got a standing ovation, any how the other girl was more experienced than Tami and more used to being hit, non the less Tami stood in there and didn’t back down a bit, she kept fighting until the end, what she lacked in experience she made up in HART, let her get some more ring time and she’s going to be a force to be reckoned. Any way she came away with a medal and a nice shiner under her left eye, true warrior. I’ll post her video soon. I’ll also let you know how DJ did.

  • Mountain

    It feels wrong not to do Nicole, but my hand is still ripped open from FGB, so no Nicole for me.

    The peeps at the 3 o’clock class represented, though. Meg got 15 pullups in her last round to get 65 total. Terry was right behind with a total of 55. Dennis, who doesn’t really have a kip yet (more of a deadhang w/ a little kick at the end) got in 7 rounds to get 34 pullups. And James, in only his second class ever, got 19. Don’t worry, James– Nicole will be yours one day.

  • luca z.

    News flash in the big boys division, DJ won his fight, TKO first round, he leg kicked the other guy so hard that he didn’t came out in the second round, his dad, Doc is fighting tonight in Thailand, the real deal no pads and lots of elbows and knees, OUCH.
    So next time you see those two, (Tami, DJ) at the gym don’t forget to congratulate them, see you all Monday night, if any of you wants to start training in Muay-Thai, come and talk to me or DJ.

  • Hylie

    Congrats Jesse, Kevin and Tami. DCF’ers are always doing something phenominal! What an inspiring group of peeps!!!!!

  • Mark L.

    Great Saturday morning class! Lots of people doing this WOD for the first time, ever.
    No gym records, but Mike P. and Jesse posted solid #2 and #3 scores (both over 110).
    There were some fantastic triumphs of the mind over the body, today. It was great to witness it.
    I’m also glad I can take part in helping train those that will protect and serve us all.

  • Mountain

    Hey Mark, I think those are actually the #3 and #4 scores. Just sayin’…

    Maybe after we do that “Helen”-off, we can get people together for a “Nicole”-off. Good thing CrossFit doesn’t have any workouts named “Jack.”

  • Amy

    Very fun Oly class today – learned a great way to check my starting stance from Craig, as well as about 14 things I do wrong from Craig, Mark and Big Dave – and how to fix them- and most importantly learned from Dave the importance of the right hairstyle when lifting;>)! Ah, the things we learn here.
    Cannot WAIT to see Tami’s shiner – way to go, lady! Jesse, does this mean you are leaving us?