090531 SUNDAY

 In Daily Workout

Elani watches Nancy's great form

Eleni watches Nancy’s awesome form on “Randy”


For time:

Run 800m

100 push ups

Run 400m

100 sit ups

Run 200m

50 push ups

Run 100m

50 sit ups

Post time to comments.

(compare results to March 31st, 2009)



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  • JimmyG

    Nancy’s got a great snatch…lol

  • Sarah

    Jimmy, you are too funny! All of the Diablo girls have beautiful snatches!!

  • Darren

    I have never seen Nancy’s Snatch. Some one should take a video of Nancy’s snatch and post it on You Tube for all to enjoy.

  • Amy

    Snatch references aside, I was part of the under 4 yo cheering squad today at the 10 am class (rest day for me, so I played it cool with Jax and Benen). Jesse, Jeff and Mike P were a force to be reckoned with. Skinny guys and socks, amen.
    And Hallie (did I spell it right?)! Every time I see you, you are AMAZING with your stamina and power. You got faster every sprint, it seemed. I really am intrigued.

  • Mark L.

    Rest day for me, but Kate and I rode our bikes from Walden Park in Walnut Creek all the way to DCF, today. I think we average 0.75 kph. Upon arrival, we cheered on the 3pm class, and we had a snack. Shortly before the pickup arrived, I had a wicked spill in the parking lot while practicing riding a wheelie. Sweet roll through, so no boo boos!
    I’ve decided this year’s “learn a new sport” (actually part of Crossfit’s official program) is learning to do tricks on my bike.

  • Craig

    Nancy has nice kips too.

    Sorry, had to keep it in the gutter.

    Huge Sunday class. Some amazing times all sub 30. I guarantee you any other affiliate with a class that big posts tons of 30 and 40+ min times.

    Great newbies today, Tom (56sh) is a frikkin stud – all deadhang pulls but he learned the kip after class. Ian was 4:30 and is going to be our next firebreather. Laura and Valen were not far behind. All sub 8s today!

    I did the video qualifier A in 7:48. Not even close to the region qualifiers. Du’s are damn hard after heavy dls. Thx Dave, Donna & Yvonne for the push.

  • Jeremy Jones

    I do have video of Nancy’s power snatch. She is a natural.

    I am assuming you didn’t bounce Craig. . . Those double under were difficult weren’t they?


  • Nancy

    Enough about my snatch people!!!

  • Jeremy Jones

    I do have video BTW.

    And it is awesome.


  • Susan

    Sorry Craig, but my time was 30:53. I had to go into the bathroom and blow my nose at some point. Then I lost count of my push-ups so I may have done an extra 10 to compensate. Next time!

  • Scott

    Done in 24:30. Now sitting in the office … struggling to lift my arms.

    JJ threatened to cut me off if I didn’t finish in 20m and that sure got me motivated.